Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse Review

With its strikingly unique design and excellent feature set, the Kone AIMO from ROCCAT perfectly channels the tradition of its predecessor. The Kone was first released in the year 2007 and was known as the first product from ROCCAT – this sets a new and high industry standard with its pioneering innovations. The Kone appeared featuring the company’s signature know-how that is joined by the input of almost every Kone-lover and gamer; with that, the Kone AIMO continues to display the company’s rich and quality tradition of creating high-quality products for all.

Today, we’re going to focus on ROCCAT’s Kone AIMO and its features; plus, we’ll also take a look at its performance and other things it has in-store for us.

Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse Review – Whats in the Box?

The Kone AIMO’s box features a photo of the product, as well as its specifications and features. There weren’t any other details on the package, so once we were done checking out the information, we decided to open up the box and saw the Kone AIMO nicely wrapped beneath a plastic cover. It was good to see that ROCCAT included a plastic cover to prevent any form of damage to the product while it’s being shipped. As for the accessories included in the box, we found a couple of stickers, a disposable info booklet, and the quick installation guide.

The Kone AIMO features a slightly similar design and body make as the Kone EMP, and is made mostly of plastic; the device is also made specifically for right-hand users. Since the gaming mouse also features the AIMO ILS (Intelligent Lighting System), you will see that there are two LED strips running from the mouse’s middle portion to the rear portion. There are also the standard buttons together with a couple of extra buttons located at the top portion of the device for DPI toggling.

The Product

Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse Review – Comfortable and Precise Gaming

If you look at the top portion of the mouse, you’ll see the standard right and left buttons together with the rubberized 4-D Titan scroll wheel that can also be seen on the Kone EMP. You will also find two other buttons located at the top portion of the device, and is specifically for DPI toggling; additionally, ROCCAT’s exclusive OMRON switches feature a fifty-million click life cycle which practically has 5x more than what the Kone EMP has.

At the rear portion of the device, you’ll find the usual company logo as well as two RGBA double light-guides that exhibit the various LED lighting zones; additionally, at the bottom of the mouse, you’ll see a total of five smooth gliding pads for more efficiency. Keep in mind that the Kone AIMO does not come with a weight system which is most likely due to its 130-gram stock weight without the cable. You will also see the 12,000 DPI 3361 optical sensors at the center of the device. The left portion of the mouse features two big buttons for back and forward controls; the third thumb button is mainly for the easy-shift (+) mode. There are also no extra side buttons on the opposite portion of the mouse and instead, you’ll see the device’s smooth surface with an edge that goes towards the rear for your little finger.

The front portion of the Kone AIMO features the braided USB cable that is attached to the middle portion of the mouse; the 4-D Titan wheel lights up when the power is switched on and the whole feel of the mouse is durable and robust for daily use. Also, the mouse also provides you with both the horizontal and vertical scrolling for more productivity. When it comes to the mouse’s rear, the surface maintains its smooth and sleek design that also features the company logo; it also features the double light-guides that reach the bottom-rear portion of the Kone AIMO.

ROCCAT’s exclusive switches provide you with up to fifty-million clicks of lifespan – this is basically an eternity and at the same time, it also helps you avoid the double-clicking issues that are common in a lot of these devices. AIMO utilizes the customized Cherry-MX switches which are considered the best and the most efficient in the market.

The Kone AIMO features a total of twelve buttons that can readily be customized via the ROCCAT Swarm. The device also has 512KB of memory which lets you save macros, and you can also utilize the mouse even when the software isn’t available. System requirements for the mouse include Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. 


ROCCAT’s Owl Eye Optical

The Kone AIMO mouse offers the Owl Eye optical sensor which provides steadfast pointer precision with a dpi of up to 12,000 for users to gain lethal advantage in all types of games

EasyShift [+] Technology

For quick and easy control, the Kone AIMO offers the 4D Tilting Titan Wheel together with the Tri-button thumb zone. This exclusive EasyShift button also multiplies the buttons that can be programmed from twelve to twenty-four.

AIMO Illumination

AIMO’s lighting system offers users a smart way to coordinate lighting among all compatible devices from ROCCAT; this next generation lighting system auto-reacts when used, thus giving a great gaming experience.

RGBA Multizone Illumination

This offers users a glowing mouse wheel, as well as four LED light zones which you can individually configure. These are compatible to ALIENWARE’s Alien FX lighting system when you program this with ROCCAT’s Swarm software.

Strong 32 Bit Arm MCU with Onboard Memory

This feature allows users to store and run macros on the go, and the built-in Tracking Distance Control Unit detects the pick-flight of your mouse to increase its accuracy.

Product Specifications

  • ROCCAT® Owl-Eye optical sensor with 12000dpi
  • ROCCAT® exclusive 50 Mio. lifecycle switches
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 1ms response time
  • 50G acceleration
  • 250ips maximum speed
  • Mouse acceleration: no
  • Angle snapping: on/off
  • Adjustable lift-off distance
  • ARM Cortex-M0 50MHz
  • 512kB onboard memory
  • 8m braided USB cable
  • Weight 130 g

How it Performs

We tried the Kone AIMO and we can say that it performed really well since it was able to handle all the fast clicks and flicks across the surface – this is all thanks to the mouse’s 12,000 DPI 3361 optical sensor. Most of the buttons of the mouse were nicely situated so your fingers won’t strain reaching for buttons while you play. The buttons also responded fast and smooth, plus we didn’t detect any problems while trying out the device. Its 4-D Titan Wheel felt solid and really nice to the touch, and the backward and forward buttons were huge enough for better and easier access.

Configuring the AIMO’s inputs for individual keypresses or buttons is easy and works adequately; Swarm also supports a couple of uncommon features such as the customer timers + audio cues, momentary DPI toggle, and the Easy-Wheel which allows you to utilize the mouse wheel to easily adjust the volume, switch profiles, change the DPI, or switch tasks in Windows. If these aren’t enough for your needs, you can just store five separate profiles on the device then configure the keys to easily switch these.

How to Use

You will first need to download the mouse’s module through the Auto-Updater; and in any case, after you update the first software then go for the second download for firmware updates, you’ll get to instantly launch Swarm. When you reach the page for Kone AIMO, you’ll get different tabs for button assignments, illumination, settings, and advanced settings. The regular settings tab allows you to readily configure the vertical and horizontal scroll speed, as well as the basic Windows mouse settings.


Swarm is the company’s incarnation of their future ready philosophy: it will cover you throughout all the applicable gaming devices and platforms today. It is also the next generation system that easily keeps all of the apps, games, and products from ROCCAT in one place. It supplies the next level product integrations that function as a unified driver with an overview of every ROCCAT device that you have. You won’t need any of the multiple tray icons since Swarm will give you an authentic gaming command for each weapon that you have in your arsenal.

The Swarm software also has a nice and appealing user interface with a lot of options for you to go through. Just like the Razer Synapse Software and the Corsair Utility Engine, Swarm can easily manage and control all of your ROCCAT gaming devices with just a single software. In the tab for settings, you can edit, create, and even delete custom profiles: five separate profiles let you store numerous lighting effects, key assignments, as well as other settings in the mouse. In the same tab, you can also adjust the double click speed, Windows sensitivity, and the horizontal & vertical speed.

For the tab of advanced settings, it allows you to lift-off distance, personalize the report rate, and other settings too; you can also choose if you want the program to play a specific tone when switching profiles, volume, DPI, and sensitivity. When it comes to the lighting system of AIMO, you can opt for very unique customizations based on your preferences. You can go and check the default color themes present in the software then apply these to the mouse, or you can just choose to make your own to make things more personalized. In the settings for custom colors, you can easily access the five different lighting areas which you can fine-tune depending on your needs. In the Macro Manager, you can also edit and record macro functions that you can assign to the device’s keys.


With efficiency, comfort, and great reliability that go perfectly with the exclusive AIMO ILS from ROCCAT, you’ll definitely have a great device on a budget. The Kone AIMO is also considered to be one of the best-looking gaming peripherals around while also having a great body for a pleasant gaming experience.

If you are a gamer who is always searching for a mouse that allows you to play games based on your needs without compromising the performance or even draining out your pocket, then the Kone AIMO from ROCCAT is definitely the best option for you. The mouse is suitable and comfortable for long hours of gameplay without you having to worry about any form of fatigue on your hand. The thumb grip is really great for MMO games and the mouse has a perfect weight which makes it easy to maneuver.

All in all, with its efficiency, comfort, and well-built body that is also durable, we’d definitely recommend the Kone AIMO gaming mouse from ROCCAT.

Where to Buy

You can get yourself a Roccat Kone Aimo gaming mouse for around $100AUD. For more information jump on over to the official Roccat website.

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