Relentless Controllers PS4 Controller Review

Established in 2017, Relentless Controllers is a company that gives casual and competitive Australian gamers custom controllers specifically for the XBOX and the PS4. Relentless Controllers Australia is an Australian controller company that focuses on providing every gamer with some of the best, simple, adequately priced, and effective modded controllers.

Although there are a ton of companies that mod controllers today such as Scuf, these companies are all located in different areas and cost a lot to purchase – don’t forget the shipping costs to add to the already high price of these devices.

Relentless Controllers provides locally-modded controllers that you can easily customize and personalize for your own gaming needs. You can do this via the company’s Controller Lab to build your own controller for the PS4. Relentless Controllers aims to have every gamer’s controller built, customized, and delivered to your home as fast as possible.

The company claims that their current building time for the controller takes up to ten business days; the time frame already includes processing, creating, trying the controllers out, packing, and then delivering it to your place. Depending on the options you’ve chosen, the build time of your controllers may vary and can actually be much faster than ten days.

Now, let’s go and check out Relentless Controller’s Controller Builder as well as the steps on how to customize your own PS4 controller.

Relentless Controllers PS4 Controller Review – Gain An Advantage

Using the PS4 Controller Builder on Relentless Controllers’ website, we were able to build a custom PS4 controller based on our preferences. This includes four Rear Pro buttons plus a remap chip. This chip lets you remap the pro buttons to any other button present on the controller.

We also added rear shell grips that give you more controller grip which is really good especially during intense gaming sessions. Of course, we had Pro Triggers included for increased firing of the controller’s triggers; plus, we also got interchangeable thumbsticks added.

We received our controller within the given time-frame and we’re more than pleased with the outcome. All our customizations were integrated and the controller worked perfectly during our gameplay when we tested the device. We didn’t experience any issues and problems so we’re giving two thumbs-up for Relentless Controllers.

Here is a breakdown on how to go through their step-by-step builder and explaining what all the available options are.

Step 1: Shell

This part of the Controller Builder allows you to choose from a variety of colors and quite a number of patterns for the top shell of your PS4 controller. Included in the selection of colors are the four standard shades which are black, white, blue, and red. Aside from the basic colors, you can also choose from over fifteen cool and different varieties of designs and colors.

Step 2: Rear Shell

For the second step, this lets you choose the design of the shell that can be located just underneath your PS4 controller. You can choose from the basic colors namely black, white, red, or blue. As we mentioned earlier regarding our customized PS4 controller, we also had the rear shell grips included since these keep your hands comfortable despite engaging in longer hours of gaming sessions.

Step 3: Pro Triggers

For the Pro Triggers option, including this specific feature will help change, as well as improve your standard trigger into a mouse click. Pro Triggers are highly recommended if you’re someone who usually plays shooting games most of the time.

This is because the Pro Triggers allow you to execute quick and accurate firing during gameplay. When it comes to our custom controller, we included the Pro Triggers too so it can better improve our gaming performance specifically when it comes to shooting games.

Step 4: Rumble

For this part of the Controller Builder, it lets you choose to either leave or remove the rumble of the controller. Eliminating this will further improve your performance in shooting games since it removes vibration; vibrations are generally ok but when it comes to shooting games, it can disrupt your aim.

Also, the rumble can also decrease your controller’s overall weight, making it easier to grip throughout your gameplay.

Step 5: Top Left Rear Pro Button

From this step until the eighth, you will be asked to configure the Rear Pro buttons and for the fifth step, you will be configuring the top left Rear Pro button. These are additional buttons underneath your controller and are placed on the inner part of each grip.

With Rear Pro buttons, you have additional knobs that are easily accessible to enhance your gaming performance. You can choose if each button will be a square, triangle, X, or O, and you also have the option to not include this to your custom controller.

Step 6: Top Right Rear Pro Button

For this portion, you will be asked to setup the type of button you want for the top right Rear Pro button. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t really need to include this to your custom controller.

Step 7: Lower Left Rear Pro Button

Now, you will be asked to choose the type of button you want for the lower left Rear Pro button.

Step 8: Lower Right Rear Pro Button

This is the last step for the Rear Pro buttons, so for this portion, you will be configuring the button located at the bottom right portion of the controller.

Step 9: Remap Chip

When it comes to this part of the customization, you can decide if you want your controller to have a remap chip which is something that we included in our own PS4 controller.

This lets you remap the pro buttons to any button on your custom controller.

Step 10: Action Buttons

In the tenth step of building your PS4 controller, you will be asked to select the colors for the action buttons; these are the buttons located on the right side of the controller.

Here, you can choose from a variety of twelve colors, or you may also leave its default design which features a black background with visible symbols.

Step 11: DPAD

Step 11 lets you change the color of the DPAD or directional pad; these are the four-way directional buttons located on the left portion of your controller. For the directional buttons, you can opt to maintain its default black shade, or choose from eleven different colors.

If you notice the other color choices, it also includes black, however, it appears much darker than the default buttons.

Step 12: Home

The home button is the one located at the center of the controller. If you plan to keep its default design, this will feature the Playstation logo which will be in white on black background.

You can change this to one of the nine different colors available, or choose the logo of Relentless Controllers which appears like the default home button – the logo is also white and has a black background.

Step 13: Left Thumb

For the last two steps of building your custom PS4 controller, you will be customizing the type of analog sticks that you want for your device. You can select from the one that is similar to the XBOX ONE which only has a single height, or you can select from the PS4 and XBOX ONE that features interchangeable heights.

For this step, you will select the type of analog stick you want for the left side. For our custom controller, we chose the interchangeable left analog stick.

Step 14: Right Thumb

The last step also lets you select the type of analog stick for the right thumb of your controller. Like the previous step, you can choose from three types: the XBOX ONE type which does not have interchangeable heights, or the PS4 and XBOX ONE analog sticks which can be interchanged.

For our own controller, we selected the interchangeable right analog sticks as well.


When we received our custom PS4 controller, we were really impressed with this since it was really well-made and its body was durable as well. The design exceeded our expectations since it appeared exactly like what we’ve seen it in the customization page; plus, its buttons felt extremely sturdy which was great.

When we tested this, it greatly improved our gaming performance since it had additional buttons that were really useful; its grip was also comfortable since we were able to customize this to our liking. It’s also great since we didn’t have to worry about any of its parts breaking during our gaming sessions since the controller was solid and robust.

We were also able to check its durability during our tests since we tend to apply a lot of pressure during gameplay. All in all, the PS4 controller was excellent and we’re giving Relentless Controllers two thumbs up for this.

Relentless Controllers has been providing high-quality custom controllers for PS4 since its establishment in 2017, and the company has also earned a large number of loyal followers; this shows that you can trust the company when it comes to their services.

Whether you want to have a personalized controller for your gaming enhancements or just want to have one with a unique design, we recommend Relentless Controllers since you can totally rely on this company to create your custom controller.

Where to Buy

You can build your own custom PS4 controller over at the Relentless Controllers website where you can get started for around $120AUD.

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