Plex on the Nvidia Shield TV Update

Plex is one of the most popular media servers around however it is tough to pass up Kodi when Kodi can be ran locally without requiring a media server to be setup on separate hardware. This is where Plex always fell short. You had to have Plex server setup on a separate machine, such as computer or NAS, and then install the Plex client on the device you want to stream local content to. This was much more hassle then it needed to be, especially considering the ease of use of Kodi. This has made Plex on the Nvidia Shield a tricky thing.

Things however look set to change as Plex has announced that you will soon be able to run Plex on the Nvidia Shield TV without the need of setting up a separate media server, thus brining it more in line with Kodi. This has been made possible thanks to the Nvidia Shield powerful Tegra X1 processor which allows Plex to do all the data handling on the device.

“Shield is so powerful that it can not only run our Android TV interface better than just about anything out there, It can also run the full media server, including support for hardware-accelerated video transcoding (H.264, MPEG2 and HEVC) with multiple simultaneous streams!” says Plex.

The Nvidia Shield large storage capacity of up to 500GB means that users will have more than enough room to store media files locally on the device meaning that the Nvidia Shield can actually be an all in one Plex box.


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