New Parental Controls for Amazon Fire TV

Parental controls have been a feature of the Amazon Fire TV for a while now which allowed restricted access to certain content. Amazon is now offering even more control over the content shown on Amazon Fire TV.

As of update for the Fire TV you able to restrict streamed content based on rating. This means that you can for example restrict any move with a M or higher rating which would then require a pin code to access. This is for both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick.

This update is a big improvement over other media players on the market that either provide limited parental control options or offer no parental controls at all. The only caveat of the new parental control update is that the new features on work for Amazon apps, such as Amazon Prime and the various add-on subscriptions that are provided by Amazon. If you primarily use services such as Netflix or Hulu, unfortunately the new features wont be available to you.

To access the new parental control functions simply navigate to the Settings menu under the Parental Controls section, there you can edit the settings at required.

Amazon is on the right track by provided enhanced parental controls as it does allow the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick to find a spot in the family market by allowing parents to monitor their children’s viewing habits. Hopefully we will see other media players out there start to offer similar functionality moving forward.

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