Philips Hue Review Part 2

The collection of Hue lights from Philips is far from being low-priced, but its results and usefulness for modern smart homes are highly impressive. From the original Hue Smart Lighting from Philips to their new light strips, there’s practically a Hue product for all your lighting needs. Not only that, but its range of features and accessories is adequate to turn your whole home into a beautiful display of lights.

Today, we’re going to focus on Philips’ Hue Smart Lighting and see if it’s something that’s worth investing on for your smart home.

Philips Hue Review Part 2

Philips Hue Go

Philips has been constantly pushing and promoting their Hue Smart Lighting System for years. Thing is, it’s only now that these lamps, together with the Hue Go, have acquired batteries for ultimate convenience. One of the latest to their application-controlled collection is the Hue Go which is a distinct little lamp that provides you with a ton of color options that Hue has right from the beginning.

Compared to most of the bulbs around, Hue Go has not only removed its wires, but it also doesn’t require you to have a smart device nearby to make it work. This flexibility and convenience come with more benefits along the way; but first, let’s check out what other things we have included in the box of the Hue Go.

What’s in the Box?

When it comes to the Hue Go from Philips, it comes in a black square box that displays the Go’s image right at the front. You’ll also get to see the company’s logo, their tagline, as well as some main features of the product.

Both sides of the package also feature images that depict that the Hue Go can be utilized for a variety of situations; and right on the back portion of it, you can find more features of the product which is written in numerous languages. Once you’re done inspecting the package, you can go on and check out the contents of the box.

Once you open it, you’ll first see the Hue Go itself which is set in a sturdy cardboard tray that follows the shape of the product; this keeps the Go safe and protected from unnecessary damages. Beneath this, you’ll also find a three-pin plug, as well as a quick start-up manual.

The Product

Before we start talking about this product from Philips, we have to make it clear to you that the Hue Go isn’t a bulb. It is its own independent and unique feature with the lighting element integrated into it. It’s quite a big light and is shaped like a little salad bowl that is covered in durable white plastic. Its dimensions are 2.8 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches and weighs around 2.3 lbs.

It has a little plastic button right at the bottom, a power socket on the side, and a formed plastic foot to its right. The Hue Go makes use of a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery so you can utilize its lights for about three hours or so, and chances are, you’ll most likely have it plugged right into the same spot for the most part.

The company claims that the Go has 20,000 hours of light which is equal to around two years of extended use or about 20 years of use if you base it on a three-hour-per-day, seven days a week usage.

What’s great about the Hue Go is that you don’t really need to pair it with a smartphone or a hub to utilize it; however, doing it will allow you to unlock a couple more of its cooler features such as being able to set alarms, as well as create customized lighting scenes and effects using Philips’ Hue application. Also, linking the Hue Go with a compatible hub would require you to go through the same pairing process as other Hue devices.

The main power of Hue Go has a range of 100 Volts to 240 Volts with 50 to 60Hz. It has a LED 24V bulb technology and a 6 Watt bulb included; its total lumen output reaches up to 300 lumens and has a total lifetime of up to 20,000 hours in total. Its fixture is also dimmable and has integrated LED which is a good thing.

With IP20 featured, the Go has adequate protection against bigger objects than 12.5 millimeters. The Hue Go’s light source is also equal to that of your traditional 28-Watt bulb. Another great thing about Go is that Philips included a two-year warranty to it.

Product Features

Here are the features of the Hue Go from Philips:

On-Product Control

You can manage your Hue Go even if you don’t have your smartphone with you. You’ll be able to directly activate light settings just by pressing the button on the Go. Select from seven different lighting effects which include cool energizing daylight, functional warm white light, plus five natural dynamic lighting effects that match your mood.

You can also choose to go through the available color options by tapping then holding down on the button until your preferred color comes up. Pretty easy and very convenient.


The Philips Hue Go is a portable and versatile light for your home: you can just unplug it from the power source then Go becomes your portable light that you can carry around, bringing you the best light for any of your activities.

The Hue Go is powered by an internal rechargeable battery so it can readily last up to three hours of usage. Also, the Philips Hue Go can be fully managed just by using your smartphones or other smart devices.

Natural Dynamic Effects

Further enhance and improve your special moments while giving adequate lighting; the Hue Go has five patented dynamic and natural effects and these are the following: Meditation, Sunday Coffee, Cozy Candle, Night Adventure, and Enchanted Forest. Each of these effects features its own mix and combination of shades to set the perfect mood for every situation.

Create the Perfect Ambiance with your Lighting

You can easily set the perfect ambiance anytime and decorate your smart home with cool or warm white light depending on your preferences. You can enjoy varying styles throughout the seasons and Hue Go will definitely deliver.

Smart Management Right in your Home or Away

With the Philips Hue Android and iOS application, you’ll be able to control and manage your lights no matter where you are. With the app, you’ll be able to check if you’ve forgotten to switch off any of your lights before leaving home, or switch them on easily when you’re working late.

Sync your Lights with Movies + Music

Expand and enjoy more of your viewing experience right in your room or connect to your favorite tunes and see how Go reacts to the rhythm and beats. You can download third-party applications to discover what other cool stuff you can do with the Hue Go.

Put Timers for More Convenience

With Hue Go, you’ll be able to appear like you’re right at home even if you aren’t. Utilize the Philips apps’ Schedule Function where you can set the lights to switch on at a certain time and have these brighten up your home when you arrive home.

You can also have the lights in each of your rooms switch on at different times; and of course, you can also have these lights gradually switch off at night. This is so you won’t have to worry about leaving lights on or forgetting to switch them on.

Manage your Lights Based on your Preference

You can easily link your Hue Go lights via the bridge to start discovering and utilizing the conveniences of Go. Manage all your lights via smartphone and you can also add switches to your system for light activation.

Using the Product

Now for its performance: when we connected the Hue Go to its hub,  we were able to remotely control and manage the Go via the Hue app from Philips. You’ll get a couple of options for timers, dimming levels, alarms, notifications, and more – these are very similar to what you’ll get with the other devices under the Hue category.  Everything worked perfectly during our tests and we’ve never had something as quick and easy as this.

To create your lighting scenes, you can choose from a couple of integrated options like Sunset which is yellowish, Jump for magenta, and Deep Sea which is a dark blue shade.

You can also make your own lighting scene by choosing a photo from your device, or by taking a couple of new photos then selecting a color from the image. Setting timers and alarms is also similarly easy: just choose a specific time of the day or the number of times you want it to light up, then choose a specific scene to display when the alarm goes off.

We liked the fact that the Hue Go is portable and nice to take around without really having to worry about needing a smartphone or device nearby to manage the lights. The Go itself is relaxing and pleasing to the eyes, specifically the Forest, Candle, and Night Adventure settings.

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The Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit

The Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit from Philips can easily help you fall right into slumber or wake up feeling well-rested. This can get you energized and help you fully concentrate, relax, and even read.

What’s in the Box

The Philips Hue White Advance Starter Kit comes in a sturdy black package that displays the product’s image right at the top; it also features Philips’ tagline and logo. If you look at the top right portion of the box, you’ll see a new label stating “richer colors”; one of the sides of the box has the product’s primary features and its back portion displays all the important information regarding the starter kit. These details are all written in different languages to cater to all their customers.

Inside the box, you’ll first see the starter kit set in place to prevent it from moving from side to side; other items included in the package are the two bulbs, a Dimmer Switch, the Hue bridge, a power supply, an Ethernet cable, and the user guide.

The Product

The Philips Hue White Ambiance has a huge difference compared to the other Hue bulbs; it won’t just put out basic purple, pink, or green lights since it will alter the color temperatures within the white light spectrum. You’ll get to see warm, candle type tones at one end while a cool and bluish-white daylight tone can be seen on the other.

Out of the box, you’ll see four 806 lumens and 10-Watt Hue lightbulbs that are ready to be installed to any ceiling fixture / light or your regular lamp.

If you take a look at the product, you’ll notice that it’s just the same size as your regular incandescent or fluorescent bulb except for the much flatter head.  Additionally, the starter kit also includes a small square bridge that you’ll need to link to your router using an Ethernet cable.

The Philips Hue White Ambiance also comes with the company’s Dimmer Switch which is also set inside the box; this has a simpler and more identifiable design which somehow helps differentiate it from other products. It can easily let you dim or brighten your linked lights, change the color tones, or even switch these on or off.

The bulbs come with magnets right at the back, allowing you to readily stick these to any metallic surface.


The Hue White E27 bulbs both have a Wattage equivalent of 60 Watts with a > 0.5 power factor. Their total number of switching cycles reaches up to 50,000 and the rated lifetime is estimated to be around 25,000 hours. The Hue Whites also feature an A60 form factor and an A+ label for energy efficiency.

For the color temperature, these range from 2,200K to 6,500K while the input voltage is from 220 to 240 Volts; these also have a Wattage of 9.5W. For the lighting, this is dimmable through your smart device; for its output, it has > 80 CRI @4,000K plus warm white to cool daylight options.

The total lumen output reaches 806 lm and what we appreciated about this is that their software is upgradable, so you can expect to utilize this for quite some time. The bulbs have a diameter of 62 millimeters with a height of 110 millimeters; its maximum power operation power reaches up to 9.5 Watts while its maximum standby power is around 0.1 Watts.

The Bridge

The bridge’s power adapter is 100 to 240-Volt AC / 50 – 60Hz with a frequency band 2,400~ 2,483.5MHz; the bridge has a total of 50 bulbs, 12 accessories, and it can also be mounted to a wall for more convenience. For its dimensions, the bridge’s height is just 26 millimeters, plus length and width of 88 millimeters.

Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch has a range of 15 to 30 meters while its minimal indoor range is about 13 meters. It has a total of 25 max tap switches per bridge if there aren’t any other switches connected; it also features 10 maximum lights per switch if this isn’t connected to the Hue bridge.

It has a freestanding mounting option and has a minimum of 3 years for its battery lifetime. The switch also has a single configurable button and includes one CR-2450 battery.

For the depth, height, and width of the switch, its following measurements are as follows: 11 x 117 x 35 millimeters; for the wall plate, the measurements are 114 x 14 x 70 millimeters and its total weight, including the wall plate, is 67 grams. The dimmer switch also has an upgradable software, a frequency band of 2,400~ 2,483.5MHz, and the Zigbee Light link protocol IEEE – 802.15.4

The company offers you a two-year warranty based on up to 3 hours of average working time per day, seven days a week. If the product doesn’t correspond to the warranty, Philips will send you, at their election, a device replacement or even refund your original price upon receiving the returned product, proof of purchase, and register receipt.

Product Features

Create a Personal Warm White – Cool Daylight Ambiance

You can easily set the ambiance of your home based on your mood and preferences; use it to decorate and stylize your home with the warm to cool white lights. You’ll get to enjoy a variety of styles no matter what time of the year it is.

The Hue Dimmer Switch

You can easily control your Hue lights without your smartphone or other smart devices. This is because of the included wireless switch that will allow you to easily switch your lights on or off, or switch between four preset lighting options.

Smart Controls

With the Hue apps for your Android or iOS device, you can easily manage your lights no matter where you are. It provides you the convenience of switching your lights on or off even when you’re not at home. You can also set up timers for when you want to have your light’s switch on or off automatically.

Using the Product

Based on our tests, we can easily say that the Hue is pretty much advanced in what it does and how it functions. With just a bit of tweaking, you’ll get to do a couple of excellent and cool things with your Philips Hue.

We appreciate that lights can readily perform an attractive light display and sync instantly to music; if you’re into the white ambiance lights, you can utilize the starter kit with both the color and white ambiance bulbs and enjoy the lights with more colors.

As mentioned earlier for the Hue application, it comes with a couple of preset scenes that you can utilize depending on your mood. For each of these scenes, you can easily adjust the brightness, as well as the specific shade that pleases your preferences.

There are also other combinations that can cater to your particular activities and moods. What’s cool is that you can easily group specific bulbs and manage them individually or together; the application works as a good remote control that allows you to switch lights on and off, as well as dim the lights via a user-friendly bar. You can easily control this just by sliding your finger.

Philips Hue Tap Switch

The Hue from Philips is known for its smart and effective lighting, but this also provides you with a couple of cool accessories that work perfectly with those bulbs. You can easily recall your most favorite scenes anywhere in your smart home, and you can achieve this with just a touch of a button. This can be achieved by using the Hue Tap Switch from Philips and it can instantly switch all your lights of simultaneously.

The Hue Tap Switch is a completely wireless device and it can function without batteries for your convenience and comfort.

What’s in the Box?

The Hue Tap Switch comes in a clean-looking rectangular package with the top displaying the image of the device together with its name. The logo of Philips is also present and is located at the top left portion of the box. The sides and back portion of the box will provide you with more important features and key details of the product.

Aside from these, there aren’t any other important details written on the box so you can immediately shift to opening the package to see what’s inside.

When you open the Hue Tap Switch’s package, you’ll immediately see the device which is set in a plastic tray to prevent it from moving unnecessarily from side to side. Under the plastic tray is the instruction manual.

The Product

The Hue Tap Switch is specifically a remote control for your Hue system. It basically exhibits a rounded design that features the style of a Nest device which is something that you may already have. This can be utilized as a standalone device or a mounted one.

Additionally, the Tap Switch also features four buttons and can hold up to four presets. One button can trigger a scene for dinner time while the other can set off the lights in a certain room in your home; another button can work to dim lights for movie marathons or have one that turns all your Hue lights on.

Probably the best and most notable feature of the Hue Tap Switch is its power source since it’s literally powered up by taps. Kinetic energy is what keeps it running continuously so you won’t have to worry about batteries and changing these.

The Hue Tap Switch has a diameter of 75 millimeters while its height is 25 millimeters. It weighs a total of 90 grams and it has a total of 50,000-lifetime clicks.

Product Features

The Device as a Remote Control

Make use of the Hue Tap Switch as your remote control to make controlling your lights easier and quicker.

Recall your Favorite Scenes

With the switch, you can recall a total of four different preset lighting scenes; you can also switch your lights on or off just by a press of a button. Make use of the application to setup your personal scenes or make use of those already created by lighting designers.

The Hue Tap Switch is also really convenient since you can use this without even opening the Hue app and even when you aren’t connected to your Wi-Fi.

Mount or Utilize Remotely

You can mount the Tap Switch anywhere you want with its included mounting plate. You can also detach this and carry it with you wherever you go in your home. Instantly set the right mood for each moment of the day.

Using the Product

When we first installed the device, we were really worried that it might be a bit unreliable and have some lagging problems since it doesn’t connect to the network constantly. As our tests progressed, we realized that we were wrong.

When you press its button, its corresponding light scene appears almost promptly; and if there were any lags, it was so brief that we hardly even noticed this. Each of the available bulbs can also send and receive signals before relaying these to the bridge; this is because all of the Hue bulbs form a connecting network via the open-standards protocol called the ZigBee Light Link.

With that, we can say that the Hue Tap Switch functioned well and overall, the Philips Hue Smart Lighting worked excellently so we’re giving Philips two thumbs-up for this.

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Generally speaking, all of these Philip Hue products are unique in their own way and the necessity for these all depend on the function you need for your smart home. Philips Hue Go is an excellent choice if you want to have really bright lights that allow you to benefit from its rechargeable battery feature. The battery option makes the product much more functional and can be utilized in areas without a power socket.

If you’re someone who wants to get a first-hand experience of the smart lighting system from Philips, the White Ambience is the perfect thing for you. Its great balance between a functional gadget and IoT system will make it something that you’ll enjoy using.

If you have additional cash on hand and are planning to purchase smart light bulbs for your home, then this is definitely worth investing on since it can also boost your smart home in a stylish and functional manner.

And despite its size, the Hue Tap Switch is a great addition to the Hue collection. It allows you to utilize some of the Hue app’s most beneficial functions without having to utilize your smartphone.

This, combined with the functionality of the Hue application makes it even more convenient compared to any other smart lighting setup that is available today. With that, we recommend the Philips Hue Smart Lighting system to upgrade your smart home.

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase these items from Philips, you can visit Philips’ official website.

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