Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Hard Drive Review

When it comes to data storage solutions, Seagate is a name that first comes to mind since the company is known as a global leader when it comes to these types of products. Throughout the years, they have been continuously developing and establishing a number of amazing products that consumers can utilize either for personal or for business use. The company completely rebranded all their HDD lineup in the year 2016; they did this by having each of their specific function drives reestablished as part of the company’s Guardian Series: drives from Sky-Hawk for surveillance systems, the BarraCuda drives for daily computing processes and the IronWolf for network-attached storage or NAS systems.

But today, we’re going to focus on a NAS device from Seagate and this is the 4-Terabyte IronWolf NAS Hard Drive. This specific NAS device from Seagate is not only recommended for NAS use, but it can also function as your PC’s internal drive that can store your backup; it can also work well for larger projects that usually can’t fit on your regular SSD. Before learning more about the performance, features, and specifications of the NAS drive, let’s check out what’s included in the box of this product from Seagate.

Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Hard Drive Review – Whats in the Box?

When we received our 4x 4TB Seagate IronWolf drives they were delivered in a foam packing system and not the retail packaging. The drives were very well packaged which was great to see. If you order yourself some Seagate IronWolf drives you can feel confident in knowing that Seagate will have everything packaged nicely for you and that the NAS hard drives are protected when delivered to you. They will be covered their protective anti-static bags and packed with foam.

After removing the packaging from the device, you will see a sticker right at the top portion of the drive’s cover; then on the upper part of the sticker, you will find its logo. Below this, you will see additional information and details about the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive from Seagate. The information that you will find in this area includes the product’s serial numbers, its internal HDD codename, what the currently installed firmware is, date of manufacture, power rating, and a lot more.

Along the lower right corner of the sticker, you will see that there is also information about the utilized data transfer standards; it also states that the hard drive features the Advanced Format 4-K sectors. On the bottom portion of the drive, you will see the electronic board which also powers the 5900 rpm motor. The IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive itself also features a traditional design without really anything fancy for its design.

The Product

Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Hard Drive Review – High Capacity NAS Drives that Don’t Fail

The new NAS drive from Seagate is integrated with the Agile Array feature – a NAS-specific technology that aids in optimizing your drive’s system agility and reliability with the RAID and dual plane balancing optimization in a multi-bay environment; additionally, it is also joined by the advanced power management features. All of these essential features allow the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive to excel in operations that can last for the whole day or even the whole week.

Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Service is a separate feature that you can readily purchase from their official site. Generally, the service lets you easily recover your files and data during sudden disasters and issues like power surges, RAID controller failure, and other natural elements. Seagate also claims that most of your data and information can be recovered at a ninety percent success rate which is good. Additionally, the 5900 rpm model also comes with a 64-MB cache while its MTBF is rated at a total of 1,000,000 hours.

The IronWolf 4-Terabyte NAS Hard Drive from Seagate is a 3.5-inch hard drive that rotates at 5900 rpm with an onboard cache of 64 MB. The interface of the device is the SATA 6-Gbps and it also utilizes a Parallel Magnetic Recording or PMR that aids in the reduction of drag on spinning platters. And just like with the bigger IronWolf drives, the IronWolf NAS4-Terabyte drive that we have features the company’s IronWolf Health Management or IHM technology which interfaces with various NAS devices from ASUSTOR, Synology, Thecus, and more; this will allow you to have extensive monitoring of the NAS device’s vital signs. This 4-Terabyte IronWolf NAS Hard Drive also has a three-year warranty which is one of the things that we greatly appreciate about the IronWolf.

First of its class, the IronWolf 4-Terabyte is NAS and multi-bay ready with integrated RV sensors on high capacity drives; this is to maintain adequate performance in multi-bay NAS devices. The RV sensors that come with the 4-Terabyte IronWolf NAS is a standard since it helps you, creative pros, and even businesses to have well and consistent performance 24-7. Aside from this, you can actually do a lot more with the NAS device with its multi-user optimization feature; this actually allows big user workloads on the IronWolf that reach up to 180 Terabyte per year. So with that, you can have multiple users upload and even download various data on the NAS server. This is especially useful if you have a small business or are a creative pro; but basically, the IronWolf 4-Terabyte is a good NAS hard drive for everyone.

Another feature that we liked about the IronWolf NAS is that it has a two-year rescue data recovery service which is actually beneficial for everyone. All the files and data that we save in these storage devices are important, and it’s good that Seagate included their Rescue Data Recovery Service to the hard drive so you won’t really have to worry if there’s a sudden issue of data loss because of mechanical damages or accidents. The Rescue Plan actually lets you contact a global team of recovery experts to help assist you if you ever have any problems with lost data and the like.

The hard drive also features a reliable and extensible storage that aids you or even your business with all your activities. Basically, the IronWolf is a really great companion for your NAS device especially when it comes to 24 x 7 remote access, file sharing, and backups from anywhere; it is also a great feature for growing agencies that require more storage since the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte hard drive is made to address the scalability challenges of a NAS – this basically makes your life easier which makes this another notable feature that we liked about the hard drive.

If you’re someone with a growing small business, then you’ll definitely need a lot of storage that you can thrive with; IronWolf is actually a great option for this and it’s also a good addition for your business. The hard drive is optimized for NAS devices in multi-RAID environments; this can handle the vibration and also the high user workload-rate in high-data traffic networks. You’ll be able to enter the multi-user technology which can go up to 180 Terabyte per year for IronWolf.

The other features that we really liked about the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive includes the following: You can actually create a home NAS media empire using the HDDs of IronWolf since this is a really high-quality storage device that can perform excellently for running high-definition content with your NAS device. With the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive, you can also store a large number of full-length high definition films, as well as photos on your private server. Basically, it’s something like your own personal home cloud which is pretty cool in our opinion.

Another thing is that you can utilize Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management to actively protect and safeguard all of your data. This is specifically designed to operate and work on compatible NAS systems like the ASUSTOR and Synology since it generally improves the comprehensive system reliability by exhibiting prevention, recovery, or intervention options for your needs. Lastly, the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive is really tough and scalable so you can have it on and working 24-7. The hard drive is enhanced with the Agile-Array technology which is for system agility and optimal reliability. Its extreme workload rates and multi-user technology rates let the IronWolf hard drive perform, as well as scale up with your activities. All in all, we give two thumbs-up for the features of the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive.

Product Specifications

Perfect for

  • Home, SOHO and small business NAS

# of Bays

  • 1 to 8 bays


  • 12 TB, 10 TB, 8 TB, 6 TB, 4 TB, 3 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB


  • AgileArray

Rotational Vibration Sensors

  • Available on 12 TB, 10 TB, 8 TB, 6 TB, 4 TB

Multi-User Optimisation

  • 180 TB/year


  • Up to 256 MB

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

  • 1 million hours


  • 3 years

Rescue Service Available

  • Optional

How it Performs

We installed 4x 4TB Seagate IronWolf drives into our new QNAP TVS-473e 4 Bay NAS which was an incredibly easy process thanks to the tool free drive bays. The TVS-473e configured the 4 IronWolf drives as a RAID5 configuration automatically and once setup we were ready to rock and roll.

Transferring files across a Gigabit connection to the NAS saw transfer speeds of around 112MB/s.

The IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive from Seagate is another solid and highly notable addition to the company’s collection of NAS devices and this specific device also sports a 7.2-K spindle speed; generally, these hard drives are reliable drives that provide outstanding longevity and are very suitable for the smaller NAS form factors. The company’s new NAS 4-Terabyte drive is also integrated with the Agile-Array technology which is basically a NAS-specific software. Since the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive is an internal hard drive, we’re basically getting the typical read and write speed from the IronWolf device.

All in all, the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive is an excellent storage device since we were able to experience fast and seamless transfers compared to the usual. The operation was also very quiet so we really liked that as well. We give this IronWolf NAS two thumbs-up since it is a solid NAS hard drive that gives you a lot of reliability and flexibility because of its huge capacity.


By now, there might still be some people asking why we need a NAS drive as these devices are slightly slower compared to the HDDs of regular desktops and the transferring speed is mostly delayed by the speed of your network. Basically, this may come off as true since speed is something that we can relatively compare and measure, but in fact, we actually have to factor in a couple of other concerns such as RAID optimization, 24-7 performance, as well as power management.  When we are looking at a NAS home scenario, consider that we’re utilizing an entry-level 2-bay NAS device – here, RAID optimizations from NAS drives may not really contribute that much; however, its 24-7 power management and availability definitely has a place in this type of situation.

So after we’ve tried and tested the hard drive for almost three weeks, we can say that we’re very pleased with its overall performance and we definitely recommend the IronWolf NAS hard drive to everyone. Thing is, we also observed that even when the drives have reached their full load, the levels of noise has been pretty much silent and inaudible which is also very good. Overall, the IronWolf NAS 4-Terabyte Hard Drive is a very solid NAS device that provides you with a lot of accuracy and adaptability because of its Agile-Array technology and the 4-Terabyte capacity. We keep talking about the 4-Terabyte storage because having this amount of space in a single hard drive is really impressive; so if you are someone who is searching for an effective and durable hard drive that can store all your data and other important files, then the IronWolf NAS hard drive is definitely a good choice for you.

Its Agile-Array, as well as the rotational vibration sensors also make this hard drive a great choice for your NAS devices, especially if your box features multiple hard drives. If you’re in the market in search for a NAS drive for your office or home use, I’m sure that this device from Seagate can provide you with the reliability and performance that you need for all your data. If you’re worried about the price, the IronWolf NAS hard drive 4-Terabyte is quite affordable which is also something that we greatly appreciate.

Where to Buy

If you want get your hands on some Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS Hard Drives, you can check out Seagate’s store locator to know which shops sell this device.

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