QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS Review

2018 has been one of the best years for NAS where we’ve seen some of the most groundbreaking and outstanding devices from brands like QNAP.

Way back in spring, they released one of their most silent NAS devices around; and finally, after quite some time, we were finally able to get our hands on the QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS. So today, we’re going to see if this device really does live up to their quality, as well as our expectations when it comes to such devices. Plus, we’ll get to know if it’s just as good as any other product from QNAP.

Generally, this isn’t one of the most cost-efficient NAS devices around and is considered quite pricey; but despite this, it is packed with a ton of great features so investing in this kit might just be a smart idea.

To begin, let’s check out what’s in store for us and see the other items included in the package of this NAS device from QNAP. Then after, let’s look deeper into this kit to see if it’s something that will suit your needs.

QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS Review – What’s in the Box?

The packaging of this device is contemporary, clean, and appealing; plus, it also comes with a lot of necessary information that tells us about the NAS’ hardware and also the software capabilities that it can perform. The box of the HS-453DX Silent NAS is quite large but it’s to keep the device from acquiring breakages and such while in transit; plus, additional space is also necessary for the additional items that are included in the package.

Inside, a good selection of accessories are available, and aside from the HS-453DX Silent NAS device, other items that were present in the box include the external power supplier, two CAT 6A-RJ45 LAN cables, mains power lead, the newly styled QNAP remote control, adhesive heatsink panels for the M2 SSD drives, hard drive screws for 2.5 and 3.5-inch media, plus a quick-start installation manual and warranty details.

The Product

QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS Review

The HS-453DX Silent NAS from QNAP sports a new CPU that works perfectly for this NAS device. The company also made use of the HDMI 2.0 – A for enhanced 4K 60-Hz playback, a combination of SSD media & hard drive; plus, they also included a 10 gigabit Ethernet connection. With all of these enhancements, the HS-453DX Silent NAS has the potential of becoming one of the best network storage devices from the company to date.

Taking a look at this device’s rear panel, it not only has network ports, but it also features the dual USB 3 and 2 ports, as well as a single Type C USB port. Audio can be handled efficiently with the presence of the dual 3.5-millimeter dynamic mic jacks, a 3.5-millimeter line out, as well as internal speakers and the company’s RM-IR-004 remote control handset.

Noticing that the HS-453DX Silent NAS is a fan-less device, you may be wondering how it even releases heat produced by the LFF hard disks. It actually all lies on the lid which is a huge piece of aluminum that weighs more than a kilo. It functions as a passive heatsink that fits perfectly against the available hard disk carrier trays; also, it sports an additional aluminum block which sits right at the top of the CPU.

Its front panel is held in place via two magnetic panels right at the center; it can be removed easily which will then reveal two bays for the hard drive. These have their own locking mechanism, a LED drive health / access indicators, as well as its own power button. Each of the bays available also has its own lock switch that helps stop the drives from accidentally being removed or ejected while in use.

The drive trays has a metallic design which sports screw holes for the SSD media and hard drive. You will be able to operate the HS-453DX Silent NAS using just one drive, or you can completely populate the NAS with two other drives that have either the RAID 1 or 0 configuration, depending on your needs.

As we mentioned earlier, the lid can be easily detached just by removing the recessed screws underneath when you flip the device over.  Inside, you’ll find a little motherboard situated in the middle of the drive carriers that have 2 SO DIMM memory slots, as well as dual M2 SATA SSD slots that accept card lengths of 2,280.

Just like every other lid made of the same material, it tends to get warm when you’re using it. So avoid putting anything on it, and make sure that it has proper airflow around it. If you plan to fit M2 SSD cards, make sure that you use the provided heat pads to avoid any chances of overheating.

HDMI Output

When it comes to the HDMI output, the HS-453DX Silent NAS has surely been improved with regards to the 4K media. The device comes with double HDMI ports that supports 4K media; however, one of these is HDMI-2.0 which can support 4K movies at 60-Hz.

Once you start utilizing the NAS for multimedia for primary applications like Kodi and Plex, then you’ll be able to easily watch media with very high resolution right at the comfort of your home. And with the included remote control of the device, everything will be more convenient and versatile especially when it comes to controlling numerous NAS functions.

Its second HDMI port also supports audio over HDMI especially if you have this type of setup. Plus, both the HDMI ports can be utilized by the HS-453DX Silent NAS in conjunction with a mouse and keyboard for functions like surveillance stations with the Surveillance Station & QVR Pro software, as well as stand alone PCs with a virtualization or container station app that’s included with this device.

NAS Interior

Inside the NAS, we can say that it features a smart layout of quality hardware. And to guarantee total heat dissipation across the top-most panel, every internal hardware is presented across a uniquely designed motherboard that is specific to the HS-453DX Silent NAS.

A closer look at the primary CPU of this NAS device shows that there’s just a little layer of heatsink between the lid and the CPU while also featuring a familiar type of thermal paste.

An Intel J4-105 quad core CPU is set within the NAS and has a frequency of 1.5-GHz which can go up to as high as 2.5-GHz; this is for whenever the system requires it. When looking at the lid that was removed earlier, you’ll find an extra aluminum heatsink panel that is specially made to aid in further dissipation of the CPU into the top panel. Not only that, but there’s also some extra thermal paste between the two layers. Aside from the memory and the CPU, there are also two slots for internal M2 SSD which are both for 6-GBs SATAs; thing is, you can also use these to install a full-length M.2 SSD due to the screw holes that are present on the device.

Generally, these M2 SSD storage bays can be utilized in different ways, and the most common manner of using this is as an SSD read / write, by which these quicker storage media types are utilized to aid existing hard drive storages. Also, you can assemble an independent RAID volume across the drives using a RAID 0 environment while utilizing the external 10-GBe connection to make a really fast external and internal storage volume. This is great for editing live video or image files on the device.

Once completed, you’ll also be able to automatically or manually transfer the completed work to a hard drive volume to the other two HDD bays via RAID 1 or 0 environment. With that, the work can be distributed across the internet or network directly to your clients, colleagues, customers, or even family, as necessary. With just the basics, we already think that this NAS device is surely a great, quiet, and compact editing device.

Product Features

Actual 4K to Enjoy Better Multimedia Experience

The QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS features the advanced UHD Graphics-600 which allows it to support transcoding in real time, as well as dual channel 4K H.264 hardware decoding. This lets you convert videos to universal file formats which you can play smoothly on a multitude of devices.

With this feature, you can also watch 4K 60FPS media files via HDTV by using the HDMI 2.0 output, as well as the Plex Media Server for streaming media files to mobile phones and other devices. The RM-IR = IR004 of the remote controller can be changed via QButton to set specific actions for each of the buttons. This makes using the NAS more convenient.

Roon Even without a PC

The HS-453DX Silent NAS supports the Roon Server application which can be found in the App Center of QTS. The music player, Roon, identifies all the music you store in the HS-453DX Silent NAS and adds them to its interconnected music library.

With that, you can simply browse and play the music you want with Roon applications is compatible with devices that are designed for multiple-zone multimedia tasks. This lets you provide excellent performance, SSD caching, music streaming, and more.

Impressive Speed and Performance

The HS-453DX Silent NAS operates with the Intel’s Celeron J4-105 1.5GHz quad core processor, which bursts up to 2.5GHz. It comes with 4GB DDR4 memory and supports 6Gbps SATA drives to deliver and maintains high read & write speeds. It also has the AES-NI encryption enabled and has two slots for M.2 2280 SATA SSD.

Delivers Necessary Connectivity for Superb Entertainment

The HS-453DX Silent NAS comes with a stylish set-top design, allowing you to placeit along with your devices for home theater. It offers a lot, in terms of connectivity so it can meet all your needs; these include USB 3.0 types A and C ports, USB 2.0 ports, dual HDMI output, a 3.5-millimeter lineout and others. The NAS also offers an accessible hard drive layout so you can easily add or remove hard drives that measure 3.5 inches.

Improved Media Viewing with SSD Over Provisioning and Caching

The HS-453DX Silent NAS has a HDD + SSD hybrid structure. While SSD costs go lower, you can set up an SSD cache, allocate apps to the SSD, or instantly move most accessed files to the SSD via Qtier technology. This is to achieve the highest access speed rates.

Since it supports software-defined SSD RAID extra OP or over provisioning, the NAS allows you to distribute additional OP space, which optimizes the random write speeds of the SSD while also extending its lifespan.

Accessible Files Wherever You Go

This NAS stores files and data centrally and supports NFS, SMB / CIFS, and AFP protocols for file sharing across Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows devices. Since the HS-453DX Silent NAS also features Qsync, the NAS becomes a secure high-capacity data center for synchronizing files. Anything uploaded to the NAS will be available for all computers, laptops, and mobile phones linked to it.

Fully Control the System Status and Data Security

QNAP Notification Center combines all its notification settings and apps into a single application to provide central management and more convenience. The Security Counselor also scans the HS-453DX Silent NAS to detect any potential weakness and offers recommendations to enhance its security.


The QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS is especially made for you and every other home user who wants to have the best media features, silent running, 10-GBe performance, and quality looks that would look perfect in any part of your home. And even if this NAS device is only 43 millimeters high, this sleek device is packed with a ton of excellent hardware which is definitely good, in our opinion.

This device also has a ton of room for two SFF or LFF of hard disks in Hot-Swap carriers, and it also gives you dual internal M2 SATA SSD slots which gives this NAS device its 4-bay classification. The HS-453DX Silent NAS is emphasized by the Intel’s Celeron quad core processor, 4K transcoding, HDMI 2.0 output, and 10-GBe high-speed connection. It sports a unique and contemporary design that is great for workstation areas in your home since it comes with a fanless feature for a more silent operation.

When it comes to its performance, the QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS device can boost up to a total of 677-MB/s when it comes to read / write speed. Since the device is also designed with M.2 2280 SSD slots, you’ll be able to have the NAS work as a hybrid storage solution that features SSD caching for improved overall performance during heavy loads. Furthermore, the device also has an integrated 10G-Base-T 5 speed port (10-G / 5-G / 2.5-G / and 100-M).

Just like every other similar QNAP device under its category, the HS-453DX Silent NAS gives you a whole collection of multimedia apps like 4K dual channel real time transcoding, and Plex media Server that streams media to DLNA devices,  Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, as well as Google Chromecast. The HS-453DX Silent NAS also supports software defined SSD RAIDs extra OP or over provisioning which allows you to readily allocation extra OP space. This is to enhance the SSD random write speed and to also aid in promoting a much longer SSD life cycle.

The CPU also makes use of UHD Graphics-600 GPU from Intel that is piped through to the HDMI ports on the rear. This delivers up to a total of 4K video quality at an output of 60-Hz. The HS-453DX Silent NAS also offers you gigabit and 10-GBe N-Base-T ports with the recent letting it support speed that goes up to 56-GBe via the current Cat-5e cabling.

Using the Product

As a multimedia NAS device, this HS-453DX Silent NAS from QNAP is definitely worth investing in. With its Hybrid Desk Station or HD Station application installed, we were able to link an HD TV to the NAS device, logged in the local interface, then utilized the HD Player application to watch our movie, listen to music, and check out our photo collections without any issues.

The NAS is perfect for a Plex setup at home as it looks stylish and takes up minimal space. The NAS handled everything that we threw at it and Plex ran like an absolute dream.

The playback controls for movies are generally comprehensive, and the remote worked perfectly fine with everything.

The HD Station gets even better as it displayed a desktop on our television where we utilized the plugins to immediately access different services like Facebook, YouTube, as well as load browsers like Firefox and Chrome. When you install QNAP’s Surveillance Station application, you’ll be able to use the local application to pipe IP camera feeds right to your television.

All in all, we’re giving the QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS a double thumbs-up for its excellent performance and highly notable features.

Software: QTS 4.4

The HS-453DX Silent NAS is integrated with the QTS operating system which allows you to create a number of data and network-attached storage environments specifically for your business and home needs. This QTS 4.4 software makes your device more efficient, productive, and reliable; and with its multiple new refinements and features, the software empowers both business and home users with a build that is perfect for this high-speed era.

With the latest software available, this HS-453DX Silent NAS device will give you an outstanding range of backup and data protection features. The Snapshots and Storage app manages scheduled point in time shots of NAS volumes & iSCSI LUNs, as well as providing features for sample data recovery.

All the remote and local backup tasks are handled via the Hyper Backup Sync applications which can also secure data to a plethora of cloud storage providers.

Features of the QTS 4.4

Notification Center – Stay Up-to-Date 24/7

The Notification Center feature consolidates every QTS system events, logs, and alerts, giving you a single application solution for notifications, instead of having to set up a number of settings across multiple apps.

Security Counselor

This special feature checks for any form of weaknesses while offering various recommendations to ensure that your data is safe against different attack methods. It also makes use of anti-malware and anti-virus solutions to help protect your HS-453DX Silent NAS.

Reinforce your QNAP NAS with Iron Wolf Health Management from Seagate

The Iron Wolf Health Management or IHM is a feature from Seagate that helps protect your data’s health. When using this feature, the overall reliability of your system will be enhanced by giving you actionable intervention, prevention, as well as recovery options.

Advantages of Streamline Storage Management, SSD, and Data Recovery

The storage efficiency of this QTS 4.4 software has been greatly improved and now includes optimizations for increased productivity to remove possible bottlenecks. It also aggressively supports advanced SSD cache arrangements, flexible storage space allotment, and restorations from the remote snapshot vaults to give you increased performance and reliable computing / storage solutions.

Great Configurable & Virtualized Structure

The developed Network and Virtual Switch application enhances the interfunction between the containers, QNAP NAS virtual machines, as well as other available devices. Including a new virtual private network protocol, total network topology mapping, and more, the QTS 4.4 software gives you a value-packed and high-performance functionality for the QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS.

Hybrid Desk Station or HD Station

The HD Station is a platform that lets you link your HS-453DX Silent NAS to a monitor or TV that is HDMI-compatible. This will allow you to directly and instantly access your multimedia content while also utilizing other available applications.


The HS-453DX Silent NAS delivers more than what we expected and it’s also probably one of the best NAS devices we’ve tried. Thanks to the SSD cache upgrade option and memory expansion, the NAS has room for greater expansion in the future.

The sleek lines of this silent NAS makes it a great choice as an entertainment center for your home. Plus, the new QTS software offers a ton of free multimedia applications. It’s a great device to keep home users entertained and satisfied.

And while HS-453DX Silent NAS costs more than other standard NAS devices in the market, it’s still a better device – it looks great, works quietly, and it delivers excellent performance.  If you’re looking for a centralized storage for home use, we highly recommend the QNAP HS-453DX Silent NAS.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the HS-453DX for around $969 AUD from your local retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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