Plex Finally Arrives on Android and Apple TV

Plex Live TV has finally arrived and is now available to Android users as well as Apple TV users. They are taking their Live TV service including their DVR out of beta. Plex first introduced its DVR capabilities for users who connect their TV tuner and antenna to their Plex setup. Then they moved on to a more fully target DIY cord cutters with the added ability to stream live television. Plex was launched in June and requires the purchase of a Plex Pass subscription and a digital tuner hardware to be able to tap into that free over-the-air television signal.

Both Android and Apple TV are able to watch live television programming which includes sports, movies, news, variety shows and many more all within their respectable Plex apps. The launch also brings time shifting support. This allows users to pause, play, rewind and also fast forward their Plex Live TV. The Plex media server which is combined with Plex DVR as well as Live TV gives an amazing and easy experience for cord cutters to watch their favorite movies, shows and also live programming. This also includes media consumption of their personal images, videos and as well as music from any Android or Apple TV device.

Before, the Live TV service was only offered for iOS and Android TV platforms which also included the Nvidia Shield however the company had promised that the Android mobile users as well as the Apple TV users were also going to get the service.

However, if you’re a Roku or Fire TV user, don’t fret. Plex also stated that their Live TV service with DVR is also coming to you.

Plex’s Live TV service offers an alternative to the current live TV streaming services that other companies offer like Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PSVue, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. Instead of offering “skinny bundles” that combine both local broadcast stations with cable TV channels that are delivered on the internet, Plex focuses only on stations you can pick up with an HD antenna that you can install yourself at home. Plex’s idea is to offer an even more affordable way to watch broadcast TV’s best programming by not having to spend extra money on another streaming service.

The company’s decision to venture into streaming TV is a smart one. When they announcned their Live TV service last June, they had 13 million paying customers and couple of months later, it has grown to 14 million.

Plex Live TV works on a few platforms with others like Roku, Fire TV and smart TVs in the works. This includes iOS, Android TV, Android, Apple TV and of course, over the web.

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