Online Piracy: FBI Looking Into “Trolls” Copyright Issue

For the past decade, many in the online piracy world are seeing themselves in the other end of spectrum when it comes to copyright infringement. As the years have gone by, numerous law firms are now concentrating on catching individuals who use torrents for downloading copyrighted content.

While there’s nothing wrong about with carrying out copyright, some aspects of it comes into question. With the FBI is looking closely on “determining if users violated Federal Laws with regards to threatening lawsuits and demanding settlement,” they think of this in their letter as fraud scheme widely known as “trolling.”

This time around, documents from the investigation were sent to victims from one of the law firms. It went something like this:

Online Piracy

We’re currently investigating (removed) and its entities to determine if they made any Federal violation related to their litigation and settlement demands from your clients. Specifically, (removed) and their entities consist of: (removed), (removed), removed), (removed), and (removed).

It’s within our understanding that the subjects may already have threatened civil law suits against your clients for downloading illegal porn content in an illegal manner. Subjects demand a specified amount from clients, which are less costly than that from a civil litigation.

The FBI wants to ensure they look at individuals who downloaded such content as victims, according to a questionnaire sent by the FBI in the previous week.

Based on the letter:

It’s within our understanding that your clients (victims) may hesitate speaking with the FBI or other law enforcement. However, we think of them as victims in this case. As such, have certain services and rights headlined under the Federal law and in the Victim Assistance Program. It’s our hope that through this submission of the letter and questionnaires, you’ll provide us with useful information in our investigation.

The FBI is concentrating very hard on knowing more about money that was asked are seeking for individuals who look forward to testifying. Based on the questionnaire that was handed out:

How much were you given at first to settle the civil lawsuit? What’s the name of the attorney who helped you settle with this litigation? What was the last amount you ended up paying for finally settle the litigation? How much did the attorney’s fees cost you?

These questions are made for restitution reasons.

If needed, are you open to testifying in the Federal Court to represent the U.S. Attorney’s Office (District of Minnesota)? This issue is currently under review and charges have yet been made.

This happens to be the only investigation made, although the investigation is on its twelfth month. Since the FBI is seeking to reach out to victims and individuals willing to make a testimony appears that the investigation is moving into an entirely different level.

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