Reeven Okeanos Dual Tower CPU Cooler Review

When speaking of CPU fans and cooling a newcomer is already establishing its place in the market and this is the brand Reeven. The company is basically new in the PC-hardware industry but that does not mean that they should be ignored or overlooked.

Reeven’s notable product line includes high-quality CPU coolers, power supply units, cooling fans, PC cases, and a lot more. They are targeting a wide range of customers who are searching for quality products that can readily withstand the highest demands.

Today, we are going to look at Reeven’s top-notch cooler, The Okeanos Dual Tower CPU cooler that features 6mm heat pipes, dual cooling towers that are paired with two fans, as well as 8mm heat pipes. But before we get deeper into its specifications and features, let’s go ahead and see what is included in Okeanos’ packaging.

Reeven Okeanos Review – Whats in the Box?

Unlike other coolers that are available, Reeven Okeanos’ Dual Tower CPU cooler comes in a very eye-catching and stylish box that will surely appeal to every gamer in the crowd; plus, since it also appears in bright cool colours, their CPU cooler will definitely look great in almost all gaming systems. Considering the size of the Reeven Okeanos CPU cooler, it comes in a small yet durable box that measures around eighteen centimetres long, sixteen centimetres wide, and almost eighteen centimetres in height.

The top portion of the cooler’s box is covered by a colourful and attractive photo of the Okeanos plus a couple of important features of the product and the sockets that it supports. On the front of the box, you will see another photo of the cooler and more of the product’s features are displayed here; these include the dual radiators, six heat pipes, the SSA or speed switch adapter, and a lot more. On the box’s left side, you will once again see the supported sockets of the cooler, but this time, it includes the heat sink’s dimensions as well. Behind the Dual Tower CPU cooler’s box, a list of specifications is displayed in various languages along with the link to the official website of Reeven Okeanos. On its right, it also exhibits another coloured photo of Reeven Okeanos’ Dual Tower CPU Cooler, as well as additional features of the product.

We really liked that the Okeanos comes with every single thing that you’d need to install it and this is for any system that you have. Every modern Intel and AMD sockets are supported so you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues here; it is also great that they included the fan speed adapters. While the fans are PWM, the adapters aid in limiting the speed of the fan to 1100RPM on the 140 mm and 1200RPM in the 120 mm fan. This provides you with an almost silent experience which is another great thing about this Dual Tower CPU from Reeven Okeanos.

Now, let’s take a look at what accessories are included in the box:

  • x6 Fan Clips
  • x4 Mount Nuts
  • x4 Rubber Back-plate Screw Holders
  • x4 LGA 2011 Screw Pillars
  • x4 White Spacers
  • x4 Back-plate Screws
  • x1 Universal Back-plate
  • x2 Crossbar Bolts
  • x1 Universal Mounting Plate
  • x1 Heatsink
  • x1 PMW Fan (140mm x 140mm x 25mm)
  • x1 PMW Fan (120mm x 120mm x 25mm)
  • x1 A Pack of Thermal Compound
  • x1 Wrench
  • x1 SSA 140mm
  • x1 SSA 120mm
  • x1 Installation Guide

The Product

Reeven Okeanos Review – A Bold Statement That’s Cool

The design of the Reeven Okeanos Dual Tower CPU cooler is quite eye-catching since it features two durable fin stacks that provide a great amount of surface area that helps deplete the heat. Its top plates are also quite stylish which adds a premium quality and look to the product; additionally, it also looks cleaner and more organized compared to most towers that are available today – usually, these coolers casually feature the heat pipes just protruding from the top.

The Okeanos Dual Tower CPU cooler supports a total of three fans but you can still add your own fans despite the presence of the 120mm and 140mm included in the package. You can also add another 140mm on the other portion to provide extra cooling performance. All in all, there are six heat pipes on this CPU cooler as well as two 8mm pipes in the middle and four 6mm pipes; all the pipes pass through each cooling tower while also providing adequate contact on the CPU block to cover the CPU’s full surface. As for the cooler’s contact plate, it has an adequate size and a smooth, bright surface for excellent contact.

Test System

  • Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero-IX
  • Graphics Card: Asus Strix GTX 1080
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 7700 K
  • M.2 SSD: Patriot Hellfire – 480 GB
  • RAM: 32 GB Hyper-X Fury DDR4
  • SSD: SSD Patriot Ignite – 440GB
  • SSD: Kingston 2x Hyper-X Savage – 240 GB

Product Specifications


  • Intel: LGA 1155/ 1150/ 1366/ 1151/ 1156/ 2011/ 2011 V3
  • AMD: AM2/ AM3/ AM2+/ AM3+/ FM1/ AM4/ FM2/ FM2+

Overall Dimensions:

  • (W x H x D) 140mm x 163mm x 135mm

Fan Dimensions:

  • 12cm: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • 14cm: 140 x 140 x 22mm5

Fan Speed:

  • 12cm: 300 ~ 1800 [300 ~ 1200] RPM
  • 14cm: 300 ~ 1700 [300 ~ 1100] RPM

Air Flow:

  • 12cm: 16.6 – 92.5 [*16.6 – 63.8] CFM
  • 14cm: 16.3 – 92.4 [*16.3 – 59.8] CFM

Static Pressure:

  • 12cm: 0.003 – 0.098 [*0.003 – 0.042] inches H2O
  • 14cm: 0.002 – 0.091 [*0.002 – 0.034] inches H2O

Noise Level

  • 12cm: 4.0 – 33.4 [*4.0 – 23.6] dBA
  • 14cm: 5.8 – 36.4 [*5.8 – 21.3) dBA

Product Features

High-Quality Base Structure

A unique and excellent combination of the 6mm and 8mm heat pipes plus greatly enhanced, high-quality base heat depletion.

Speed Switch Adapter Cable

Its SSA cable offers you great balance that provides excellent cooler performance while almost being noiseless.

The Dual Design

The dual heatsink and fan design provide extreme performance of the dual tower CPU.


We tested the Reeven Okeanos cooling performance at 3.7GHz and 4.2GHz and we can say that the Okeanos performed great:

Running the CPU at 3.7GHz idle the temperature sat at around 29 degrees. Overclocking the CPU to 4.2GHz idle the Reeven Okeanos kept the temp at a steady 31 degrees

Adding some load to the CPU saw the Okeanos perform at a respectable 53 degrees at 3.7GHz and 67 degrees at 4.2GHz.

In regards to noise the cooler is barely audible when under load, in fact the case fans produced more noise.

How to Use

When it comes to the installation of the Okeanos Dual Tower CPU Cooler, you should first prepare the back-plate before setting it in place. Next would be the white spacers that are set onto the cooler’s back-plate screws before setting the mounting bracket into its proper position, and with the use of the four included nuts, tighten these well to secure these in place.

This time, apply an adequate amount of thermal paste before setting the cooler in place using the crossbar; the bolt of the crossbar is also necessary for setting the cooler in place. This time, attach the fans to the Okeanos cooler using the fan clips before plugging these into CPU fan headers of the motherboard. If you wish to lessen the noise of the cooler, you can make use of the included SSA’s and then you’re all set.


After the tests we’ve done with Reeven’s Okeanos Dual Tower CPU Cooler, we can definitely say that this company is very promising when it comes to their cooling products. The Okeanos was able to compete greatly with some of the best coolers that are available in the market, offering outstanding and top-notch performance while also being in the more cost-efficient category. We also liked the bold and unique appearance of the Okeanos since it is really eye-catching and appealing to a lot of individuals.

Based on our experience with the Okeanos Dual Tower CPU cooler, utilizing the included fan speed adapters make the cooler more silent despite continuous usage. Overall, we can say that the company has definitely produced a very effective, versatile, and durable CPU cooler that performs exceptionally while staying in the more competitive price range. So for those searching for a new and effective CPU cooler, we recommend the Okeanos Dual Tower CPU cooler by Reeven for excellent performance on a budget.

You can pickup the Reeven Okeanos for around $99AUD from your favourite computer retailer. For more information head on over to the Reeven website.

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