Silverstone Argon AR07 CPU Cooler Review

Stock coolers are not really the best, even for average consumers who do not intend their rig for heavy use with gaming or other things such as rendering. And if you’re okay with the performance of the stock ones, most of the time the main issue is the obnoxiously loud noise it emits.

So today, we’re going to take a look at the Silverstone Argon AR07 cooler. It is quite large with a 140 mm fan. It has a reasonable price at $35 but for a reasonable price, does it also provide a reasonable performance? Does it also do well with the performance to noise ratio? We will take a deeper look on its overall performance, build quality and see if it does its job despite its low cost.

Silverstone Argon AR07 CPU Cooler Review – Whats in the Box?

The SilverStone Argon AR07 cooler comes in an ice blue cardboard box. The color theme is blue and white. This color combination gives the packaging an eye-pleasing look. You can see an abundance of information about the cooler printed on all of the sides of the box. This includes the Argon AR07’s full technical specifications and a few smaller pictures of the product on all of the other panels. And of course you also see the picture of the Argon AR07 cooler itself.

The box itself is very appealing but of course we are also curious as to what is inside it so let’s open it and see its contents.

After opening the blue and white carton packaging, you will first see the installation guide on top of the 140 mm fan itself. Besides that, underneath the fan we can find the heat sink as well while all the other contents are placed neatly inside the two compartments on each side of the cooler as well as the fan.

You will find a one-fits-all back plate, mounting hardware, two sets of fan affixing wires, a thermal compound and some paperwork with basic installation guides as I have mentioned earlier. I will also be including a list of all the accessories so it is easier to read.

Full List of Additional Accessories

  • Installation guide
  • 140 mm PWM fan
  • Thermal compound
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads for additional noise dampening
  • 4 metal clips to attach up to two fans on the heat sink
  • 4 thumbscrew nuts that fastens the brackets onto the motherboard
  • Metal back plate that is required for all Intel and as well AMD sockets
  • 2 metal brackets for the Intel sockets
  • Metal bracket for AMD sockets that will be attached to the heat sink
  • 4 washers that will stay between the thumbscrews and onto the motherboard
  • 4 metal thumbscrews that will stay between the motherboard as well as the front brackets for the 2011 sockets
  • 4 longer metal thumbscrews that will stay between the motherboard as well as the front brackets
  • 4 short bolts that will fasten the Intel and as well as the AMD bracket onto the heat sink

The Product

Since this is part of the Argon series, it has a combination of a shiny silver heat sink and a light blue and white fan which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The cooler is 140 mm in width, 159 mm in height and 50 mm in depth. It also has a weight of 453 g excluding the fan. The Silverstone AR07 showcases a nice and shiny contact surface that is made of aluminum plate that holds 3 x symmetrical Ø8 mm copper heat pipes that is designed to pass through it while transferring and dispersing heat from the central processor directly to the its aluminum fins. These heat pipes are interestingly arranged in a certain way in accordance to the direct contact technology (HDC) which is excellent in heat conducting. If we look at the top of the Argon AR07, we can see that the heat pipes are not covered by anything or does it have any additional fins. Also, the contact plate also has another function which is holding the mount brackets for all of the Intel and as well as AMD sockets. Said brackets should be tightly fastened to the contact plate using the 4 short bolts.

The single tower heat sink structure is 140 mm in width, 110 in height and 50 mm in depth. It also has 52 x 1 mm thick aluminum fins that accompany it along with its 2 mm gap. This is made with performance in mind that is meant to improve the overall cooling performance. There is also another interesting feature with the aluminum fins which is the arrow guides that is made to distribute the airflow in a balanced way through the heat pipes.

There are also dedicated channels in which the anti-vibration rubber pads that dampens additional noise that can be attached to reduce the vibrations of the fans on both sides of the aluminum fin stack.

The standard Argon AR07 only comes with just one fan and its dimensions are 140 mm by 25 mm 4-pin. It is regulated featuring a light blue round frame and also a white propeller with 11 narrowly sharped angled blades which provides an airflow range of 31.4 ~ 93.0 CFM with 800 ~1500 rpm. It has a decent noise level of 16.5 ~ 30.9 dBA. The frame and the propeller is connected by a 4-pin PWM powered long life sleeve bearing. It is able to provide of approximately up to 40,000 hours.

To be able to install the fan you need to add the 2 metal clips and then attach the fan to the heat sink’s front side.

After examining all the accessories, I found out that they are quite solid and are built to last while also doing the job which is holding the cooler and also provide a solid and reliable connection both for the processor and also the heat sink.

Product Specifications

  • Model No.: SST-AR07, SST-AR07-V2 (adds AM4 supports)
  • Material: Copper heat pipes with aluminum fins
  • Application: Intel Socket LGA775/115X/1366/2011/2011-V3/2066
  • AMD Socket AM2/AM3/*AM4/FM1/FM2
  • Heat Pipe Type: 8 mm heat-pipe x 3
  • Cooling System: 140 mm x 140 mm x 25 mm fan
  • Noise: 16.5 ~ 30.8 dBA
  • Bearing: Long life sleeve
  • Net Weight: 453 g (without fan)
  • Voltage Rating (V): 12V
  • Start Voltage (V): ≤ 6V
  • Air Flow (CFM): 31.4 ~ 93.0 CFM
  • Speed (R.P.M): 800 ~ 1500 RPM
  • Life Expectance (hrs): 40,000 hours
  • Dimension: 140 mm (W) x 50 mm (D) x 159 mm (H) (without fan) / 5.51” (W) x 1.97” (D) x 6.26” (H) (without fan)


After testing, we yielded interesting results. It is indeed a worthy of the Argon series. It is able to deliver stable and excellent performance and still managing itself to stay relatively quiet. It has a lower noise level than other typical fans out there.

The Argon AR07 managed to keep the processor at working levels and without any issues at 3900, 4200 and 4500 mHZ frequencies. This could possibly mean that the Argon AR07 is able to handle various processors both from Intel and also AMD, providing stable performance and keeping itself relatively quiet.

This cooler is a good choice for motherboards that provide the option for various memories installed, despite how tall the RAM heat spreaders are because of its nicely balanced performance to noise level ratio and also its slim design.

How to Use

The process of installation for the Argon AR07 is pretty straightforward, however its size may prove to be challenging especially when you try to fit it inside a case. The first thing you need to do is to attach the back plate onto the motherboard and use the four nuts with the threaded stems. It attaches itself easily with no problem.

The next thing you need to do is you have to install the right retention frame for the particular CPU and onto the base of Argon AR07 cooler. Use the four provided screws given to attach it. This can be quite troublesome and it would be more convenient if you detach the motherboard from a chassis to do this. The alignment is quite tricky in matching up the four screws.

The cooler can now be put on the CPU and the threaded stems should fit perfectly right directly to the holes of the retention frame. Then you have to screw the mounting arms onto the base of the cooler using the four thumb screws provided by Silverstone. You can do this without using any kind of tools which is a lot less of a hassle. Again, we suggest you take the motherboard out of the case because you need direct access to the nuts. Being inside the case, there might be obstruction along the way which can be a nuisance depending on the position of the CPU and the size of the case.

The last thing you would need to do is installing the cooling fan using the retention wires. The vibration absorption silicon strips can be optionally installed but we recommend you do install it to achieve the best results.

The Argon AR07 takes quite some space so we suggest being careful putting back the motherboard onto the case. The fan is also set just slightly back from your RAM which means there are no conflicts even when you use larger ones.


In quality, this piece of hardware is very well made without any significant faults. Because of the fact that the aluminum fins have sharp edges, you would need to install this carefully. It is still a solid product despite this and adding its good mounting mechanism is a good plus. It is also quite tall so you have to be wary of the size of your case.

The Silverstone Argon AR07 CPU cooler has a great value for money. It may not be the most powerful cooler in the world but it does an amazing job at keeping things at lower temperatures and manages to stay relatively quiet. Even with overclocked CPU’s, the Argon AR07 does a good job. It doesn’t necessarily compete with those 140 mm tower coolers; its thermal performance still comes close. It is also significantly cheaper than the premium ones and this makes the Argon AR07 very appealing who are in a market for a good cooler but has a limited budget. However, you will end up trading of a little bit of temperature or noise level but this isn’t much of an issue, because of its price. And builders would most likely want to spend their money on other parts.

If your case is wide enough, the Silverstone Argon AR07 CPU cooler is a solid choice for a reasonable price. It has a good balance between the build quality and performance making it a solid choice.

Where to Buy

If you are wanting keep your CPU cool you can pick up the Argon AR07 for around $65AUD which is a fantastic price. Head on over to the Silverstone website for more information.

Silverstone’s Argon AR07 is especially good for power users but has a limited budget.

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