Nvidia Shield Update Brings Spotify and More

Tech geeks, rejoice, for the new software from Nvidia Shield is here! For most tech geeks, an update to software should not only add to its existing substantial use but should also possess additional appeal to increase its credibility.

The new 3.2 version of the software of Nvidia Shield gives you high dynamic range or HDR for Netflix streaming which will be the first to do so to make it to the finish line before its close competitor, Roku 4.

HDR or high dynamic range is a far better option than the current 4K/UHD with its brighter highlights, good quality image, and improved colors. Content always tells the difference between good and best which the Shield delivers as it can give you access not to the version of Dolby Vision but, to the version HDR10 of Netflix HDR.

The Vudu app which gives access to its huge library of 4K movies is also another offering from Shield, except for their HDR collection. YouTube streaming up to 4K60 can be accessed using Shield.

However, the big 4K app offered by Roku 4 when it launched with Vudu is still not accessible to Shield. Yet, there are other new additions that may prove attractive when it comes to entertainment apps such as Apple TV, Android TV trial Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Soon to be included in Shield are:

  • NPR news
  • Watch ABC
  • Spotify
  • CNN Go
  • Freeform
  • Deezer
  • MTV
  • Watch ESPN
  • Comedy Central
  • Disney Junior
  • Nick
  • Disney Channel

The above list requires authentication apps from ‘TV everywhere’ and a subscription from a cable company. Spotify is the only exception which is really great although you can say that Emma for Spotify third-party app does its work well for now.

Other than act as a great streamer, Shield is also a good device to use for gaming so long as you do not expect it to have first-rate options than what you get from Xbox and PlayStation. Some of the few but new game titles available in Shield are Resident Evil 5 and to its game streaming services such as GeForce Now include two additional games which are Homefront: The Revolution and Shadwen.

The first ever device allowing HDR gaming support is Shield. To be able to enjoy this type of gaming, you need to have an HDR-capable PC, video card from Nvidia which is Pascal-based (examples are the GTX 1070 for $380 or GTX 1080 for $600), HDR-support games such as The Witness, Lawbreakers, The Talos Principle, Obduction, Shadow Warrior 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Paragon. The games can be played on an HDR TV by using the GameStream feature of Shield. The HDR games you will be playing will just be like watching an HDR video because of its better contrast, color, and brightness.

Nvidia Shield Update from Android N sees the addition of picture-in-picture and DVR

An update for the coming summer features an introduction from Google of new Android TV capabilities as part of an update from Android N to other devices and Shield. This new capability does away with the use of external devices such as an HDHomeRun TV tuner while being able to function like a DVR which can record streaming video to the cloud or directly to the device.

The developer site of Google has this to say: Programs can now be recorded while being watched or advance recordings can be scheduled. The TV app can be used in the system to save a recording to enable users to play it back, browse or manage it.

What’s the downside to this app? Recording live streams like for example from CBS All Access or WatchESPN will depend on the app developer if they will allow it.

Another promising feature is the picture-in-picture where you can be capable of continuing a playback from a video while being busy on another app. This app switcher capability is a new addition which could enable multiple accounts application.


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