SuperBox S2PRO Review


Today in our SuperBox S2PRO review, we will talk about the SuperBox S2PRO – an upgraded model of the IPTV box. It’s an Android TV box that offers an easy and quick streaming solution for everyone.

It comes with a plethora of fresh new features together with its latest design. You can look forward to some of the features, including playback features, a more powerful Android 9, optimized UI, and more.

If you want to have your own TV box such as this, continue reading our SuperBox S2PRO review. Get all the vital information to help you decide if it’s something you need.

What’s in the Box?

Let’s take a look at the packaging and what’s inside the box here in our SuperBox S2PRO review.

Like other similar products, the SuperBox S2PRO came in a durable and sturdy cardboard package. It guarantees that the device inside is safe, avoiding any instances of damages.

The box sports a somewhat hive-like design with a blue and red theme going on.

The box’s front displays an image of the device and the unit and company’s name. On one side, you’ll see a number of icons of all the primary features present on the S2PRO. For some sides, these feature the words “SuperBox” along with its logo.

Without further ado, let’s check out the package’s contents.

Aside from the TV box, the package includes a remote control, HDMI cable, power supply, and a user guide. All these are essential to get you started when using the device.

Now, our SuperBox S2PRO review will check out the device’s style, design, and functionality.

SuperBox S2PRO – Style, Design, Functions

The SuperBox S2PRO is an Android TV box designed to handle heavy streaming. It sports a sleek-looking design despite its body made entirely from plastic.

The product is guaranteed to have a strong and durable build. With that, you don’t have to worry about any breakages and the like.

It’s a straightforward and user-friendly product that allows you to stream easily. You can even take advantage of its playback features to access sports and news from the last seven days.

The UI and EPG are now more efficient and easy to manage. It’s because these two aspects were further optimized to give you a better user experience.

Behind the TV box, you’ll find a number of IO ports available. These include an HDMI 2.0, RJ-45 LAN, optical audio, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. There’s also a micro SD card slot, an AV and IR port, as well as two external T2-TR MIMO antennas.

Next on our SuperBox S2PRO review, let’s check out the different specifications of the SuperBox S2PRO.


The SuperBox S2PRO makes use of an Allwinner H6 4X 1.4GHz CPU, while its operating system is the Android 9.0.

The S2PRO is equipped with the quad-core ARM cortex A53 chipset and has a 2GB DDR-3 memory. When it comes to its expanded memory, it has a support micro SD (TF) that can reach up to 128GB. In addition, this Android TV box has 16GB of eMMC internal storage as well.

The USB ports have one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. It also comes with an AV output that’s a 1×3.5mm jack.

The S2PRO sports an external independent Wi-Fi antenna and can support 802.11 a|b|g|n|ac dual-band Wi-Fi. Its network utilizes an RJ-45 10|100M LAN and has an ultra HD 6K for its HDMI resolution.

This Android TV box has a 6K, 60 fps high definition video output and comes with a 1-year warranty period.

Now, our SuperBox S2PRO review will showcase the different features of this product.

SuperBox S2PRO – Product Features

7 Days Playback Feature

The SuperBox S2PRO offers popular live channels and sports events with 7-day playback. With that, you can ensure that you won’t miss anything.

Easy Installation and Operation

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy watching TV. The SuperBox S2PRO is just like its predecessor, the S1PRO. It’s easy to install and operate this TV box, which can be done within five minutes.

Android SDK Updates

The decoding algorithm has been highly optimized, so the SuperBox S2PRO’s system runs 40% faster. Plus, it supports 4K HDR videos.

Fully loaded

The SuperBox S2PRO comes with all the bells and whistles, like channels that launch in USB and microSD ports. You can also enjoy TV like HBO, Disney, Starz, Showtime, and more. All sports packages like NBA, NHL, and MLB are in HD.

Power, Picture, and Performance

The SuperBox S2PRO allows you to stream free, premium, and live programs over the internet. Plus, you can use your 4K or 6K TV. This superior TV box also has a quad-core processor, making it perfect for heavy streaming in 4K, HD, and HDR.

With its stunning detail, vivid colors, sharp resolution, and image quality, you’ll have a more enjoyable watching experience.

Powerful Dual Antenna & Dual-Band Wi-Fi

The SuperBox S2PRO has a dual external antenna for enhanced Wi-Fi connection. Plus, it supports dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G and 5G) for various internet environments. These features will help deliver smooth and seamless streaming.

Industrial Design with Reduced Heating

The S2PRO’s body is bigger than its predecessor, and it features more cooling holes to emit more heat. With that, the Android TV box stays cool even after long periods of use.


Of course, our SuperBox S2PRO review won’t be complete without talking about the TV box’s performance.

Software and Set-Up

SuperBox’s software for the S2PRO is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Everything is laid out in one place that lets you readily choose the options you need.

It features switches/shortcuts that you can easily configure based on your preferences and needs.

When it comes to setting up your TV box, you’ll need to access the app store in SuperBox’s software.

From the software’s main menu or home screen, click on the “App Store” icon. Then, choose Blue VOD, Blue TV, and Playback before pressing the “ok” button. This will help you install the following applications.

Once you’ve installed the following applications, you’re all set! Do note that if you have a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t need the antenna.

Performance of the SuperBox S2PRO

After setting up the Android TV box, we tried opening certain channels to see how fast it loads. Surprisingly, it loaded pretty fast, which was great.

Aside from its loading time, it featured clear visuals and images, closely comparable to the Direct TV. To check how well it performed in HD, we also watched a couple of films to test it. And just as advertised, all the movies we watched came out in HD and in great quality.

For live television viewing, it loaded just as quickly, and the visuals were perfect as well.

If you have any questions regarding this TV box, you can contact their support team. They ensure to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible to provide the assistance that you need.

SuperBox S2PRO Review – Conclusion

The SuperBox S2PRO was released with a new & improved design, an updated interface but with the same quality of service. It comes with impressive features, user-friendly software, and most importantly, this TV box performed excellently.

If you want to upgrade your home entertainment without buying a new TV, the SuperBox S2PROis a great option. This media player will turn your TV into a vast library of your favorite shows and channels. Plus, all of these programs will only be a click away.

To conclude our SuperBox S2PRO review, it’s a great media player that we recommend. Check out the company’s official website to get your hands on this Android TV box.

SuperBox S2PRO Review
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