Rii Mini i25 Remote Control Review

Android boxes provide us all with a simple way to kick back on a Friday night and watch some movies. The abundance of apps available on the Google Play store and the number of streaming services available gives us access to a wealth of new content and entertainment. The boxes are great and the content is enjoyable however there is one thing that can really make watching your latest movies and TV shows a real pain… the remote control. Generally the remote controls included with the Android media players leave little to be desired thanks to poor controls, line of sight issues and general build quality. As a result it is often advisable to purchase a 3rd party remote control that works well seeing as this is the main piece of equipment you will use to browse and control your media. One of the leading companies providing remote controls is Riitek and today we give you the Rii Mini i25 Remote Control review.

Rii Mini i25 Remote Control Review – What’s in the Box?

The Rii Mini i25 comes in a nicely designs and study white box which shows off some of the main features of the Rii Mini i25 remote control as well as providing the Rii genuine product details allowing you to confirm that you have a genuine Riitek product.

Upon opening the packaging you will find the following inside:

  • 1 x Multifunction keyboard
  • 1 x USB Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB charging cable

The Product

The Rii Mini i25 – Finally a Remote Control That Looks Good

When taking the Rii Mini i25 remote control out of the box for the first time I was surprised at how good the remote control looked. The use of black and accents of orange along with the sturdy construction really help make this remote control look like a premium product.

The remote control fits nicely in my medium sized hand and I believe it would also be comfortable in both smaller and larger hands. The problem with other remote controls is that they are either too small for larger hands or far too big for small hands, I fell the Rii Mini i25 found the sweet spot in terms of size.


The button layout is nice and I was able to easily reach all buttons with my thumb without needing to re-position my hand. The Rii Mini i25 has all of the buttons that you could need including your standard android controls, directional navigation as well as media playback buttons.

On the reverse side of the remote control you will find a very nice QWERTY keyboard. This is a godsend when using an Android media player as it makes typing so much easier. The keyboard keys are all make of a soft touch rubber which was nice and smooth to the touch.



  • Receiver: Nano style
  • Connection Type: USB2.0
  • RF mode: 2.4Ghz GFSK
  • Keyboard: QWERTY
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 10 meters
  • Transmission Power: Less than +4db
  • Battery: Rechargeable 450mAh polymer Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging: 4.4V ~ 5.25V
  • Product weight: 100g
  • Product Size: 170mm x 49mm x 16mm

Using It

Setup of the Rii Mini i25 was straight forward, simply charge the remote controls battery, plug in the included USB receiver and turn it on. For the most part the Rii Mini i25 works out of the box with your device however depending on the device you may need to set the button configuration etc. I connected the Rii Mini i25 to my Nvidia Shield and also my Zidoo X6 Pro Android box, both times the remote worked as expected although some configuration was required to get the remote control working the way I wanted it to. The range of the remote control was great and it was a welcome relief to not have to maintain direct line of site with the devices constantly.

I primarily use Kodi for watching movies and TV shows and I found that the Rii Mini i25 did a great job in controlling Kodi. You may want to change the Kodi key mapping to suit you, the good news is that this is a pretty straight forward process and you can take a look over at the Kodi website for more information.

One of the best features of the Rii Mini i25 is the air mouse functionality which allows you to use the remote control as a mouse to move the cursor around the screen. One of the biggest issues with Android boxes is that it is often difficult to navigate around the Android operating system using a stock standard remote control, thankfully an air mouse makes this much easier. Simply click the air mouse button and you can then put the remote control at the screen and wave it around the move the cursor. I found the air mouse functionality of the Rii Mini i25 to be a smooth experience and the air mouse function was very accurate.

The Rii Mini i25 remote control comes with a QWERTY keyboard on the reverse side of the remote control which makes text input a breeze. I no longer needed to navigate around an onscreen keyboard using the control pad which was a sigh of relief. The keyboard is made of a nice soft touch rubber which felt responsive and comfortable to press. The keyboard is a nice size which allowed thumbs to easily reach both sides of the keyboard as well as the middle without me having to readjust my hand position.

Where to Buy

Did you like our Rii Mini i25 remote control review and would like to try the remote for yourself? You can purchase the Rii Mini i25 remote control over at Amazon.

The Rii Mini i25 remote control review shows it is a great quality product which provided a better way of interacting with my Android boxes than the included remote controls. The air mouse functionality and keyboard gave me greater control over media playback and navigation whilst also fitting comfortably in the palm of my hand. I can happily recommend the Rii Mini i25 to anyone that is looking to replace the uncomfortable and lacking remote control that is generally included with Android boxes today.
  1. When using the remote, is the mouse cursor off by default and needs to be turned on? Or is the cursor on when you wake the remote up and have to be disabled if you don’t want it? Thanks

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for your comment! The cursor is off by default. Your press the airmouse button to turn on the cursor and the airmouse ability. The mouse cursor will vanish a few seconds after you stop moving the cursor.

      1. This is not true for the newest version of this remote, the i25A.
        Unfortunately this time the cursor is on by default, when you wake up the remote, and you have to disable it each and every time. This can be very frustrating.
        I wish I had the chance to find the older version (i25) but it’s nowhere to be found anymore.

  2. hello.
    how many buttons are available for learing IR commands? can it learn IR commands from 2-3 different remote? I cannot find this info anywhere and in the manual i’ve found on the web there is this bizzare note that “The remote control can only support a remote control” (whatever the author meant)

      1. Hi, how will i know when my remote is fully charged? I used it straight out the box and it died after a few days, the red led goes off fairly quickly so I don’t know how long to charge it for, don’t want to overcharge and reduce the battery life

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