Oculus adds Chromecast support for the Gear VR

Facebook-backed Oculus has recently added support for the Google Chromecast to the Gear VR headset by Samsung. Users can now stream virtual reality directly to their TV using the cast button on the Oculus mobile app.

VR is more of a lone experience compared to other forms of entertainment. Only the person with the headset can see what’s going on but now Chromecast lets other people see what the Gear VR user is seeing. This is why Oculus has been consistently trying to show virtual reality to people who are not wearing the headset. Back in March, Oculus has introduced live streaming through Facebook on the platform and now, Oculus is letting users be able to share their experiences in the Gear VR to those around them not wearing the headset using Google Chromecast.

“Chromecast lets you enjoy VR while staying connected and engaged with everyone in the room,” Oculus stated in a blog post. “Show off your quick draw and sharp shooting in Dead And Buried or host a VR party night. It’s also a great way to introduce new people to VR, since you can see everything they inside the headset.”

“All you need is the latest version of both the Oculus mobile app and Android. Just hit the Cast button, select your favorite nearby Cast-enabled device, and step inside Gear VR while your friends sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Oculus is very eager on “social VR”, already planning apps that support multiple people that can interact with each other in the virtual world, regardless of where they are physically located.

To be able to stream, the user only has to download both the Oculus app and the Chromecast app. Next is tapping on the cast icon before you go into the virtual reality world with your Gear VR.

It’s still not clear if the user is able to manage casting from within the Gear VR’s user interface. Images just suggest that it will be a phone app.

The Chromecast support is only for the Gear VR for now. This isn’t going to make big changes in VR but it will make it easier for people to see a live feed from the user’s screen. Even in 2D, it makes it easier for a large group to see what’s going on the Gear VR which will be perfect for showing your friends or in front of a crowd.

Samsung has recently added a motion controller to the GearVR package but ZeniMax also recently launched a lawsuit on the origins of the software that powers the headset.

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