Ring Chime Pro Review

If you have connection issues as well as delayed alerts and responses on your Ring cameras, then it’s most likely that you have problems with your Wi-Fi connection. It was once a concern among a lot of people, but today, Ring has created a device that can help prevent this issue. The Ring Chime Pro is an indoor chime with multiple alert tones that also functions as a Wi-Fi extender that is specifically for the Ring cameras.

If your doorbell setup doesn’t feature a chime, or if your doorbell can be barely heard, then the Chime Pro from Ring is something that will help. It can alert when someone presses your doorbell and it can also notify you with a different chime if its motion sensor is activated. You’ll be able to assign numerous tones if you have a couple of Ring cameras so you have an idea which one was activated.

Sounds like something that you’d need in your home? Then let’s check out the Chime Pro’s features, specifications, how it performs, and if it’s an addition that you’d need in your home.

But before we get into those, let’s first see what other items are included in Chime Pro’s package.

Ring Chime Pro Review – What’s in the Box?

The Chime Pro from Ring comes in a small yet sturdy box; its sides are concealed with a piece of sturdy cardboard that features the Chime Pro’s image, its main features, as well as extra information about the device.

When you pull off the cardboard, the main box is just a plain black package with the company’s logo featured on the lid. When you open the box, what you’ll immediately see is the device itself which is set in a tray to keep it from moving from side when being transported.

Beneath the tray, you’ll see a few other items such as plugs that can be used for different regions, and a setup manual for installing the device.

The Product

Ring Chime Pro Review – Catch Ding Dong Ditchers

If you take a look at the body of the Ring Chime Pro, you’ll see that it is relatively a small device that measures at 2 x 1 x 3 inches. On each side of its frame close to the top, you’ll find antennas that can be pointed either down or up; it can also be extended about 3 inches out from the device’s body.

The antenna doesn’t appear to be able to spin or turn in any other direction but it didn’t really matter since it worked pretty fine anyway.

Now let’s focus on the body: it features a ridged design on three of its four sides, while the bottom and top portion are made of plastic. The name of the company can be seen at the center and bottom right at the front of the device while the speaker grille is located slightly above that.

On the right side of the device, you’ll see the reset button which is necessary if anything goes off-course with the setup process. The Ring Chime Pro also features two external antennas that pop out on each side of the Chime Pro.

When you turn the device, you’ll find a removable power plug right at the back of it which allows different regions to be serviced utilizing the same device. You’ll just need to replace the plug depending on which part of the world you’re in. For those living in the USA, they’ll get the regular two-prong plug that can easily plug right into any outlet.

The Chime Pro from Ring makes use of 110 to 240 Volts which can plug right into a US wall socket. The company provides an international plug that can be used in the United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union; they also have New Zealand / Australian-plug versions.

The device also features a LED indicator light that easily lights up when you’re linked to the internet; it also features a Do Not Disturb mode plus volume controls.

Product Features

A Wide Variety of Alert Tones

Ring Chime Pro allows you to customize the alert tones for each connected Ring doorbell. You also have a variety of sounds to choose from which include barking dogs and a harp, plus the company continues to add more choices to this.

Enhance Ring’s Network Signal

As the name suggests, Ring Chime Pro boosts the quality of sound that comes from your doorbell. However, the best thing about this is that it extends the range of your Wi-Fi which is best if your doorbell’s location is far from your router.

More Options

Aside from having various chime tones, you can also adjust its volume. If necessary, you can also set linked devices on Do Not Disturb mode.



  • 110-240 VAC

Power Connection

  • Plugs into standard power outlet

Plug Adapters

  • US, UK, EU & AU
  • (depending on destination country)

Internet Requirements

  • Requires 4 Mbps for all 1080p Ring devices, or 2 Mbps for 720p Ring devices


  • 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz only

Colors Available

  • White


  • 3 in. x 1.9 in. x 1.8 in.
  • (7.5 cm. x 4.8 cm x 4.6 cm.)

Box Includes

  • Chime Pro
  • User Manual
  • Power Plug (appropriate format for destination country)

Setup Requirements

  • Router operating @ 2.4GHz

Supported Devices

  • Works with all Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras


  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


Setting up the Chime Pro is relatively easy: just plug the device, wait for the Ring logo to flash blue before opening the Ring app; once opened, select add device to start the setup process. The application features a walkthrough that will take you to all the important steps to be able to utilize the device in no time.

After this, you can choose your ringtones, add your selection of Ring devices to the Chime Pro network, and you’re basically done with the process. If you need to tweak a few things such as change your tones or add/remove Ring products from the extender, you can simply go back to the settings and make the necessary changes.

When it comes to changing your alert tones, you can choose a variety for the ring and another for when motion is detected. You can also choose to setup different tones for all your other Ring cameras if you have more than two; this is to make it easier for you to know which device has its button pressed, or has triggered the motion.

The Ring application features all the things you’ll be needing, and once you finish the Chime Pro’s initial setup, you won’t have to do a lot with the app. The additional device page for Ring Chime Pro features three new menu options which include Chime Tones, Device Health, and Linked Devices.

The Chime Tones section is where you choose the Ring and Motion tone which will play during a specific action. Device Health shows you everything about your Chime Pro for you to ensure that everything is working well. Linked Devices presents the list of all the devices; this section is also where you can turn the Motion and Ring notifications on or off to the Chime Pro.


Ding Dong

Dog Barking





Ring Alert 2

Ring Alert 3

Ring Default

Train Whistle




Using the Product

During our tests, we set our Ring Chime Pro on the second floor of our office since this is the spot where we have a difficult time hearing the motion alert or doorbell; it’s also a spot right above our doorway where we decided to install the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

When we started checking its performance, the device was able to extend our Wi-Fi signal to our Doorbell Pro and allowed us to clearly hear both the motion detection alerts and the doorbell. Additionally, the device was able to successfully boost our Wi-Fi signal by 10 Mbps which was really amazing.

As for changing or setting ringtones, it was also very quick and easy: you can simply adjust the chime and the volume then check the sounds from the device. This is to ensure that the tone isn’t too quiet or loud. We think that the speaker was quite robust so you won’t really need to keep the volume too loud.

Keeping the volume down around 25 to 30% was adequate for us to be able to hear without any issues. If you ever need to make your Video Doorbell more audible, the Ring Chime Pro is definitely an expense that is worth investing on.


If you are currently using any of Ring’s video doorbells or are planning to purchase these in the future, consider the locations of your router and your doorbell. If this seems too distant, we highly suggest that you also purchase the Ring Chime Pro to your purchase.

Aside from device having a wide range of doorbell tunes to choose from, it also extends the range of our home’s Wi-Fi connection which is helpful since you’ll need clear videos to be transmitted to your device when using Ring’s doorbells. It’s also best for you to follow all the instructions on the mobile app for you to correctly connect your Chime Pro to the other Ring products that you have.

It’s also great that the Chime Pro from Ring also worked for their new security camera – the Floodlight Cam. And together with the Chime Pro, the Floodlight Cam can be placed anywhere in your home without worrying if the network’s signal will reach or not.

The Ring Chime Pro is a quick and easy way for your Ring products to connect to your wireless network if it isn’t strong enough for your doorbells. This product does exactly what it says which makes it worth purchasing; so if you need a device that will extend your Wi-Fi’s range, we highly recommend the Ring Chime Pro.

Where to Buy

The Ring Chime Pro is the perfect accessory for the Ring Video Doorbell. You can grab one for only $79AUD from over at the official Ring Chime Pro product page.

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