Netflix Makes Streaming Even Easier

The past year has seen Netflix work hard for you to be able to stream more shows and movies. Netflix has done some controversial approaches for them to give the best movie and show experience to their subscribers and followers. One of the most controversial efforts they did was those ‘trailer’ tidbits from original shows which proved to be short-lived. Those trailers became a questionable practice when one had to watch it before you would be allowed to watch your selected original movie from Netflix. The backlash coming from the community put a stop to that practice.

The most recent practice done by Netflix was to have auto-play trailers attached to the menu of Netflix found on almost all devices for streaming such as Nvidia Shield, Roku, and Fire TV.

Then here’s the latest from Netflix in a bid to attract you to watch their newest shows: new art covers for the movies.

According to a blog post written by Nick Nelson, Netflix’ global manager for creative services: capturing the attention of a member should be in the range of 90 seconds for within that time span a member can move on to other activities should an image or activity fails to grab his or her attention. The knowledge about the short span of concentration for an individual is what drives Netflix to do what it has to do: which is to compellingly entice a member in the most efficient way through captivating images for them to find the perfect title as fast and easy as possible. Nelson believes that images are processed in a human brain in as little time as 13 milliseconds. With this in mind, Netflix has come up with a system that puts a test of image sets to various titles as a means of showing the most vivid images to garner interest.

In a nutshell, a menu screen showing compelling images can make a person decide whether to select Netflix over the same services offered by a competitor. Netflix goes far beyond offerings from other competitors by using variations of images for various locations.

Even when no numbers have been presented to make us see whether this type of practice has increased or decreased subscriber interest, one thing remains constant: the dedication made by Netflix for finding ways to make people like you and me watch more shows and movies from them.

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