Patriot V765 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Patriot is a company that is considered a global leader when it comes to performance memory, gaming peripherals, SSDs, as well as flash storage solutions. For its brand, Viper, it has been established in the year 2007, simultaneously with unveiling their highly popular and top of the line computer memory.

Since that time, the brand automatically became synonymous with reliability and performance among gamers and enthusiasts all over the world.

Just recently, they have released their latest Viper V765 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard. This highly promising device is fully supplied with the Kailh White Box DPI switches and also comes along with a notable protection-rating of IP56. This only means that the device has the ultimate security against water and dust.

The Viper V765 will also let you customize a total of 103 programmable macro keys, as well as the RGB illumination settings.

It comes with a lot of other promising features, so without further wait, let’s check out what’s included in the box.

Patriot V765 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review – What’s in the Box?

When we received our Patriot V765 gaming keyboard, we saw that it came in a package that would be slightly bigger compared to your conventional keyboards. The box sports a black and yellow theme which is nice and appealing.

On the front part of the box, you’ll find an image of the keyboard to give you an idea of how the device looks. The upper right corner displays the brand’s name and the name of the device. Along the right side of the box, you’ll find a couple of details on the features and specifications of the keyboard; you’ll be seeing the same information underneath the package.

We’ve noticed that the company made sure that no one misses out on the brand and model name. These can be found on all areas of the package:  front, back sides, top, and underneath the package. Now when you flip the box and look at the back, you’ll find a more detailed description of the Patriot V765.

Now aside from the keyboard itself, other items that are present in the package include the detachable wrist rest and an information book that includes all the possible details you’ll need when you’ll start using the device.

The Product

Patriot V765 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Viper V765 from Patriot is an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with the very first DIP Kailh White Switches. These are specifically designed to give you that prominent tactile and clicky feel that almost every gamer enjoys. Each of the keys that are available has been thoroughly tested with more than 80 million presses to ensure the highest durability, quality, and anti-ghosting to give you the best gaming experience ever.

The Viper V765 gaming keyboard also aims to provide you with overall superior performance, and that also goes for every other gamer and tech enthusiast around. With this keyboard, you’ll get to easily dive into your next FPS or RTS game and enjoy the change and feel of enhanced durability, as well as 50% quick response time which is something that everyone needs.

The white key technology from Kailh is a great addition to the V765 keyboard. It is quite similar to the Cherry MX switches, but the only difference is that the Kailh has reinforcements around its keys. The chassis is designed primarily in an aerospace grade aluminum that keeps your hands relaxed and in place via magnetization.

Also, the V765 mechanical gaming keyboard from Patriot is the very first gaming keyboard to incorporate this feature into its build; thus, promising durability and excellent performance to every user around.

Just like every other keyboard that is out in the market today, the Viper V765 also features LED lights that are specifically for backlights. You can easily customize the lights via the Viper software; plus, you can even set each of the lights for each change and key presets.

Other aesthetic features of this mechanical gaming keyboard are its N-key rollover key via the USB, classic multimedia keys, as well as a dedicated volume wheel. Not only that, but the keyboard comes with a magnetic removable palm rest that allows you and all other players to have prolonged gaming times without feeling any discomfort; plus, it can also be disassembled and assembled easily.

The Patriot V765’s keyboard case is made from aluminum alloy that goes well with the Kailh mechanical White Box Switches. Patriot ensured to utilize these special keys since they offer quick response and superior durability. Aside from that, the keys also give you that nice tactile feel and the unique click that lets you fully enjoy your gameplay.

When it comes to the keyboard’s physical dimensions, it measures about 1.0 x 18.5 x 6.5 inches (H x W x D) and weighs just a total of 2.5 pounds.

When it comes to its lighting, the Patriot V765 comes with a full spectrum RGB with a total of 16.8 million color backlights. Its system maintains a total of 14 lighting controls with a variety of integrated yet entirely customizable modes which we think is great.

There are a total of five configuration profiles, both for the lighting and keys, and all of these can be saved. Not only that, but the Patriot V765 gaming keyboard also has exclusive keys which are specifically for multimedia functions; that is in addition to the extra 103 keys that can also be customized based on your preferences.

As mentioned, this gaming keyboard also has an IP56 rating, so worrying about dust and water getting on the device will be an issue that’s long gone. It comes with dedicated multimedia controls, a removable magnetic rest for the palms, multilevel LED backlit dimming, a volume wheel with mute functions that rolls smoothly; plus, the V765 also comes with a 2-year warranty which is pretty good.

Product Features

RGB Illumination

Enhance and improve your space with a nice, rich, and vivid RGB illumination. You’ll get to choose from over 16 million colors that will allow you and other gamers to get closer to living your imagination.

Customizable Software

The Viper V765 features a user-friendly software that allows you to completely customize your keyboard based on your preferences. This is from recording unique macro keystrokes to editing lighting effects. You’ll have full control over your keyboard’s look, giving it the aesthetics you need to complete your setup.

Aluminum Chassis

Built and designed with an Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, this gaming keyboard from Patriot is able to withstand the test of time so you’ll know that this device is a tough one. Its rugged and durable construction will give you continuous years of reliable and efficient performance.

Water and Dust Resistant

What’s great about the V765 is that it’s IP56-rated, so it’s guaranteed that your device will be safe from water and dust. This will allow you to continue enjoying uninterrupted gameplay that’s ultimately reliable.

The N-Key + Anti Ghosting

The Patriot V765 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard gives you a precise N-Key rollover, plus a hundred percent anti-ghosting feature. This is perfect for the device’s additional keys to make sure that it has simultaneously accurate key taps.

Using the Product

When we talk of value, we tend to pay a lot for a good brand, yet fortunately, Patriot is one of those names that give you a bang for your buck. When we tried using the keyboard for gaming, all we can say is that it’s very snappy, it feels great, and is also extremely responsive. The keys feel really nice to the touch and we even got better feedback which is really good.

For the design, we can’t deny that we loved how every inch of the keyboard looked; plus, the RGB lights on the sides of the device just added to the aesthetics. Another nice thing about this is that you can change the light modes while also allowing you to customize the buttons present.  As for the light mode, you can readily change this as well and even choose to have the LEDs react to every press of the button.

When it comes to the detachable wrist rest, it’s a really nice and comfy addition to the keyboard. We actually liked that Patriot included this feature since it’s really convenient and makes using the keyboard even more comfortable. Overall, the performance of the Patriot V756 was excellent, so we’re giving this device a double thumbs-up.


The Viper Keyboard software can be downloaded from V765’s product page. For better performance, we suggest that you update the firmware as well. When the program is done installing, let it run. Once it reaches the first page, you will find an icon of a question mark at the top-right corner of the window. Click on this and go to Firmware Update, then follow the prompts.

We didn’t experience any issues with the firmware update, but in case you encounter any problems, all you have to do is reset the keyboard to factory settings via the software. You can also do a hard reset by pressing Fn + Pause / Break.


When changing the color of the LED lights, simply double-click on one of the preset color tiles – you will find seven of these. The pop-up window displays forty-eight color choices. Click on one of the tiles, choose OK, then click the “Apply” button. The keyboard’s lights will flash a few times, then the color you chose will be set.

If you want to want to go deeper in personalizing your RGB keyboard, then go to Define Custom Colors. From there, you can input some numbers for R, G, B, Hue, Lum, and Sat. To make things simpler, you can easily drag the cursor on the rainbow map to choose your desired color. Once you’ve selected the color you like, click Add to Custom Colors, and then click on “OK” and “Apply” buttons.

Programming Keys

The Viper Keyboard software offers a great GUI to program keys. Click on any key on the keyboard’s GUI, then the software will display a pop-up window with four tabs including Single / Combine, Basic, Macro, and Advanced.

Single / Combine lets you click on the Single text area, and then enter a single keystroke. You can also click on the text area of Combine to enter more than one keystroke. Once you’re done, click on Save and your key is programmed.

For Basic, you can designate a certain key to a number of functions such as run, search, open Computer, close a window, perform media functions, open web browser, and more. Macro is the simplest tab since all you have to do is click it, select any saved macro, then click on Save.

The Advanced tab lets you assign keys to do tasks such as opening a certain file, application, or folder. Simply click on the empty space in each entry then select the file via the file browser. To disable a key, just tick the box. For other options, these include toggle Game mode and lock on / off Windows key, adjustment of response time from 2ms to 20ms, or set Report rate.


Keyboard enthusiasts in the gaming community often dismiss the Kailh switches since these usually have more issues compared to the popular Cherry MX switches. However, those issues with the Kailh are often experienced with the cheaper keyboards. The Kailh White switches of the Patriot V765 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard are totally consistent and smooth. So, you won’t have to worry about this keyboard if you plan to buy it.

The V765 features 16.8 million colors and its lighting is fairly bright. Although white lights appear closer to a very pale teal shade, it is completely okay since RGB keyboards usually emit off-white shades instead of solid white.

When it comes to the switches, these have a clear body and an opaque LED enclosure for LED colors to blend well. This enhances the effect of the RGB keys and we really appreciate it since it’s actually better than other keyboards we’ve used.

Even though Patriot isn’t that well established in the market of peripheral devices, their products under the Viper gaming line can compete with the leading brands. Overall, we really liked the V765 and we think that it should be in the list of your top choices. If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, we highly recommend the V765 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Patriot.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Patriot Viper V765 keyboard from over at the Patriot official store for around $99USD.

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