ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate Review

Surely you’ve already accidentally deleted your important files from your PC, external hard disk, and even memory card. We’ve all gone through that, and like us, we’ve also experienced deleting some pretty important data from the RAID storage. It’s really nerve-wracking but luckily, there are a couple of available tools to recover data from your external / internal hard drive, memory card, and laptop – the only issue here is that not all of these tools are efficient when it comes to the task.

We’ve checked a number of these recovery tools and today, we’re going to be focusing on ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate which is actually one of the best that we’ve tried and tested. It upholds and actually preserves the idea of recovering all your important files and data from RAW system drives; plus, this software can actually recover files even in physically broken hard drives by creating disk-image drives to obtain various data and files without affecting your primary drive.

Today, we’re going to focus on the ReclaiMe Recovery Ultimate software that can help you recover files from Mac OS disks (specifically HFS, UFS, and HFS+), Windows disks, as well as Linux ext-2, ext-3, ext-4, and XFS file systems.

ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate Review – Helps you Recover

The ReclaiMe multi-purpose file recovery software is crafted with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind which is why it’s something user-friendly even if you’re someone who doesn’t really have all that technical knowledge. The program readily recovers files from most of the file systems that are available today so you won’t have to worry about not being able to recover your important data when lost.

It is specifically made for Windows only but you can still utilize this to recover and scan deleted data in systems like Mac or Linux. The program carefully and thoroughly scans every deleted file in your system so it can accurately recover the files and data that you’re searching for.

When it comes to the recovery tool, it actually supports a wide array of hardware and you will be able to recover files from an external hard disk, SSD, memory card, or even a hard disk. You also don’t need to worry about your interface since ReclaiMe Ultimate can work on your USB or SATA; plus, the software can also recover files spread all over disks from a NAS RAID so you’re definitely covered.

It also basically works and supports almost all file systems around and these include the FAT32, FAT, NTFS, exFAT, and even the latest file system of Microsoft which is the ReFS. Linux file systems are also supported such as the BTRFS, EXT-2, EXT-4, EXT-3, and the XFS; lastly, it also supports Apple Mac HFS+, HFS, UFS, and APFS file systems.

Compared to other recovery programs that are out today, ReclaiMe is a very small software that efficiently recovers data to restore all of your files. It supports 98% of the file allocations that are present such as exFAT, FAT, ReFS, NTFS, UfsBE, HFS Plus, HFS, UfsLE, XFS, Ext, and a lot more. We actually liked that the program is really easy to use and you won’t need to have any technical expertise; but when it comes to recovering files, it works excellently and efficiently which is why we’re giving two thumbs-up for how it works.

To start using the ReclaiMe Recovery Ultimate software, you have to first download the program from their official site then install the software to be able to utilize this. Once you’re done with the installation process, once you open ReclaiMe, it will quickly and automatically check all the available hard drives, as well as partitions in your computer. Its user interface is simple and clean: when you see this, you will easily find five icon disks, stop, start, help, and save.

NAS Recovery via ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate

We all know that NAS devices are generally reliable storage pieces but of course, there are still some instances where these can fail. If you are unable to gain access to the files that are stored on your NAS, you can still try to recover your data so rest assured that your files haven’t completely vanished. The NAS data recovery process begins by acquiring the disks from the NAS, linking these to your PC, and then extracting these files via the ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate software.

These days, a large number of NAS vendors are appearing but their NAS differs in a variety of ways: the number of disks, the file system types, its RAID levels, and so on. The ReclaiMe NAS recovery program works adequately with numerous NAS devices and these include the following: Synology, NETGEAR ReadyNAS, QNAP, Iomega StorCenter, Seagate Black-Armor, Tera-Station, Link-Station, LaCie, Thecus, btrfs-based NAS servers, Western Digital MyBook, Drobo, and a lot more.

If you have a NAS device that fails, then you’re really going to have to recover your data and files from it since most of the information here is vital and important. So with that, here are the ways to recover lost data on your NAS using the ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate program:

You have to remove your disks from the NAS before connecting these to your PC; don’t forget to turn off its power and pull the NAS device’s plug from the socket when connecting and disconnecting your disks. When removing the disks from the NAS, we suggest that you label these based on which bay they belong to; the labels will help you easily put the disks back in the proper places. By any chance, if Windows asks you to “Initialize Disks” or “Format Disks” when you connect them to your PC, don’t.

Once done, you can download then install the ReclaiMe Ultimate software then get it running to start recovering your files. Choose the NAS volume that you need to acquire then click on the Start button. It will naturally be categorized under the Linux LVM or Linux MD RAID area.

Wait a bit until the program completes its analysis then you can start copying the recovered files to your prepared / selected area. Also remember to check the recovery quality of RelcaiMe Ultimate. After this, you can purchase the license key then copy all your recovered files to your chosen storage device.

If you aren’t able to find the array in the ReclaiMe program, you will need to download the ReclaiMe Free RAID recovery software to know the collection of configuration framework. Once these parameters have been determined, just click Run ReclaiMe to Recover Data in the ReclaiMe Raid Recovery tool and you’re good to go.

How it Performs

ReclaiMe is a great program that lets you retrieve your lost files. It is actually a quick-moving software though of course, you’ll have to wait a short while when it searches for lost files in your device’s system; but compared to other similar programs in the market, ReclaiMe Ultimate is definitely speedier than the rest.

The program thoroughly and accurately scans all of your deleted files to recover the right one; we actually tried out the program using our 500 GB hard disk and deleted a couple of files, games, audio, and even photos; of course, we did some file searching and it completely scanned the 100 GB partition at about 30 minutes or less. It displayed the results on the right panel, together with a preview of the files.

If you need to save the specific file, you just need to click on the given save button then choose the destination folder where you plan to save the file. ReclaiMe is generally made for Windows, however, you can still scan, search, and recover deleted files from Mac and Linux systems via an Ethernet connection. We think that this is actually a really useful and great option for big business areas to recover and acquire lost data or files from workstations.


ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate is definitely one of the best file recovery tools that we’ve tried and tested. We tried almost all of the similar programs available in the market and none of these were able to accurately recover files like ReclaiMe. It’s very easy to use so you don’t need to have any technical expertise to make it work; plus, you can even recover your lost data or files even if your drive has been formatted or if you have moved thousands of other files in the device.

One of the most notable features of the program (which other recovery tools don’t have) is the RAID and NAS recovery tool. We know how popular NAS devices are nowadays and often, users keep all valuable information and data there, so if any of the files on your NAS is lost, that would be extremely nerve-wracking. Luckily,

ReclaiMe can also recover lost files from NAS devices if these are RAID 0+ 1 or 1 + 0, RAID, and RAID 5. So if you’ve accidentally deleted an important file or data from your NAS, you can definitely rely on ReclaiMe to get back your files. In general, we would definitely recommend ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate to everyone.

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase ReclaiMe’s license, you can do this via the official website. It is a lifetime license that you can use anytime.

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