Noctua NH-U14S Review

All of the cooling components from Noctua are designed in Austria, and are renowned internationally for their extreme quietness, quality, and exceptional performance. They have received over a thousand awards, as well as recommendations from known hardware magazines and sites. Plus, their heatsinks and fans are selected by over a hundred thousand satisfied customers all over the world.

Today, we’re going to look at another brand new cooler from Noctua, which is the NH-U14S. It’s a single-tower unit that is slightly bigger than its brother, the NH-U12SI. The NH-U14S gives you more surface area to distribute heat while also having the choice of adding a second fan. With that, we think that the NH-U14S can be a new competitor.

Since this is a product from Noctua, we’re already expecting it to have top-notch quality, performance, as well as low noise levels. But of course, it still needs to have a thorough look to see if this cooling fan is just as good as every product from Noctua. First, let’s see what’s inside the box of the NH-U14S.

Noctua NH-U14S Review – What’s in the Box?

One of the highlights of this device is its packaging, as all other products from Noctua. It features a white and brown color scheme that is generally nice and appealing to the eyes. The front portion of the package shows an image fo the cooler with a cool-looking abstract image as its background. On the left side, there are a couple of the product’s features displayed alongside the manufacturers name.

When you check out the sides of the package, it presents the specifications and features of the cooler. You’ll find these written in nine different languages. The back of the box also displays the features of the headset.

Inside the box, you’ll find all the accessories packed individually in their separate cardboard boxes. Aside from the NH-U14S, you’ll also find a regular screwdriver that you’ll need for installing the cooler, a mounting hardware, fan speed reducer, a syringe filled with NT-H1 thermal compound, and a metal case badge. Beneath the accessory box, you’ll find the heatsink which sets with the connected fan and is protected by a fairly-thick cardboard. Basically, the whole item is safeguarded by sturdy cardboard containers which is actually good.

The Product

Noctua NH-U14S Review

The NH-U14S from Noctua features a single-tower style that’s well-proportioned at the back and front. It’s nice and thin enough to actually avoid any interruptions with any tall RAM that you have. Its heatsink comes with six heatpipes plus one 1,500 RPM NFA15 PWM fan. It also includes hardware to properly fit a second 140-millimeter fan.

The NH-U14S also features heatpipes and base that are made from nickel-plated copper. When it comes to its fins, these are made from aluminum. As we mentioned earlier, the NH-U14S makes use of the NFA15 PWM fan that is 140 X 150 X 25 millimeters in size. The additional width of the device is really different when you compare it to the usual design that’s 120 to 140 millimeters.

It’s design is mainly simple and nothing really catchy; but the highly notable element about the NH-U14S is its build quality which is excellent. With that, the company also claims that the cooler comes with a 100% memory compatibility on its LGA2011 socket.

The NH-U14S makes use of the same hardware as the NH-14S since both of the devices have removed a couple of the sockets from their compatibility. The NH-U14S is also wider and much taller and measures 165 millimeters wide and 52 millimeters tall. It’s also a bit heavier at 935 grams, but this is when you have the fan on it.

The fan is supported by an SSO bearing, thus, will be able to spin at a max speed of 1,500 RPM. As for the airflow, it also improved at 140.2 m³/h while the static pressure decreased to 1.51 mm H2O using the NF-A15. The fan is also said to have lifespan of 150,000 hours and a total of 6,250 days. This is roughly around 17 years. With that, Noctua included a six-year warranty which is completely understandable, considering the fan’s lifespan.

We all know that Noctua’s products are known for their outstanding quality and impeccable longevity; and just like all of their fans, the included NFA15 has an MTTF rating of over 150,000 hours so that’s pretty amazing.

Product Features

Total RAM Compatibility with the LGA20xx

Since the NH-U14S’ slim and sleek design is tailor-made for the LGA2011 and LGA2066, you won’t have to worry about it overhanging the RAM slots. This guarantees total compatibility with the available memory modules. On a few AMD and LGA115x motherboards, it’s possible that the front fan overhangs the slot of the first RAM. This is why a standard height RAM that’s about 32 millimeters should be selected when utilizing the first slot.

The NFA15 140 millimeter PWM Fan

This PWM Fan from Noctua is an extremely quiet and premium-quality fan. It comes with a rounded frame that complies with the AAO standard of Noctua. It also features a smart aerodynamic design measures like the Flow Acceleration Channels. Also, the fan greatly improves the already renowned cooling performance of the NF-P14.

Reasonable Size to give you Better Compatibility

With its height of 165 millimeters, the NH-U14S is adequately sized to fit perfectly into most of the modern cases today. With its width of 150 millimeters, the NH-U14S also offers you improved compatibility with the Cross Fire and SLI setups. This is compared to the wider tower coolers or fans that are about 150 millimeters.

PWM Support + Low-Noise Adaptor

The NFA15 fan that comes with the NH-U14S backs the PWM for a convenient and automatic speed-control throughout the motherboard. Also, its total fan speed can be decreased from 1,500 to 1,200 RPM, utilizing the provided low-noise adapter to make it work even more quiet than you’d expect.

Optional Fan Clips & Anti-Vibration Pads

The additional second NFA15 fan is optional but if you want better performance, you can use this. If you want a push and pull setup, the NH-U14S comes with anti-vibration pads and fan clips, allowing the offset of the rear fan by 5 millimeters, plus enhancing acoustics when in dual fan mode.

Secu-Firm2 Mounting System

The Secu-Firm mounting from Noctua that’s included with the NH-U14S ensures excellent contact pressure and heightened convenience for all the current sockets that are used today.

Compatibility with New and Old Sockets

Since Noctua complies with the open Secu-Firm standards, the NH-U145 is compatible with the older LGA775 and LGA1366 sockets with the optional NM13 mounting kit. Noctua will also offer upgrade kits in the future for the upcoming sockets.

NT-H1 Thermal Compound

Due to its great popularity and having over a hundred awards, the NT-H1 from Noctua has shown that it’s a proven professional-grade TIM solution that offers minimal thermal resistance, outstanding reliability, as well as ease of use.


Using the Product

When it comes to the device’s thermal performance, we can say that it’s significantly superior, especially when it needs to work on increased thermal loads. Its boosted thermal performance combined with Noctua’s good reputation for their customer support gives this cooling fan an edge over its competitors, regardless of retail price.

The Noctua NH-U14S was able to keep the CPU running nice and smoothly and kept everything nice and cool. We didn’t detect any thermal throttle during our tests. We can say that the Noctua NH-U14S performs well and sat at around 37°C which is fantastic.


We really liked the NH-U14S and we think it’s a great cooler when it comes to its quietness and performance. The 140-millimeter fan that is included with this CPU cooler uses the SSO Bearing and is from the series of NF fans which make it a great item to have. Its rotational speed starts from 300 RPM then goes up to 1,500 RPM; and even if its design is a single-tower type, it delivered excellent performance that is close to some AIO coolers and dual-tower models.

The NH-U14S’ Secu-Firm2 is an efficient mounting system since it allowed us to easily install the cooler; it also helped save more time since it only took five minutes to set up. Aside from that, the accessories included in the box were also individually packed and labeled. The Intel and AMD parts were also segregated in different containers. Additionally, the cooler also comes with a tube of NT-H1 thermal compound.

To conclude, the NH-U14S from Noctua is a great choice and is highly recommended especially if you use a CPU with a TDP of 160W and above in your system. The cooler is quiet during operation and this is because of the 140-millimeter fan and the mounting system that makes installation easier.

Where to Buy

You can get the Noctua NH-U14S for around $100AUD from your local computer retailer. For more information head on over to the Noctua product page.

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