Official Kodi Raspberry Pi Case by Flirc

Finally, we are one step closer to getting an official Kodi device. Kodi has teamed up with Flirc to create the first official Kodi Raspberry Pi case. The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case is a special edition run from Flirc that have been built in a limited Quantity and are available from the Flirc store.

The Kodi Edition case is designed to house the Raspberry Pi and is the first affordable case made out of aluminium. Aluminium was used to provide a built in heat sink to ensure that the Raspberry Pi is kept nice and cool.

Included with the case is a thermal pad along with 4 screws to provide you with one of the simplest assemblies available. There is also rubber feet included so that you can raise the casing and there is no longer a need to have to disassemble the case in order to access the SD card.

The Kodi Edition case supports Rapsberry P 3, 2 and B+. The great looking case can be purchased over at the Flirc store for only $19.95 which is an absolute bargain.

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