Roccat Horde Aimo Review

Finding a quality gaming keyboard can be incredibly difficult considering the market is flooded with hundreds of keyboard that claim to be the best gaming keyboard available. There are instances where unique lighting setups appear and you might even find a couple of beneficial keys available; but overall, there are only a few of these keyboards that feature elements that allow you to boost and modify these to your liking. At first, you may think that the ROCCAT Horde AIMO is just your typical membranical gaming keyboard.

This is quite true in some ways; however, it provides you with exceptional degrees of customization and responsive keys that sets the AIMO apart from similar devices.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the ROCCAT Horde AIMO and see if it’s just as unique and efficient as ROCCAT claims it to be. We’re going to check out its performance, features, and every other vital information about the device. But before that, let’s take a quick look at what’s inside the package of the Horde AIMO.

Roccat Horde Aimo Review – What’s in the Box?

The packaging of ROCCAT has always been outstanding and the Horde AIMO also sports this trend. A plastic cover is set over the packaging to ensure that the device is fully protected especially during delivery of the product.

The box is slightly larger compared to the boxes of other keyboards, but it does feature a ton of detailed information which is all over a color-printed wrap enclosing a regular cardboard box. The company and the product’s name can be found right at the front portion of the box; it also features a huge image of the Horde AIMO and marketing features.

You’ll find more illustrations on the package, as well as features and specifications that are listed at the back of it. The sides of the box don’t feature a lot of details except for the company and product’s name written there.

When you open the box, you’ll see more cardboard inside but this is not only to protect the device and to segregate the numerous items included in the package. This makes it easier for you to search for the necessary accessories that you’ll be needing for the keyboard.

What you’ll find in the box include the following: the ROCCAT Horde AIMO keyboard itself, disposal information, ROCCAT stickers, a quick installation guide, and the removal plastic wrist rest.

The Product

Roccat Horde Aimo Review – Feature Packed

The Horde AIMO from ROCCAT is a hefty, full-sized keyboard that features five macro keys on its left. Its build is entirely made of durable plastic that is enhanced by stylish accents to keep it from being one of those boring and plain office keyboards. The company also included a detachable wrist rest that is comfortable and positioned at a nice adequate angle.

Its keycaps also feature a matte-black finish which has a great feel to it especially when gaming. Also, you can raise the keyboard about half an inch by utilizing a pair of plastic feet beneath the device.

On the upper right corner of the Horde AIMO, you’ll find a tuning wheel that functions together with the aforementioned keys to fine-tune a selection of various settings. If you press the backlight key, you’ll be able to turn the wheel to make the device’s lighting brighter or darker.

Likewise, you can also use the color palette-imprinted media key by turning the wheel to scroll through a variety of backlight hues.

The Horde AIMO has the ARM Cortex-M0+ 50MHz microcontroller, a 512KB onboard memory, plus a 1,000Hz polling rate. The actuation point for its macro keys is 1.2 millimeters and its LED driver makes use of a 256-step PWM control. Six zone illumination is present with 12 RGB LEDs and the keyboard also utilizes a 1.8 meter braided USB cable.

The Horde AIMO weighs 1100 grams and it’s compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You’ll need a USB 2.0 port to connect the gaming keyboard to your computer as well as internet connection to install its driver.

Product Features

Keys and Tuning Wheel

These provide you with intuitive and quick controls for multimedia, brightness, illumination, volume, dpi, and a lot more; you can also completely customize this to suit your gaming needs. The Horde AIMO’s Tuning Wheel can freely rotate at 360-degrees, allowing you to command power with efficiency during your gaming sessions.

The keyboard’s Tuning Wheel is also fully compatible with Windows 10’s dual functionality which makes the Horde AIMO the very first keyboard that has this feature.

AIMO Illumination

AIMO is ROCCAT’s vivid illumination ecosystem, and its function develops aggressively based on the AIMO-enabled devices that are linked. This also responds intuitively to all your computing behavior, thus, excluding the need configurations; additionally, it also features a state of the art lighting scenario for an ultimately smooth, next generation experience.

Membranical Keys

These types of keys display the perfect compromise between mechanical and membrane; its quick midway actuation point provides you with some of the most responsive and precise keystrokes that you’ve ever used.

Better Anti-Ghosting

ROCCAT’s engineers created an advanced algorithm featuring the latest key-mapping technology of today. This gives you an anti-ghosting solution that is better than ever since it guarantees that you can press as many keys in the gaming-key area, and each keystroke will be registered precisely. This allows the Horde AIMO to keep up with all the actions that you execute during gaming sessions.

Quick-Fire Macro Keys

You will find a column of five low-profile and tuned macro keys right on the main key area of the Horde AIMO. These are all perfectly situated on the left portion of the keyboard to provide intuitive and rapid execution. Its distinct lower keys ensure that these are instantly identified when your fingers run over them, avoiding any form of accidental miss-hits.

Using the Product

The ROCCAT Horde AIMO offers more tactile and precision feedback than what we really expected; it was also extremely responsive which also makes it a great gaming keyboard. We were able to test the ROCCAT Horde AIMO with a couple of fast-paced games where you’d need to utilize multiple commands to execute moves and attacks.

The keyboard performed excellently and responded precisely to all the commands we used; it was also able to handle fast-paced shooting games while also providing comfort during our whole game testing.

We’re also big fans of the wheel-dial since it lets you control the volume, switch between individual windows, and control the LEDs brightness with ease; the wheel also allows you to cycle through a variety of RGB profiles, as well as change the whole color scheme of your keyboard when pressing the right key on the neighboring media bar.

The macros keys on its left portion works just as great for instantly setting up recorded keystrokes. However, one advantage the Horde AIMO has over other similar keyboards is the keycap height.

The company set the height of the keys much lower compared to the primary keycaps, efficiently excluding errant key presses that we often encounter with this kind of setup. All in all, the ROCCAT Horde AIMO performed well and we really think that the company did a good job with this.


  • ARM Cortex-M0+ 50MHz
  • 512kB onboard memory
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 2mm actuation point for macro keys
  • LED driver, 256 steps PWM control
  • Six-zone illumination with 12 RGB LEDs
  • Wheel encoder with 20 steps
  • 8m braided USB cable


Swarm is ROCCAT’s integrated software that you’ll use to adjust the settings for the Horde AIMO, as well as other products from the company. Swarm offers advanced product integration that gives you an overview of all of your ROCCAT devices. Instead of using a ton of icons, you’ll only need to use a single program to help you bring the best out of your gaming experience.

Through Swarm, you can easily set functions for specific keys by dragging and dropping these from the toolbar to its diagram or the list of buttons that are displayed neatly; this depends on the type of view you’re using.

You will also use Swarm to personalize the lighting of up to a variety of six zones, as well as set pre-programmed lighting effects such as “Breathing” or “Heartbeat”. AIMO, which is the product’s signature element, is composed of more than sixteen million colors and is designed to respond to the user’s behavior.

More importantly, when certain keys are pressed quickly during gaming sessions, the keyboard’s LEDs instantly light up and the colors also change.


ROCCAT’s AIMO technology is one of the most interesting lighting systems we’ve seen. It doesn’t only sync your color scheme to other AIMO-supported devices, but it also adapts to how you use these. Lights fade in and out when you’re idle, then it changes instantly as you type, click, and move your mouse. Fortunately, this was not distracting due to Horde AIMO’s subdued lighting design.

The dial is another great asset of the ROCCAT Horde AIMO that offers a lot of flexibility and customization settings. If you’re an enthusiast of membrane keyboards, the Horde AIMO from ROCCAT is one of the best gaming keyboards that you can get.

It offers quietness, precision, and visual appeal; plus, its keys are highly responsive and has great tactile feel. You can also acquire all of these great features for only half the price of an expensive mechanical keyboard.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own ROCCAT Horde Aimo keyboard, you can purchase this for around $139AUD from ROCCAT’s official website.

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