SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

If you’re a game enthusiast, you most likely have a favorite brand of gaming accessories and peripherals to which you’re biased. And if you are one of the hardcore fans of the brand SteelSeries, then you’re surely in for a treat. Right here is a new gaming mouse from them which will surely pique your interest.

SteelSeries is one of the most respected and popular names in the market of accessories. So, when they release a high-end gaming mouse, we’re sure to take notice.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse. It’s an industry-standard device that is packed with great features. It’s something perfect for your preferred gaming style due to its ultra-fast two 4GHz Quantum wireless connection and quick loading capacity. Thing is, is it worth investing in? Is it a worthy upgrade? Let’s find out if it’s really something necessary for your gaming needs.

SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review – What’s in the Box?

We’re going to start off with its package. When we received our Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse, it came in the usual SteelSeries box which obviously exhibits the company’s sense of style. It sports a red, black, and white theme that is quite appealing to the eyes.

The front portion of the box displays an image of the mouse itself.  Just next to it is a smaller side-view image of the device displaying the available buttons on the side. When looking at the package, the device’s name is written on the lower right area. It also includes a couple of other details just below it. On the lower left portion, it provides you with other basic information about the mouse.

Inside, you will find an inspirational message that says, “By Gamers, For Gamers”. It’s just something for everyone to see but of course, our main focus is on the Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse.

The package includes a USB cable (non-braided), a few documentations, a wireless dongle that can be utilized together with a cord as a range extender, as well as a set of eight 4-gram weights specifically for the modular adjustment system.

The Product

SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Rival 650 from SteelSeries doesn’t only have excellent features, but it also displays an excellent appearance. It comes with 7 programmable buttons, as well as the 8 Zone RGB Prism lighting that every SteelSeries mice have. This gives the device a premium touch which also adds to its aesthetics.

If you take a closer look at the Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse, you’ll see that it has a slightly bigger form that suits perfectly for every claw or palm grip user. It has a soft touch coat on every contact surface that touches both your palm and fingers.

When you take a look at the left portion of the device, you will find three programmable buttons while the right portion of the mouse is kept free to better support your grip. All in all, there are a total of 7 buttons present.

For its overall appearance, the Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse looks great. Its RGB lighting bars are bright and vivid; plus, the available diffusers allow smooth and seamless transitions between the different colors. It’s surely an eye-catching and attractive peripheral to accent and highlight your desk. Underneath the mouse, SteelSeries placed the sensor, the on / off switch, high-quality Teflon feet, and a button just for pairing.

One of the more distinct features of this device is its ability to easily modify its weight. Out of the box, the Rival 650 weighs a total of 121 grams which can be enhanced by adding up to a total of eight 4-gram weights behind each of the magnetic side panels available.

Additionally, the mouse also includes features from the 600 that stand out such as the dual sensor system and the modular weight system beneath each detachable side panel.

The first sensor of the mouse covers your regular tracking while the second sensor is specifically for tracking lift-off. This prevents any additional movement when picking up or tilting your Rival 650. With its heavier weight and bigger palm-grip, the mouse is definitely suitable for you and every other user who prefers to have more substance to their device.

The Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse features a 2.4 GHz wireless / wired USB connectivity which you can choose from, with a lift-off distance of 0.5 to 2.0 millimeters. It has a good battery life that goes on for over 24 hours and gives you 15 minutes of fast charging for an additional 10 hours.

The Rival 650 also has the 8-zone RGB lighting. For its dimensions, the mouse measures 124.8 (H) x 68.5 (W) x 42 (D) millimeters and has an adjustable weight of 121 to 153 grams.

Product Features

Quantum Wireless

The newest state of the art lag-free system gives you 1ms latency, 1,000Hz, 24 hours of battery life, and tournament-grade frequency optimization. This is perfect for unmatched performance even during the most demanding and serious gaming sessions.

Double Sensors for Outstanding Precision

True Move 3+ is today’s most advanced sensor system that mixes 1 to 1 tracking with the breakthrough lift-off distance detection. For the first time in gaming history, you’ll get to be in full control even on lift off.

Depth Sensor

The depth sensors present in the Rival 650 is one of the lowest and most precise lift-off detection in the world that’s down to 0.55 millimeters. Enhance your skills to the next level with more control, boosted accuracy, and faster movement.

Primary Sensor

The True Move 3+ sets the new standard for every gaming sensor. You’ll get to experience and enjoy extremely accurate crosshair placements for every movement possible. You won’t need to be bothered with issues like acceleration, lagging, and even tracking errors.

Quick and Convenient Charge

In this day and age, almost every electronic device has a built-in circuit that is often referred to as the IC or simply, the microchip. Throughout the years, these microchips have developed and advanced, becoming smaller yet even more powerful than they have ever been.

The Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse delivers outstanding charge speed of just 15 minutes. This will automatically give you an additional charge of over 10 hours of game time for your enjoyment. What’s great about this is that you won’t have to bother charging in the middle of gaming.

Depth Perception for Better Accuracy

While a lot of gaming mice process lift-off distance via one primary sensor, the Rival 650 wireless mouse makes use of a dedicated depth sensor. This will prevent you from having to deal with unnecessary movements when picking up or setting your mouse down.

True Precision = Distortion Free

The True Move 3+ is a 12K CPI | 350 IPS optical sensor that is exclusively designed with PixArt. Instead of focusing on just the CPI, True Move 3 was built for true and ultimate 1-to-1 tracking. This will allow you to move the mouse at a certain distance on the mousepad, resulting in an accurately exact distance on your screen. This is without interpolation, latency, and without affecting the reduction of jitters.

Perfect Balance and Weight

The mouse’s all-new center of gravity system features light to heavy customizations and movable weights. This delivers some of the biggest ranges for adjustments in any type of gaming mouse.

Ergonomic Design

Everything about the Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse’s design meets each player’s need and demand for comfort. It doesn’t matter if you use the palm or claw grip, its shape provides the perfect comfort for long, continuous, and intense gaming.

Performance-Ready Device

The device’s powerful 32-bit ARM processor lets you save CPI settings, lighting effects, and button remapping for software use during LAN tournaments and events.


Sensor System

  • SteelSeries TrueMove3+ Dual Sensor System

Primary Sensor

  • TrueMove 3 Optical Gaming Sensor

Secondary Sensor

  • Depth Sensing Linear Optical Detection


  • 100–12000 in 100 CPI Increments


  • 350+, on SteelSeries QcK surfaces


  • 50G

Hardware Acceleration

  • None (Zero Hardware Acceleration)

Lift Off Distance

  • Customizable, 0.5–2 mm

Top Material

  • Black Soft Touch

Core Construction

  • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic


  • Ergonomic, Right-Handed

Grip Style

  • Universal

Number of Buttons

  • 7

Switch Type

  • SteelSeries Switch, rated for 60 million clicks


  • 8 RGB Zones, Independently Controlled


  • 121 g / 4.2 ounces without cable.
  • Customizable up to 153 g / 5.4 ounces


  • 131 mm / 5.2 inches


  • 62 mm (front), 62 mm (middle), 69 mm (back)
  • 4 inches (front), 2.4 inches (middle), 2.7 inches (back)


  • 27 mm (front), 43 mm (back)
  • 1 inches (front), 1.7 inches (back)

Cable Type

  • Detachable, Soft Rubber

Cable Length

  • 2 m / 6.5 ft

Using the Product

Let’s talk about the Rival 650’s performance. We can say that this is probably one of the best mice that we’ve ever tried out. Upon gripping the device, it felt really great and it molded perfectly to the hand. Its sensors were highly snappy and our aim was undeniably more precise compared to other mice that we’ve tried. The RGB looks great as well.

Right and left clicks on the front of the mouse were separated by a piece of plastic from its body. This will prevent your resting fingers from accidentally holding down on the buttons; as for the scroll wheel, it’s by far, the easiest scrolling wheel click that we’ve felt.

The mouse genuinely has a nice quality and feel to it: its plastic is durable but has that nice rubbery coating. All the buttons have a nice press, and that also goes for the clicking.

We liked that the LEDs feature different sections that allow you to color via the SteelSeries Engine application. It features an extremely precise sensor, as well as the lift-off sensor that lessens any form of stutter or shake after lifting and setting down the device.

When it comes to the software, it was, as we mentioned previously, really user-friendly and it was easy to navigate. For its instant lift-off detection feature, it really does a great job due to its accuracy; plus, you can also customize its lift-distance from 5 millimeters to 2.0 millimeters.

Performance-wise, this wireless gaming mouse is one of the best, and when it comes to its construction, it’s also just as great. It’s a durable mouse that you can use for non-stop gaming sessions. So all in all, we’re definitely giving a double thumbs-up for the Rival 650 from SteelSeries.


The SteelSeries Engine Software features a number of extraordinary Engine Applications that will make your customization of the RGB lighting more intuitive and easier. The Discord & Game Sense Engine applications allow you to engage in in-game events, chat notifications, and a whole lot more.

The SteelSeries Engine is among the cleanest, neatest, and most user-friendly interface that we’ve seen and tried. You’ll be able to readily customize specifics for the mouse like its CPI, polling rate, and the lift-off distance of the Rival 650. This is quite a special feature since it has a second sensor that is designed for the lift-off detection.

Not only that, but it will also allow you to further customize the RGB lighting, while each of the zones can be independently customized based on your liking. You’ll get to choose from the preset effects available such as pulsing, or blinking while simultaneously syncing them to your other devices from SteelSeries.

When it comes to the haptic feedback, this appears as timers. You can just set an action then trigger a countdown timer for this. Once the timer expires, one out of ten patterns will vibrate through the mouse. We actually love this concept but it’s also a bit limited in application based on our opinion. Although this specific element may not be as useful in some games, it is surely beneficial when it comes to MOBAs or MMORPGs.


Just like its predecessor, SteelSeries’ Rival 650 wireless gaming mouse is an ideal option for any type of game you play. If you compare these to the first models of the brand, you will see that the case of the Rival 650 is more solid; and despite the removal of its wire, its performance isn’t compromised.

It allows for full lighting control and can be completely reprogrammed. Plus, it’s precision is excellent, and it feels great in the hand as well. Most importantly, it’s available at a competitive price which makes it a perfect device for those who are on a budget.

Overall, this gaming mouse is one of the best models available in the market; and with its features, this wireless gaming mouse is definitely designed for the pros. The Rival 650 from SteelSeries can greatly improve your gaming experience so we highly recommend this.

Where to Buy

Go grab yourself a SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse for $129USD over at the official SteelSeries website.

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