Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair Review

Secretlab, a Singapore-based start-up, seemed to have come out of nowhere a few years back, with reliable PC gaming chairs without the steep price. Instead of concentrating on a single chair model to please everyone, the two founders decided to place their efforts in enhancing the recliners.

The efforts paid off as Secretlab continues to dominate in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia) and Australia. Since the unveiling of the Secretlab Titan, it would appear the company has shifted into an entirely different concept.

Titan, the name for company’s latest PC gaming chair, just shows why it’s designed and called that way. It has an impressive and solid built without looking too cumbersome. It boasts an all-over premium black cover paired with a dark red detailing on both sides. How good is the Secretlab Titan? Let’s take a look in our Secretlab Titan review.

Secretlab Titan Review – What’s in the Box

The Secretlab Titan chair came packaged in a large box that showcases the Sectrelab branding as well as information related to the chair. The box was very sturdy and managed to survive the shipping process. Opening the box I found that everything was very well packaged, ensuring that everything remained safe whilst in transit.

Contents of the box include:

  • 1x Secretlab Titan Chair
  • 1x Instructions
  • Assorted Screws and Bolts

Product Design

When it comes down to the design, Secretlab always makes a great first impression. The embroidery work of the Titan is highly precise and organized, and its high density cold-core foam is a weird yet effective material that simply works.

Attention to detail is highly respectable, going all the way down to the XL castor wheels that lets the user slide on any floor easily. The chair is coated with rubber to aid in smooth movement on any carpet.

The Secretlab Titan comes with an adjustable lumbar support embedded within its backrest. Support can easily be adjusted via a knob located on the side of the chair. This is actually a wonderful addition since some users hate using back cushions — a prominent feature seen in today’s PC gaming chairs.

The base of the chair is 1.5 times bigger compared to other gaming chairs. This gives plenty of room for gamers who demand comfort and additional space during gameplay.

Product Features

Secretlab suggests individuals who have a height anywhere from 175cm to 195cm to give the Titan a try. The chair can seat an individual weighing up to 130kg.

Armrests can be fully adjusted with dual dimensions that allow for up-down and left-right movement, thus providing for extended support.

The noteworthy addition is its lumbar support found in the chair’s backrest. The functionality greatly aids in helping relieve lower back pain. The Titan happens to be the first chair from the manufacturer with this functionality. It does a good job in replacing the separate cushion — a direct approach for addressing lower back problems.

Users who have a smaller body frame will ultimately find the Secretlab Titan a comfortable place to sit in. Be warned though, the seating arrangement could end up being way too comfortable for office use.

Individuals who have a tall and bulky fame will find the chair accommodating as opposed to sitting in today’s standard computer chairs.

From the cushion base to the chair’s headrest it pillow, the distance is approximately around 70cm to 80cm. Individuals who have a height of 175cm to 185cm will absolutely love how the pillow is positioned.

The Titan not only looks attractive, but it also has a comfortable feel, with the manufacturer extracting inspiration from seats donned in today’s race cars (unlike their competitors). Racing chairs are ergonomically made to conform to the human body and Secretlab decided to apply the same design to the Titan, which makes gaming comfortable for those who spend hours sitting in front of their computer.

The chair has a combination of Prime PU leather made through accurately cut “cold-cure” foam. Such cut makes for the best seating experience while having that reassuring firm feel. It’s an odd combination on paper, but it works surprisingly well on application.

The Secretlab Titan is packed with Class 4 hydraulics — an important aspect that should be noted when looking for PC chairs. Hydraulics play a critical role since it ensures safety and stability of the chair.

The chair has base legs made from aluminum. It’s sturdy and comfortable for gamers to be resting their feet on especially when it’s tilted. Base radius of the chair is approximately around 33.5cm the from the bottom part of the hydraulics.

Using the Product

The Sectrelab Titan gaming chair comes with a set of easy to follow instructions that help guide you through the assembly process. Each part of the chair was separately packaged inside the box which made it easy to find the parts to follow the instructions. The Titan does not have a lot of different parts to assemble which means setup was very straight forward. The Assembly time took around 30 minutes and was straight forward to complete. The only issue I faced was when attaching the side covers to the chair. You are meant to screw the covers to the side using the included screws, however the screw threads drilled into the chair seemed to be drilled too small. Screwing a screw into smaller hole in steel is a little tricky, even if the screws are designed to make the threads as you screw them in. Other than that issue, everything went smoothly.

At first impression, the chair may not seem to be anything different to other chairs on the market but after several minutes it is almost as though the chair seems to learn how to support your body, making it for a comfortable physical experience.

Users will likely fall in love in the first hour sitting on the chair alone. By the next few days, it’ll likely win anyone over due to its comfort.

When seated on the Secretlab Titan, users will notice right away the complete broadness from the base cushion. It’s immensely wide and big. The base cushion sides doesn’t hug any thighs and can let user can wiggle or shake his thighs sideways. Its incredible width gives the thighs enough freedom to move around without constraining the body.

The user will find the armrest comfortable to place their arms on. It has a length of 26.5cm and a width of 10.2cm. The bulky part of the armrest can be attributed to its armrest padding, which is around 25cm.

The headrest pillow is very fluffy and soft to touch. It can last for a long period without suffering any physical distortions over time. One upside with the pillow is the anti-slip material and straps situated at the rear. This keeps the pillow in place without easily slipping off.

Sitting in the chair for a number of hours playing Overwatch was a complete pleasure. Usually after a long stretch of Overwatch I would get a sore back from my old chair however with the Titan I did not experience any issues of discomfort. I love the fact that the arm rests are adjustable as it means I can position them to fit my elbows nicely. This is something that is such a simple idea but makes a world of difference.

The included lumbar support is a great inclusion. Turning the control on the side of the chair you are able change the position of the built in lumbar support so that it properly fits your back. This is a much better option than using a lumbar pillow as once set it does not move around like a pillow where you need to keep re-adjusting it. The lumbar inclusion provides great support and goes a long way to helping with comfort.

After using the chair for a number of weeks now it still feels as new. The foam is still firm and keeping its shape and its still as rock solid as when I first sat in it.


Secretlab has done a wonderful job in creating one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the market. It’s easy to see that the Secretlab Titan will end up being anyone’s go-to gaming chair especially when it involves long hours of gaming.

Users will appreciate the Titan for gaming and for work. The chair is pricey, with a price tag of $699AUD, however it is worth the money. If one is on the market for one of the best gaming chairs available then it is a no brainer to settle for Secretlab’s Titan. The Titan’s craftsmanship and overall quality is what sets this gaming chair apart from other chairs on the market.

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