Nintendo Looking at Creating a Stripped Down Version of the Switch

Gaming giant Nintendo is reportedly hard at work on developing the Nintendo Switch 2, which will feature more of the things that Nintendo gamers love about this handheld console. In a nutshell, this could simply mean a smaller, cheaper, and more stripped-down version, which are actually some of the key features that Switch gamers love about the first generation. Placing a greater emphasis on portability and affordability might just be the shot in the arm that Nintendo needs after it technically failed to meet sales goals last year.

Techradar reveals that Nintendo is actually 3 million units short of its goal of selling 20 million Nintendo Switches in 2018, where a total of “just” 17 million units were sold by the company. Successfully stripping down the new and improved Switch to include only the essential features that have made it so attractive to gamers is certainly going to be a challenge. As tight as the Switch is, its most loyal users are divided on which features should be kept and which should be nixed. But if the company pulls off this planned redesign, they might just create a truly approachable console that will inevitably pull in more gamers to join Nintendo’s loyal fanbase.

Because there’s hardly been any news about which features will be cut, removed, added, or improved, video game hacks can’t help but speculate on what these new developments will be. For instance, the cartridge slot could be entirely removed, which would be more consistent with Nintendo’s push for more online, downloadable content. The same goes for the console dock, which would further emphasise portability. Nintendo could also be working on developing its new gaming service which is aimed at promoting a robust classic games subscription option for hardcore Switch gamers, which The Verge says could be similar to the Wii’s Virtual Console. However it will all go down, everything is just speculation at this point. The only thing that’s clear is that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be released as early as this year.

Although Nintendo could be spending more time and resources developing an attractive and totally new gaming console, it should come as no surprise that it’s focusing its efforts on improving the Switch. Numbers don’t lie, and the Nintendo Switch is currently one of the most popular consoles in the world, whether in Europe, North America, or Asia. My Nintendo News has the scoop on how just last year (2018), the Nintendo Switch was the highest-selling console in France, the US, and even Japan. Although the console is not as popular with Aussies as it is with the rest of the world, the Switch still has a loyal local following, and considering how Asian culture is consistently growing in Australia, we simply can’t ignore this console’s dominance in that region’s gaming market – easily one of the largest and most lucrative on the planet. In fact, Japan is indicated by ExpatBets as a gaming hotspot, along with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Even here on The Streaming Blog we placed the Nintendo Switch at the top our list of ‘Top-Rated Gaming Devices in 2018’.

As Nintendo gears up for the launch of what could be the next great portable gaming console, fans can only hold their breath and wait for further news of development from the company. One thing is for sure – Nintendo is going to be pulling out all stops to make this work, which likely includes surveying its current “niche” following about what features should be changed or removed. Here’s to hoping that we get to see the Nintendo Switch 2 some time before 2019 ends.

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