Subscribing to Hulu – A Great Investment?

We are living times when everyone tends to cut the cord. Maybe you choose to trade your traditional cable for a subscription on a streaming platform, and no one can blame you. Every service has its benefits: Netflix has original, binge-worthy shows like “House of Cards”. Amazon Video has blockbusters movies that are being streamed as fast as they premiere in theaters.

If you still miss your favorite cable TV shows, your best option is to invest in a cord cutter, and that is Hulu. The brand will give you the possibility to watch new episodes the day after they air, unlike most streaming services.

There is always something to watch on Hulu, as their users have the privilege to see shows like “Bob’s Burgers,” and “This is Us.” With an extensive TV catalog to choose from, Hulu is there when you feel the need for new shows, making recommendations based on your preferences and favorite genres. Another benefit of Hulu is that you can use their app to watch anything anywhere on your smartphone, smart TV or even your gaming console.

Hulu is also inexpensive, with only a standard membership that costs $7.99 a month, you can get everything you need. If you choose to add a few more dollars, you can upgrade your membership to a commercial-free one or add Showtime. However, you might be surprised that the “No Commercials” price tier is still displaying some ads. The fine print tells that you pay for no commercial interruptions. Indeed, the plan is very misleading, but if you feel like you can’t stand the commercials at all, the extra $4 are worth it.

Hulu has almost all the features Netflix offers. You will be amazed that this service uses a personal queue while watching your history, so that is going to keep track of your favorite programs. Some of the features Hulu misses are offline viewing and parental controls. That means you can’t watch the content without an internet connection and you can’t put specific restrictions for your children, meaning they can access everything they want. Both features could be really useful, yet Hulu is still using the traditional service.

For the user experience, we can say that Hulu insists on using advertising in their basic subscription tier. Even if you paid a good amount of money to upgrade your membership, you would still be treated with commercials. In a typical 42-minute television episode, you will get seven minutes of ads. Yes, you might like the fact that the service provides a better quality than that of watching the old-fashioned TV but remember that you are going to see the same commercials over and over again.

The customer’s support of Hulu is better than average. There is no live-chat option, but you can contact them by email. If you happen to have minor problems with their service, the FAQs page will take care of them. Hulu gets extra points for their tutorials page because they have some of the most beneficial tips on troubleshooting and video organization.

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