Roccat Suora FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

PC games are arguably the most popular among regular to hardcore gamers worldwide. It comes to no surprise, after all, PC games are highly customisable, easily accessible, and affordable and allow for greater interaction.  You have the option to choose what setup you want exactly from PC specs to input devices.

This brings us to one of 2017’s best gaming keyboards. None other than the ROCCAT Suora FX mechanical gaming keyboard.

The ROCCAT Suora FX proves once again that their keyboards deserve to be ranked as one of the best in the gaming community. It doesn’t come as a surprise that their new and improved design favoured aesthetic, comfort and function – for we all know very well how heavily a gamer’s skill is complemented by high quality and top-performance input devices.

When asked to choose a keyboard where I can transition from work to gaming to casual surfing, then it was no less than the ROCCAT Suora for me. The Suora FX was one of their latest products that didn’t disappoint. It warrants a high score for its innovative design and exceptional quality.

Roccat Suora FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review – Whats in the Box?

Packaging is just like any other standard plug and plays keyboard, and it’s easily a safe bet to carry around and travel without fear of breakage and damage on low to moderate impacts due to an accident. It’s secured by carton paddings on each side and top and sealed with a nice plastic cover.

It came with a manual located and packaged inside the box, and its USB port is attached to the device. No need for any assembly.

Very easy to ship if you’re ordering online, doesn’t take up much space on storage and is light so it isn’t hard to transport either.

The Product

Roccat Suora FX RGB  Review – Roccat keeps on delivering kick ass products!

The ROCCAT Suora FX is a full gaming illuminated keyboard that is very pleasing to the eyes. It boasts its aesthetic to be one of the best in the community, and just like the rest of their devices, they have proper standing in quality and state-of-the-art designs with every release.

The keyboard is entirely customisable with RGB colours, using LED backlights that already have four pre-installed themes that you can access with the function keys. Here are the four, with a quick description of what it looks like:

  1. [F1] Rainbow wave – Continuous flow of different transitioning colors of the rainbow from left to right. Great for when you’re Idle or for display, and if you prefer to have the constant movement of lights on your keyboard when you’re working or gaming.
  2. [F2] Breathing effect – Colors of the keys fade and transition to another color every 1-2 seconds (fade time customizable after installation of a driver) which creates a somewhat relaxing feeling as if your PC itself is breathing.
  3. [F3] Rippling keys – Keys will light on key press, and “ripple” on towards each end of the keyboard. It combines different colors to create a rainbow rippling effect on every press.
  4. [F4] Blue lighting – Standard constant rocket blue light.

The Breathing effect is my personal favorite, though the Blue lighting served better in practicability when I’m gaming, the former looks fantastic when paired with my CPU’s lights.

You may download and install the Swarm software to have easy access to a fully customizable array of design and edit of the LED backlight’s RGB colors. Internet access required for download.

The keyboard’s width is 12.5cm with a height of 43 cm. From a distance, it looks pretty good and doesn’t give a bulky look. Its sleek, slim, modern matte black design matches a clean look for your set up. The letters and numbers appear in a white clear plastic view, which will shine and display the backlight beautifully when turned on and change color according to your choice.

Because of its compact design, despite it being a full keyboard with a complete set of keys including a num pad, the keyboard looks light and portable on your desktop. It’s labeled as “frameless” because it doesn’t have any large frame below the keys and on its edges.

The Suora FX features concave shaped keys that are catered to accept your finger press at utmost comfort. Whether you have large or small fingers and hands, it doesn’t prove difficult especially when you’re highly dependent on keypress when gaming.

Because of its compact design, most people with smaller hands (like yours truly) find it easier to manage. The macro keys are also placed niftily near and have a programmable option making it easily accessible with the right hand just above the arrow keys – definitely a plus. The shift key is smaller, and so is the space bar and Enter button, all done to optimize a smaller space and better experience.

Complete with a cushion mounting support at the back like many keyboards do, it doesn’t have ample space on its edges; it even looks as if the keys are protruding outwards and the base is smaller to occupy less space on your desktop. I like to call it the “floating effect.” It’s also lighter than other keyboards, making it easier to move around.

The key press is soft, doesn’t hurt even after a full day of using it (I should know, I type for almost 14 hours every day). Like many modern keyboards, the sound it produces upon press isn’t noisy or annoying. You can even edit in sounds on key press using the Swarm software. Like chime or laser sounds on every press.

As a mechanical gaming keyboard, it uses TTC switches. Well, it doesn’t have a wrist rest, but that never bothered me before. The USB wire’s length is perfect, just enough to even type at a distance if you need to.

ROCCAT Suora FX offers Advanced Anti-ghosting with N-key rollover and has a 1000Hz polling rate. It has several multimedia functions and comes with six programmable macro keys. It also uses TTC mechanical keys, and it comes with a game mode button.

For WSAD dependent games or first-person shooters the movement was smoother than ever. Like I said, instant output, no delay, and supported perfect simultaneous pressing. Shift and Ctrl buttons were smaller, which proved to help me out I felt a bit safer strafing and crouching this time, too.

Even when playing MMO’s and MOBA’s, this keyboard exceeded my expectations. I could even say it increased my speed for switching and casting spells because moving my hand required little effort with the frame this time, the detection was instant, and the transition press from key to key felt terrific.

The game mode button also turns off any other unneeded or irrelevant functions, like the windows button or sticky keys. All of which you can edit using a downloaded driver. Imagine with a press of a button; you can transform from work/school PC mode to a hardcore gamer. Sounds fun? You bet it is.

ROCCAT devices, especially their tech, are all popular not just for their excellence in function, but also for their durability and practicability.

Suora FX gaming keyboard boasts a 50 million keystroke life cycle. It’s also effortless to remove and clean around the keys. Though I haven’t given a try whether or not it can resist a bit of water (I won’t risk that), It did survive a fall a week ago, and it still works fine today.


Product Features

  • Advanced anti-ghosting
  • N-Key rollover
  • Frameless build
  • 16.8M colour key back-lighting
  • 6 Macro keys
  • Robust design
  • 50 million keystroke lifecycle
  • 1000HZ polling rate
  • Media hotkeys
  • Game mode
  • F1 – F4 key lighting FX presets


Roccat Swarm

Now, as I have mentioned before, the ROCCAT SWARM driver is the software used to access the keyboard’s fully customizable options. Whereas you don’t need it to make use of its prominent features of this mechanical gaming keyboard, you’re only depriving yourself of all the fantastic options you can use to make your gaming experience even better:

  • SOUND FEEDBACK – You can choose whether or not you want a sound to play every time you press a key. If you do, there’s a wide range of sounds you can choose from, “click” “typewriter” “beam sound” “sifi.”
  • KEY REACTION TIME – You can determine whether or not you want a delay in the reaction of every press, and if you do, for how long.
  • CHARACTER REPEAT – Modifies the delay and repeat rate when you hold down a key.
  • KEY ASSIGNMENT – You’ll love this part. This is where you can edit key functions and key mappings. All in an easy to use interface.
  • KEY ILLUMINATION – Another excellent customisable option is the key illumination. Aside from all the available preset colour schemes (which you can also adjust the effect speed and brightness), you also can pick and choose from the many RGB colors existing and assign each key to display that colour in custom mode.
  • MACRO KEY MANAGER – You can change the function of macro keys during game mode, to suit your purpose as you wish it to be. Already coming with pre-defined options suited to a great variety of games, all you have to do is click on the desired game, and assign the desired purpose to match that specific macro key.
  • PROFILE MANAGER – It comes with five different switchable and customisable profiles, make sure to save your changes.


I highly recommend this particular keyboard to anyone who wants a diverse PC for work, gaming, and casual surfing. It’s good enough for the everyday gamers like me, and even if you’re the competitive kind, it also offers plenty of features you can rely on.

A quick suggestion if you’re the hardcore gaming type, the more compact frame might have you feeling new, and you might also need a few adjustments. That’s if you’re used to the wide keyboard type – because this one isn’t a wide one despite the full keys and num pad being present.

Overall, from looks alone, this keyboard already had my attention. Once you get to experience it, you’ll appreciate it even more. It’s a perfect 10 out of 10 for me despite some small things that need to be addressed here and there.

When you’ve got a keyboard that has the perfect combination of looks, comfort, performance and durability, and you add an excellent programmable/customizable option to the mix, then you have the right to brag that you have one of the best keyboards around.

Where to Buy

You can grab yourself one of these beasts for around $179AUD. Head on over to the Roccat website for more information.

The Roccat Suora FX is proof that Roccat can keep smashing it out of the park with great products.

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