Microsoft’s Cortana Vs. Apple’s Siri Vs. Google Assistant

Voice assistance is a new trend in the market. AI is capturing the whole world. All these voice control devices are driven by agent software called “Virtual assistant” or “voice assistant”. Voice assistants listen to your instructions, and they can handle any tasks. Though we make fun of Siri, it is considered to be one of the best voice assistants in the market compared to other voice assistant services.

You may always be wondering how they do it. There is a vast data centre behind the internet. It analyses what we say and gives result even though the response is not correct always. There are different voice assistants such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. They all have various features and they even  have some negative features too. Therefore you can try installing each of them and check for their pros and cons. After that, you can disable them if you do not like it.

Here, you can find a brief comparison between Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant:


In contrast to other virtual assistants, Siri has been the most developed one in recent years. It is one of the noteworthy digital right hands that can deal with various features of iOS gadgets on Apple TV and MAC book. Any iOS user would love siri over other virtual assistants.


Microsoft presented it as a digital assistant in the year 2014. Microsoft wants this assistant to be incorporated in all other community along with its community. This app can deal with getting weather details, controlling calendars, and you can even take dictation through email, but there are major issues with cortana if you compare it with other two virtual assistants. Thus, if you want to disable it, click here to know how.

Google Assistant

It is a google app that we can use and readily available for each and every one. It is available in every gadget starting from the laptop, mobile phone and computer. Google is the most used browser across the world, and therefore the virtual assistant is accessible through any device. This assistant is nowhere in comparison to Google when it comes to popularity. Google Voice Assistant is the future in digital assistant software.

There are different functions in different spaces:

General Knowledge

Google Assistant is useful in answering general knowledge. They have answers to all the questions that you ask over this assistant. No other virtual assistant is capable of doing this except a limited number of items.


All three digital assistants have this function of messaging inbuilt in them. It has become effortless to type and send messages through these assistants.


They are pathetic in terms of music assistant. They are not at all good at it, but if you want to compare them, google assistant is better than other software agents. It needs you to utilize youtube and google music for any music assistant.

Food ordering and reservation at restaurants

All these digital assistants are capable of finding the eateries nearby, and they are good at giving suggestions about what is best in town. We tend to use these assistants to find restaurants, look for reviews, look for the best one in town and to look for the best food available. Although Google Assistant is not that accurate when you compare it with SIRI and Cortana digital assistant, but still, it’s useful.


SIRI is the champ when it comes to giving instructions. This is what we use whether we are looking for any place or location. We also use routes that are available Cortana and Google Assistant at times.

First task or voice recognition is one of the other functions that are available in these virtual assistants. These are all details that can help you to get the best of a virtual assistant. Go through the article and install as per your need or disable them if you do not need them.

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