Noctua NF-P12 Redux Review

Noctua has been around since the year 2005 and they aim to provide everyone with quality cooling products. The company has then taken the market by storm with a variety of products, also piquing the interest of people due to the distinct beige and brown exterior of their devices.

Eventually, Noctua came up with their NF-P12, a cooling fan that has helped cement the company’s reputation as the most trusted and best supplier of quality cooling devices. Today, as part of their Redux range of cooling fans, they have reissued the Noctua NF-P12 as the P-12 Redux that sports a grey color scheme.

The company’s Redux range of cooling fans have four different models available that refer to their fan header connection and speed: there are two specific models featuring a PWM connection and rated at 1,300 and 1,700 RPM; there’s also a pair with a 3-pin connection clocked at 900 and 1,300 RPM.

Let’s learn more about the Noctua NF-P12 Redux line of cooling fans and see if these are devices that fit your needs.

Noctua NF-P12 Redux Review- What’s in the Box?

All of the Noctua NF-P12 Redux fans come in a sleek, simple-looking brown and grey cardboard box; the top portion of the package displays the company’s logo in the upper right corner while the name of the specific model of the cooling fan can be seen right at the center.

The sides of the package feature a simple brown shade and Noctua decided to leave these areas clean without any logos or texts. When you check out the back of the box of these Noctua NF-P12 Redux fans, you’ll find details specific to each of the models, as well as support on the company’s Chromax inserts; you’ll also find a QR code and a link to Noctua’s official site.

Inside the box of each Noctua NF-P12 Redux cooling fans, you won’t really find a ton of additional accessories included since these packages only include the specific cooling fan of your choice, plus, four screws that are needed for mounting the device. Noctua kept the contents at a minimum but included the screws that we’ll be needing for the setup.

The Product

Noctua NF-P12 Redux Review – Cool and Quiet

When we took a look at the appearance of all the cooling fans under the Noctua NF-P12 Redux line, we noticed a couple of things: first, the blades are positioned close to each other, making these appear like the static pressure was a consideration.

The colors of the devices are different compared to the classic Noctua fans that sport the brown and tan shades; instead, the NF-P12 Redux line features a Redux grey theme which is pretty nice and sleek. The blades of these fans are also not as curved as what we’re used to, but this doesn’t make it a problem or an issue since the fans worked well during our tests.

Another thing that you can’t miss out on would be the trailing edge indentations or notches which were specifically designed to alter the sounds that the blades make; thus, keeping the device quiet even during long hours of use. When it comes to the frames, these feature dual walls flanking the screw paths located on each corner of the fans.

NF-P12 Redux 1300 PWM

The 1,300 PWM version of the NF-P12 Redux features the company’s NE FD1 PWM-IC for auto speed management. This allows the device to strike an adequate balance between high-cooling capacity plus low-noise operation during any activity or task.

Now for the NF-P12 Redux 1300 PWM: it is a 120 x 120 x 25-millimeter fan that also has Noctua’s SSO Bearing. The fan has a 4-pin PWM connector and its mounting-hole space measures 105 x 105 millimeters; it also features a pressure-optimized nine-blade design which includes the vortex-control notches. Rational speed is at 1,300 RPM while its minimum rotational speed reaches 300 RPM.

Its airflow reaches around 92.3 m³ / h, acoustical noise is just around 19.8 dBA, while its static pressure is 1.68 millimeters. For its voltage, the Redux 1300 goes with 12V with a maximum input power of 0.6W and maximum input current of 0.05A; additionally, its MTTG is > 150,000h. Noctua also included a 6-year warranty to this.

NF-P12 Redux 900

The 900rpm 3-pin version of the NF-P12 Redux is perfect for extremely low noise applications and users who are sensitive to high noise, and demand for a near-silent operating fan.

Just like all the NF-P12 Redux fans, the Redux 900 measures 120 x 120 x 25 millimeters and it features a 3-pin connector; it also has nine pressure-optimized blades with Vortex-control Notches, as well as the SSO Bearing system.

The NF-P12 Redux 900 has a rotational speed of 900 rpm and its airflow rate is up to 63.4 cubic meters per hour; and as for its acoustical noise, it measures 12.6 dBA.

For the fan’s static pressure, it measures 1.21 mm and its voltage is 12V; when it comes to the maximum input power, it measures 0.3W while its maximum input current measures 0.025A. The NF-P12 Redux 900 also has an MTTF that is more than 150,000 hours and is backed by a 6-year warranty.

NF-P12 Redux 1300

This 1,300rpm 3-pin version of the Redux fan is also efficient for case ventilation, as well as other applications that require balance when it comes to quietness and performance.

The NF-P12 Redux 1300 is a cooling fan that features 3-pin connectors. For its dimensions, the Redux 1300 120 x 120 x 25 millimeters while the mounting hole spacing is 105 x 105 millimeters. Just like all the other fans under the NF-P12 Redux series, the Redux 1300 features the SSO-Bearing system, as well as nine pressure-optimized blades with vortex-control notches.

When it comes to the fan’s airflow, its rate reaches up to 92.3 m³ / h while its rotational speed is 1,300 RPM. Its acoustical noise is only up to 19.8 dBA and its static pressure is 1.68 millimeter. This fan’s voltage is 12V and its maximum input power is 0.6W while its maximum input current is 0.0A; and as for its MTTF, it is greater than 150,000 hours and is backed by a 6-year warranty.

NF-P12 Redux 1700 PWM

The top speed of this performance-oriented 1,700rpm PWM version of the NF-P12 Redux is an excellent device for high-efficiency radiator, case, and CPU cooling, as well as other applications that require extended PWM and performance headroom for automatic speed control and management.

The NF-P12 1700 PWM is a 120 x 120 x 25-millimeter cooling fan that features a 4-pin PWM connector; the fan is also integrated with Noctua’s SSO Bearing system, as well as a pressure-optimized nine-blade design plus Vortex-control indentations.

The fan’s rotational speed is at 1700 RPM while its minimum rotational speed goes at 450 RPM; its airflow measures around 120.2 m³ / h, acoustical noise is just at 25.1 dBA, and its static pressure is about 2.80 millimeters. The NF-P12 Redux 1700’s voltage is at 12GV with a maximum input power of 1.08W and maximum input current of 0.09A. Its MTTF is > 150,000h and Noctua included a six-year warranty for the device.

Product Features

All of the cooling fans under the NF-P12 Redux line have their own distinct features when it comes to their performance and quietness, yet these share all of the basic and excellent features of quality-made fans from Noctua.

Applied NF-P12 Design + Enhanced Speed & Quietness

Individuals from all over the world who are fans of quiet cooling devices swear by the company’s NF-P12 cooling fan; and since the Noctua applied the classic fan’s design to their Redux line of fans, things have gotten even better. With this specific design and highly improved features, the Redux line of cooling fans from Noctua delivers impressive performance, excellent quietness, and flawless quality.

Up-to-date Redux Edition

The NF-P12 Redux line integrated reissued some of the company’s award-winning models by exhibiting them in up-to-date packages that are also cost-efficient. The Redux line of products are also industry-proven devices, so these time-tested models have further helped the growth of the company’s reputation as a 1st tier supplier of premium and quality-grade low-noise cooling devices.

Pressure-Optimised Nine-Blade Design

This design is specifically made for high impedance applications like water cooling cases or radiators with tight fan grills and CPU coolers. The NF-P12 Redux line’s nine-blade impeller also offers excellent airflow and pressure performance.

Vortex-Control Notches

This is Noctua’s signature feature that splits up the trailing edge vortices and spreads the fan’s noise release over a larger range of frequencies. It makes the fans more quiet, and it also makes the devices sound more pleasant to your ears.

Smooth Commutation Drive-2

This is the latest version of the company’s advanced Smooth Commutation Drive that guarantees outstanding running smoothness by switching noises and removing torque variations. It’s a really good feature since it makes the Redux fans more quiet even when you move really close to them.

SSO Bearing

Noctua combined their proven concept of hydrodynamic bearing with an extra magnet that readily supports self-stabilization of a rotor axis; with that, the company’s time-tested technology became synonymous to extremely quiet operations and outstanding long-term stability.

Optional Accessories

Noctua offers you a wide array of optional accessories like their low-noise adaptors, anti-vibration mounts, 3:4-pin adaptors / extension cables, and even y-cables to upgrade their Redux line of fans based on your needs and requirements.

Color Customization + NA SAVP-1 Anti-Vibration Pads

The frame of the NF-P12 Redux fans can be customized via Noctua’s chromax line – the NA SAVP-1 Anti-Vibration pads. These are available in different colors like white, red, black, blue, yellow, and green; plus, these pads are more than just anti-vibration accessories since these also allow the NF-P12 Redux fans to get color customizations to coordinate these with the popular and best color schemes available.

Using the Product

It’s common that one would expect temperature deltas when it comes to each RPM range; considering that the range of fans under the Redux line are supposedly more cost-efficient alternative to Noctua’s more expensive cooling devices, we can surely say that these fans have performed excellently during our numerous tests.

At the end of the day, it will all depend on whether your main priority is quietness or cooling efficiency; thing is, even with the NF-P12 Redux 1700 at full RPM, we can definitely say that it was barely audible which is a very good thing.

Overall, the NF-P12 Redux line of cooling fans operate similarly and excellently to their top-tier fan siblings in terms of real-world performance. When it comes to the construction of these fans, these are also highly similar to that of Noctua’s A-12 series which feature hard and durable plastic, as well as support for customization with the company’s Chromax Anti-Vibration compatibility.

The NF-P12 Redux fans’ built-quality is perfectly solid, with the magnetic stabilization and SSO Bearing to decrease the noise; the vortex control notches that spread out the inevitable wind noise on more frequency ranges produce a more pleasing and cleaner sound.

We also really appreciated that Noctua made their NF-P12 Redux line really quiet even on full RPM. So for the performance, we’re giving two thumbs-up for the Redux line of cooling fans.


The Noctua NF-P12 Redux fans have big competition since there are a lot of affordable fans in the market; however, when we tested these, we saw that the NF-P12 Redux fans performed better than all other similar priced fans. Most importantly, it is also backed by a six-year warranty which makes the Redux line even better.

These fans provide an excellent relationship between static pressure, silence, and airflow to perfectly accompany any heatsink or radiator that supports models measuring 120 millimeters; additionally, you can also choose from four versions of the NF-P12 Redux and you’ll just need to base these on your needs and preferences.

Despite the Noctua NF-P12 Redux being a budget-friendly line, these fans do not disappoint with their appearance, specifications, quality, as well as performance.

With this series of cooling fans, you will see that Noctua firmly abides by their high standards even when producing lower-end products; and because of that, we highly recommend the NF-P12 Redux fans if you are looking for quality and affordable cooling fans that perform excellently, no matter what the activity is.

Where to Buy

If you want to have one of these NF-P12 Redux fans from Noctua, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.

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