Patriot Viper V770 Keyboard Review

Since Patriot was a little so-so upon their release of the Viper V-760, we were actually wondering what they’d do to make the device better. In the most recent iteration of the mechanical keyboards from Viper, a lot of things have changed; and while the usual design is still pretty much the same, the total number of keys have increased. The primary reason for doing this is to let you have all the necessary functionalities right at your fingertips instead of having to return to the software every time for changes.

With the release of Patriot’s latest keyboard, the company allows you to set profiles, record Macros, address numerous LED backlight modes, and also deliver a collection of multimedia keys that are not usually present in a lot of other solutions.

Today, we are going to focus on Patriot’s Viper V-770 Keyboard which is basically a huge step forward from their V-760 that has been done perfectly in every way. While Patriot’s software hides a couple of extras that the device does not initially show, the majority of your customizations, as well as your programming, can be done simultaneously while gaming or working without missing a thing. Additionally, instead of adding a wrist rest that is built-in, Patriot decided to make it completely detachable, though it also sports the company’s logo, as well as an RGB backlit stripe that is just across it. If the V-760 was something that you’ve already appreciated but are still searching for something more effective, then the Viper V-770 is something that you’ll definitely need, and with its price, everyone will surely appreciate this.

Let’s go ahead and check out what’s included in the box of the Patriot Viper V-770.

Patriot Viper V770 Keyboard Review – Whats in the Box?

The company continues to run with their usual packaging that features the striking red and black theme, setting its Viper V-770 Keyboard right at the top right portion of the box, while the features are all set neatly at the bottom left portion of the package. One of the prominent sections of the box is cut out to exhibit the keys of the V-770 which is best utilized specifically for floor models or simply to please and attract those who can’t really wait to get the Viper V-770 out of the box.

Just close to the keyboard, the package has two stickers with the head logo of the Patriot’s Viper, a headphone splitter that can be utilized with the device’s audio pass through, as well as a tool that will help you easily remove the keycaps for replacement or cleaning.

The Product

Patriot Viper V770 Keyboard Review – Strike Your Foes

The keyboard balances a clean, sleek and stylish design while also keeping the usual aesthetics for ultimate gaming. The result of this is a combination of black plastic that supports the frame plus a gunmetal-grey aluminum plate that is set beneath the elevated mechanical keys. The wrist rest is separated from the primary keyboard which utilizes a couple of magnets instead of hinges; and while this eliminates the amount of flexibility you acquire from hinges, it allows you to personalize the RGB lighting that comes in the form of a stripe that converges the snakehead logo which is located on the right portion of the Viper V-770.  One of the interesting aspects of the keyboard is its media tray that goes all the way from the back to the center of the device; it is rather advantageous for supporting tablets and smartphones in an upright position, making use of numerous apps that are offered by popular games today. It also has the Kailh Red switches and all of the keys feature LED bulbs, allowing you to personalize the keys and choose from a total of 16.8 million colors.

While the keyboard’s lighting can be customized using the software, Patriot designed the keyboard to be as user-friendly as possible; so with that, they included a couple of dedicated keys located on the top-left portion of the keyboard to allow you to change the patterns and shades easily. At the top-right portion of the device, you will find the dedicated media keys, while further to the right would be the volume wheel that subtly conceals the mute function once it is pushed inwards. On either side of the keyboard, you will find the RGB LED strip while to the right would be the audio pass-through that is crafted specifically to make microphones and headphones / earphones more accessible. On the left portion is the USB pass-through that can be utilized for USB-powered devices like mice and headsets.

The V-770 from Patriot measures at 459 mm from each side, while from its front to back measures at 229 mm in total; the keyboard’s height is at 39 mm and it weighs a total of 1,398 grams. What we liked about the Viper V-770 is the fact that the device is covered by a 2-year warranty, and even if this hasn’t been mentioned much, it is still the best feature that Patriot has to offer. What more, the chassis’ frame is made out of black plastic while the exposed plate is made from aluminum; it comes in a shade of gunmetal gray which makes it appear simple yet clean and sleek.

Each of the V-770’s keys is backlit with a choice of 16.8 million colors as well as a variety of cool lighting modes. The mechanical switch that has been utilized for the device is the Kaihl red switches though we don’t really see any signs of optional choices.

Another notable aspect of the gaming keyboard is that it features a dedicated set of 5 profile keys, 5 Macro keys, as well as 6 LED switch modes together with a set of LED-intensity switch. If you want, you can also alter a few things on the keyboard such as the direction of the V-770’s LED display and increase or decrease the LED mode’s speed; additionally, we also found the Gaming-Mode Lock-Out Key, as well as a Record Button that you can readily utilize with the Macros and profiles.


The Viper V-770 has a couple of notable features and these include the following:

The Kailh Red-Mechanical Switch

The V-770 features these awesome switches to provide you with a linear, smooth and fast response for the best tactical edge.

High Durability

What’s great about the keyboard is that it is built with a sturdy and durable aluminum chassis together with a detachable magnetic palm rest to provide extreme comfort for continuous hours of non-stop gameplay.

The Software

Viper Software provides you with the ability to highlight each of the keys using 16.8 million colors, set up five different user profiles, and you can also choose your preferred lighting effects from up to ten different options available. There are also up to 108 micro-settings that you can select from which makes the V-770 one of the best keyboards for customization and personalization.

Special Dedicated Keys for Ultimate Control

The keyboard features five dedicated macro-keys, a mute / volume control wheel, special multimedia controls, as well as an audio pass-through port & auxiliary USB for complete control right at your fingertips.

109-Key Rollover plus Anti-Ghosting Feature

With its anti-ghosting and 109-key rollover capabilities, the no-keystroke will definitely go unnoticed while you enjoy the latest PC games of today or seamlessly edit a YouTube video and the like.


As for the performance of the Patriot Viper V-770, we tested its gaming performance and we absolutely loved how it worked for multiple games. It was very comfortable to use and with its sturdy and durable design, we can definitely say that the V-770 can readily withstand forceful tapping without any issues. Its Kailh Red Switches are very much responsive so we can say that Patriot has reached the top with this gaming keyboard and did a really fantastic job with its design, performance, and capabilities.

How to Use

Before using the Patriot Viper V-770, remember to first download the driver to be able to use the keyboard without any issues. The keyboard’s installer can be downloaded directly from the “Downloads Tab” on the product page of Patriot’s official website. The driver for the keyboard is specifically for the device alone instead of actually uniting the program for all of the company’s Viper devices. Once successfully downloaded, you can just start customizing the V-770’s settings such as its colors and controls for the RGB lighting.


The software of the V-770 does not feature any immense or highly special personalization option and is generally a simple software; although this is the case, it is still a great software that works particularly well. Key lighting animation can be chosen and can easily be made slower or faster depending on your preference. The RGB lighting features a couple of settings like raindrops, ripples, static lighting, wave, breathing, and a lot more. Moreover, the only other settings to change are the animation speed and the lighting color. The lighting bars located on the sides of the Viper V-770 cannot seem to be personalized from the company’s software; however, they can alter the lighting animation when necessary. When it comes to changing its functions, it can be done easily since each key can be set or rebound as a macro. Additionally, the software also allows for quick reporting rates and response time to be changed to 2ms up until 1,000 Hz.

Overall, Patriot’s software for the Viper V-770 is not difficult in any way; it is easy to use and it lets you customize moderate lighting, substantial key personalization, and it works effectively without any issues. Additionally, it also lets you do a couple of other simple adjustments to the response time and rate, as well as the easy access to the macro-recording that can be found close to the bottom of the application.


Overall, Patriot’s Viper V-770 is one well-featured and well-crafted keyboard since it features lighting that can be personalized with 16.8 million colors, a functionality for rebinding and macro, a sturdy plastic with aluminum body, as well as a decent wrist rest. Its wrist rest is much more comfortable compared to its competitors available in the market and its software is rather simple but very efficient and useful for everyone using the device.

It may also be quite a large keyboard to some, yet with its notable features packed into a single device, it is definitely excellent enough to give it two thumbs up. From its Macro keys, media keys, as well as its pass-throughs to its stunningly attractive RGB lighting, Patriot has definitely created a very fine and head-turning flagship for its new range of keyboards. So basically, we highly recommend the Viper V-770.

Where to Buy

Grab yourself one of these great keyboards for only $139USD over at the official Patriot store.

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