Netflix is Going After Hollywood

Netflix isn’t going anywhere. In fact they’re just going to keep growing. This time they’re aiming towards Hollywood to expand their titles and Hollywood has been trying to protect its home court.

Netflix and other similar companies have grown to the giants they are today because of its on-demand feature which lets users choose when and where to watch their shows. The convenience of not having to wait and watch on your own time has been slowly killing traditional cable TV over the past few years. And Netflix isn’t stopping there. The time before films are released for home video after it’s been released in theaters have been in a huge threat over the years. These concerns have been making cinema stocks go down. More and more people prefer to watch films on their own time and Netflix is going to make it happen over time.

The National Association of Theater owners have publicly and are still currently fighting the shortening of release dates available to stream while Netflix have been cut-throat in making films available to stream on the same day it’s been released on theaters. This will surely have a huge impact on movie theaters if it has been approved.

Despite most cinema operators finding Netflix as the enemy, iPic Entertainment saw this as an opportunity. Last year, Netflix signed a deal to show films in iPic Entertainment’s theaters the same day they’re available to stream. CEO Hamid Hashemi argues that Netflix is just like any other studio like Disney or Warner Bros. Some films do really well while some do just about right and it really depends on the quality of the picture. Netflix’s is also similar. He also adds that their theaters have cushy in-theater seating and a full bar and food in which the audience can order from their seat while watching. He likens it to people going out to eat despite them having kitchens at home.

And speaking of enemies, Netflix is public enemy No. 1 to Fox 21 Television studios according to Bert Salke. This is because Netflix has been acquiring talents in the movie industry. Tara Flynn, a rising star from 21st Century Fox quit joining Netflix. This caused tensions to rise as Fox sued accusing Netflix of poaching their executives and Netflix fires back saying that Fox’s contracts are “unlawful and unenforceable”

Besides this, Netflix also hired veteran producer and former executive at Universal Pictures Scott Stuber.

Stuber is known to have helped in “The Fast and the Furious” and the “Bourne” franchises. This move shows Netflix is seriously pushing feature films into their lineup. Brad Pitt and Will Smith will also debut the films, “War Machine” and “Bright”, on Netflix later this year.

Netflix however still refuses to disclose numbers that would reveal the success or failure of its original content. Hashemi sheds light on the situation saying that disclosing the numbers will be no value to them as it can backfire if ever a film underperforms expectations.

With Martin Scorsese’s next project “The Irishman” being on Netflix, more and more big actors and filmmakers in the movie industry are attracted by Netflix.

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