Synology DS1019+ Review


Almost every year, manufacturers like Synology continue to update and improve their product lineup; and recently, we have already seen a couple of the latest models coming into the scene, just like the DS119j & DS1819+ that appeared in late 2018, and the DS2419 that was launched last February. Following this, the company introduced their DS1019+, and today, we finally have the privilege of checking this product out.

The DS1019+ from Synology is a 5-bay NAS platform built and designed on the architecture of the Apollo Lake, with the 918+, 218+, and the 718+ taking advantage of this. It is integrated with a better and more powerful quad core processor that allows the DS1019+ NAS to function efficiently, delivering excellently on the multimedia front since the latest SoC is promising to work as a great Plex transcoder while simultaneously adding NVME caching to boost small file and data transports.

Today, we’ll be testing the Synology DS1019+, a model that features a total of five drive trays. The company claims that this will provide you with a myriad of RAID solutions, as well as increased speeds with the NVME-based cache storage.

Synology DS1019+ Review – What’s in the Box?

When we got our hands on the DS1019+, it came in a standard sturdy-looking cardboard box with a plastic handle right at the top. We actually like boxes that feature these handles since it makes carrying different products easier and more convenient. If you’ve previously purchased items from Synology, you’ll know that the company followed the style and design packaging of their past devices.

There aren’t a lot of things to see on the package, but it does give you all the basic information that you’d need to know about the DS1019+. In front of the box, the lower left portion will give you the name of the company and the series of the unit. On the upper right, there’s a sticker that displays the name of the unit, an image of the DS1019+, as well as its primary features.

When you flip the package, the back part of it displays another sticker that features the model’s specifications, the diagram of the I/O, as well as the included accessories in the package. Once you open the package, you’ll get the Synology DS1019+ along with other items such as the quick installation guide, a bag of mounting screws, two drive bay lock keys, an AC power cord & power adapter, as well as two Ethernet cables.

The Product

Synology DS1019+ Review

The DS1019+ from Synology has an overall design that is akin to other Synology NAS devices, though this specific model is small enough to fit perfectly on a desktop. It sports a plastic yet classy matte black finish that gives it a premium feel and look to it.

Across the front, you will see the hot swappable drive bays that either fit 2.5 or 3.5-inch drives. The power button is present on the right side of the DS1019+, as well as a USB 3.0 port, and LED indicator lights.

If you flip the DS1019+ to the rear, you will see two fans that take up about ⅔ of the top portion of the NAS. On the left part, you will see two network ports, the reset button, power port, and an eSATA port; the right area sports a Kensington Security slot, plus an extra USB 3.0 port. On the bottom of the DS1019+, you’ll find two M.2 NVMe slots as well.

The Synology DS1019+ is integrated with the Intel Celeron J-3455 quad core processor at 1.5GHz that is able to turbo to 2.3GHz. The company claims that this allows their NAS device to deliver up to a total of 225MB/s read & write, even with the data encryption on. Keep in mind that the NAS device supports the AES-NI encryption.

All these specifications and functions of the DS1019+ make it a great choice for real time 4K video transcoding since the NAS supports this.

This DS1019+ is integrated with applications that cater to 4K video transcoding, and to achieve increased performance, the NAS comes with two M.2 NVMe SSD slots for the SSD cache without taking up the space of the primary bays.

When it comes to the operating system’s compatibility, the Synology DS1019+ supports file sharing across UNIX, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms; in addition, if you’re one of the advanced users around, Windows AD (Active Directory) is supported to help establish an easy to access environment for all.

The web page SSL login and SSH login allows you to transfer, share, and store data securely; and since the DS1019+ also acts as a server, every PC that is within your network can easily link to it, this is with or without access rights.

Product Features

Excellent Performance and Expandable Storage Capacity

The DS1019+ features a dual native M.2 NVMe SSD slots which enable you to create NVMe SSD cache that doesn’t occupy any of the drive trays. Aside from that, you can also expand your storage capacity by up to 10 drives with a single DX517 expansion unit.

The Ideal Backup Solution

The DS1019+ comes with durable storage technologies and a variety of built-in applications to safeguard your vital data on any device. The apps also have an intuitive interface to make these more user-friendly for both newbies and advanced users.

4K Multimedia Server

With the DS1019+, 4K media content is accessible and you can stream these anytime, anywhere. The NAS device supports 4K H.264 / H.265 online transcoding through DS video and Video Station. This allows for converting and playing of 4K videos on other smartphones, computers, and media players that initially do not support Ultra HD formats.

Btrfs: The Next Generation of Efficient  Storage

Btrfs file systems offer state-of-the-art storage technologies to meet the needs and requisites of today’s large scale businesses for management. These include the following:

  • User Quota System / Flexible Shared Folder offers full quota control on all users and shared folders.
  • Snapshot Replication – this provides protection for storage capacity-saving data that can be scheduled. It comes with 65,000 system-wide snapshots and 1,024 shared folder backups.
  • Folder or File Level Data Restoration – This technology makes recovery of data quick and flexible. You can also recover corrupted files with automated self-healing without user intervention.

Using the Product

Before we look deeper into the performance of the DS1019+, we have to note that although its price and features are aimed at the market of small businesses and high-end homes, this NAS device is still capable of carrying out tasks with enterprise-level workloads in certain situations.

We were almost able to reach full transfer speed at a single full duplex Gigabit Ethernet connection, though it worked pretty fast for other activities without us experiencing any lag or performance issues. We tried transferring huge files with a good HDD that performed fast enough over a Gigabit connection; and with that, we were able to reach between 100 ~ 120 MB/s on read & writes.

Overall, the performance of the Synology DS1019+ was great and it functioned perfectly without us experiencing any troubles or issues while utilizing it. It also left a lot of spare performance and this is all thanks to the company’s smart memory management. When it comes to the OS and GUI, we consider these to be highly responsive and really fast, and that’s something important when it comes to the performance of NAS devices.

With that, we’re giving the Synology DS1019+ two thumbs-up for its seamless performance.

Software: DiskStation Manager

The DSM or DiskStation Manager from Synology is an intuitive and perceptive web-based operating system that can be used for every Synology NAS device. It is designed to assist you in managing all your digital assets across the office and your home.

Of course, Synology has something new to offer when it comes to their DSM 6.2 since they continue to evolve and enhance the software, allowing every business to handle and manage new challenges. This time, the DiskStation Manager delivers reinforced IT efficiency with the Active Directory Server, boosts immediate SMB server-side copy performance, offers security & stability enhancements, guarantees reliability of file self-healing, and a lot more.

The DiskStation Manager operating system has a user-friendly interface, so navigating through this will be easy and quick. The operating system works and feels swift, and we consider this as one of the better ones compared to those we’ve seen on other NAS. It’s also considered as a server that offers a wide array of features such as Usenet download, file sharing, download systems, security center, web applications, and a lot more.

Synology offers a plethora of smartphone applications so you can conveniently monitor and manage your NAS. Do take note that aside from the default application suite, you can still download and install other packages from the web.

Features of the DiskStation Manager

Highly Reliable

Various companies around the world rely on DiskStation 6.2 to manage workload since it’s extremely stable and efficient. Its reliability has led the DSM 6.2 to an LTS or Long-Term Support version to last until 2023.

Smart Updating

DSM 6.2.2 offers a brand-new update mechanism that automatically sends notifications when an update patch fixes issues or brings the latest features that are based on your system’s settings. This saves you all the trouble of having to review and evaluate the impact of these updates on your environment.

For Smoother and Faster Migration

Migration Assistant Beta lets you instantly migrate data, system configurations, and packages from one server to another. This is while keeping all services on the main server available while simultaneously syncing every change that’s made to the target server. With this, unnecessary reboot can be avoided to increase the service up-time when migrating.

All-Inclusive Security Protection

Synology provides smart detection of any unusual login attempts, as well as secure and flexible connection profiles. By utilizing intelligence techniques, the Security Advisor learns from all past login attempts; and also, it can easily detect unknown logins while displaying the geolocation of the attacker. What’s great is that you can easily generate either daily or monthly security reports.

Setting up the DiskStation Manager

When it comes to setting up the DiskStation Manager, the whole process hasn’t changed and you can still utilize “” to load the setup using any browser that you want. After going through the main steps in updating the NAS device and installing the current operating system, you will immediately get redirected to the software’s dashboard.

Once the NAS has undergone a couple of setup stages, you can now log in using the password that was just created. We highly recommend that you register an account at Synology’s official site to give you access to their suite of cloud and NAS APPs functionalities. Once the installation process has been completed, you can log on to the software and will be greeted by the DiskStation Manager user interface.

Synology Drive

Today, Synology makes it conveniently possible for every office and home to host their own cloud including 100% data ownership without any subscription fees needed. The Synology Drive brings together a number of file portals on the Synology NAS then simplifies data control by adjusting and coordinating files across a variety of platforms. To acquire all your needs for office collaboration, the Synology Drive also offers smooth sharing features that guarantee the safety of all your important files.

A Single Portal for All Files

You can access files with the Synology Drive using any platform of your choice, via the single web portal. It’s much like Dropbox and Google Drive where you can readily browse files via popular web browsers then manage these using customized labels and Team Folders.

By influencing the LAN transmission of the internal IT environment, you’ll be able to conveniently access all your files via File Explorer. It’s actually nice that desktop clients are also present for Mac OS, Windows, as well as Linux sync tasks. And here, all your important files are accessible via the Drive mobile application that supports both Android and iOS systems.

To take advantage of the collaborative editor online, you can install Synology Office which offers you three primary file types such as Spreadsheet, Document, and Slides. All files on Synology Office will be conveniently managed in the Drive.

File Management – Made Simpler for Organizing Files Across Teams

By making use of the Team Folder feature on the Drive, every team member will be able to manage files simultaneously without requiring additional permission settings. Get to share data while on the go, incorporating the internal account system. The Drive allows you to share files internally by choosing any of your colleague’s account; in addition, external sharing is also appropriate with handy sharing links.

Powerful Private and Secure Cloud Storage

With huge storage capacities, Synology Drive authorizes you to effortlessly allocate personal space to family members, set Team Folders to work together with colleagues, and even make the files available anytime you need them, no matter where you are. Just pay for the hardware once and you can enjoy file sharing & syncing, concurrent editing, as well as access anywhere using any device.

Smooth and Continuous Syncing + Back Up

Get to work across computers simultaneously while using desktop applications. It will still be your native Mac OS, Windows, or Ubuntu interface, but every change that you make to any file will automatilllcally sync to other devices as soon as these are connected.

You can sync files to desktops for up-to-date workflow and sync only those files that you require; select then synchronize commonly used files to your computer, including data shared with you by other accounts. Execute tasks via local computers with alerts, then share files right from your desktop client to increase your work efficiency. Also, safeguard your files with history versions to guarantee its safety, allowing you to restore data to any prior point in time.

On-Demand Sync to Save Space

You can save enough PC bandwidth and disk space with On-Demand Sync which will allow you to see all files in the synced folders. Just remember that they will only be streamed to the desktop once you open these. You’re allowed to exclude specific sub-folders or file formats; plus, you can either set a limit on the file size.

The Intelliversioning algorithm from Synology identifies significant changes over a certain period, ensuring that the versions are not affected by small and recent changes made.

Hyper Backup

A reliable backup plan is necessary to guarantee data safety on your NAS, and with the Hyper Backup, retrieving data from various recovery points with decreased storage consumption will never become a challenge. The backup destination can be your local shared folder, an R-Sync server, another Synology NAS, an external device, a public cloud service such as Amazon Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Synology C2, and the S3-compatible storage.

Record On the Go without Storage Limitations

You don’t need to bother with additional setups to do this, and just freely record anywhere. Once you’re done, immediately send your recording back to the Surveillance Station on the remote NAS for continuous storing and viewing.

No Interruptions while Uploading

Your recordings will no longer be dependent on the availability of internet connection since Edge Recording allows you to record then store videos on the supported devices in situations where internet connectivity is lost. This feature allows for the retrieval of video files once the connection returns.

Schedule all Backup Tasks

With Hyper Backup, you can schedule all backup tasks to either repeat on a specific schedule or run automatically. This makes backing up more convenient and effortless.

Less Storage for Multiple Version Backup

The required storage for multiple versions of backup files are reduced with block-level incremental backup. This simultaneously stores as many recovery points that your data may need.

Flexibly Rotate Backups

You can customize your own arrangement for backup rotations or just enable Smart Recycle to automatically delete older and unneeded backup files.

Access Data Continuously

In case of a system issues, you can browse backup files via File Station or basic transfer protocols like usual. Using the Hyper Backup Explorer, you can retrieve Synology C2 or NAS backups from computers that operate with macOS, Windows, Fedora, or Ubuntu.

Turn your NAS Device into a Streamlined Backup Monitoring System

The Hyper Backup Vault lets administrators inspect all storage places from various backups clients. They can also scan the storage consumption and each task’s backup history.

Surveillance Station 8.2

Surveillance applications and deployment are reinvented with the next-generation features such as Smart Time Lapse and LiveCam. The completely upgraded DS cam, App Center, and other functions bring user experience to a whole new level by going beyond the current features.

No Conventional Deployment Limitations with Limitless Device Support

On top of over 6000 cameras that are readily supported, the brand new App LiveCam is building the link between mobile camera devices and Surveillance Station which is something that breaks through the boundaries of conventional deployment. With the very first extensive assimilation with IP speakers, Synology presents the analog-to-digital conversion in surveillance to the world of audio systems to enhance the convenience of deployment, utilization, and management.

Evolving Interface + Management

The Surveillance Station is a more modernized DS cam user interface with an easy to customize Application Center. It also comes with improved Dual Authorization to simultaneously elevate the surveillance environment.

Endless Possibilities Beyond the Surveillance

Release the potential, as well as the capacity of your Surveillance Station with the onset of the Smart Time Lapse and Live Broadcast application. The latter is an app that allows you to live-stream on YouTube with the help of a quick and simple setup process. This allows visitors to view live footage without having to install any other software.

For Time Lapse, this application allows you to fast forward lengthy videos, then generates a shorter version that is only a couple of minutes, or even just a few seconds long. This makes it extremely convenient to check and control the progress of continuous tasks. The factor for time compression can be decreased to display more details every time certain events are detected.

Synology Office

Synology Office provides professional editing tools that helps you produce work documents, slides, and spreadsheets efficiently. And when it comes to saving and real-time synchronization,  your team will be allowed to simultaneously acquire great productivity while ensuring data security.

You’ll get to organize your writing with useful editing tools, as well as enrich all your content with the functions of image shaping and altering. This will make collaborating with your team easier, and you’ll get the chance to provide better feedback for your coworkers via the revising mode. With integrated formulas, conditional formatting options, and vivid charts, standard spreadsheet tasks like calculating travel expenses, creating sales reports, or even compiling to do lists will be a cinch.

Synology Office will also allow you to create professional presentations with the help of inclusive editing features. This will also provide outstanding speech via speaker notes, boost the preparation of content with integrated themes, and will even let you collaborate with the entire team. This is to create a slide deck that combines all the members’ contributions.

Utilizing this will continue to provide you with 100% privacy and security while you can enjoy the many conveniences and functions of the public cloud services, as well as the data security that’s guaranteed by the private clouds. In addition, you can encrypt all your confidential documents and spreadsheets to have better and advanced protection. Lastly, Synology Office will let you see all the revisions that were made on projects, and also restore any earlier versions with just a single click.

Plex Media Server

The NAS device is considered as a slight multimedia powerhouse, and for people who enjoy using Plex to play a variety of series and movies, here is where the Apollo Lake SoC works. Plex Media Server puts together every single media that is important to you, so you’ll get the chance to enjoy live TV & DVR, a catalogue of excellent web shows, podcasts, and news. Plex makes it possible for everyone to enjoy all media with just a single application that can work on any device, no matter the place and time.

How the Plex Media Server Works

Once you download the free software, you just need to sit back, relax, and let the software take care of everything else. It scans then organizes all your files, immediately sorting out your media in a quick and convenient manner before sending it to your Plex library. After downloading the application on your smart device, you can start streaming everything in just a few minutes.

Plex Premium

If the default operation and function isn’t enough for your needs, then you can opt for the Plex premium service or $5.00 a month. This lets you open the support for hardware transcoding which will make your NAS device work even better.

With these premium features, you can enjoy lyrics, automatically generated playlists based on similar moods or tracks, as well as metadata matching to take advantage of beautiful cover art, bios of artists, and a lot more. With premium, you can also use auto tagging and Places to readily sort out and discover memories with family and friends.

You can look through organized timeline views, instantly upload files from your mobile devices, and even create photo albums with ease. In addition to this, you can take advantage of a theater-like experience with the Cinema Trailers even before you watch; plus, you can have all the extras you want such as behind the scenes features, cast interviews, deleted scenes, and a whole lot more.


Are you someone who often shares your server with family and friends, and are you also someone who wants to know who’s watching what? If that’s the case, then the Dashboard is a feature on the Plex Media Server that gives you quick insights on what is being played and by who. Setup your preferences via toggling items when editing the home screen.

Free Broadcast TV

When subscribed to Plex Pass, all you need is a tuner and an antenna, and you can enjoy great TV shows without paying for cable. Feel free to watch, record, and pause your favorite local news and sports channels in free HD broadcast. You can watch on any device, no matter where you are; plus, we really liked the fact that you can also skip commercials.

Offline Entertainment

Mobile Sync enables syncing of shows, movies, photos, and music to your mobile phones so you can enjoy multimedia wherever you are, even when offline. It doesn’t matter if you’re underground, on flight, or in the middle of the vast ocean since the software allows you to access everything you’ve synced.

User Control

Administrators of the NAS unit have parental controls that allow for limiting user control. It enables you to control the media use of children or if you live with several people in the same household, you can give each of them managed accounts. With that, you don’t have to worry about losing track of where you stopped in a TV episode in case someone plans to watch the same show.

Plex Pass Perks

As one of its subscribers, you’ll have exclusive access to the Plex Pass Perks that offers you a ton of great deals and discounts, early looks, as well as VIP experiences from Synology’s partners. Plus, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the latest features before everyone else.


The Synology DS1019+ is a great NAS unit that comes with aesthetics and great performance. We agree that it’s similar to the previously released DS918+ but it comes with 8GB internal memory and an additional slot. It’s a great choice especially if four slots aren’t enough for you.

Aside from the additional slot, the DS1019+ is an energy-efficient NAS that comes with a wide range of features such as file sharing, download systems, web applications, security center, and more. It’s integrated quad-core processor also works fast. This unit is the ideal device for your centralized storage needs.

Overall, this NAS unit is an excellent file server for both home and office use. It’s great as a multimedia server and a company VPN. It’s also packed with a lot of great features and it delivers excellent performance; plus, it comes with five drive bay slots which makes this a whole lot better.

So if you’re looking for a replacement for your current server, we highly recommend the DS1019+ from Synology.

Where to Buy

The DS1019+ from Synology is available in a lot of countries. Check out the company’s store locator to see where you can purchase this specific NAS model.

Synology DS1019+ Review
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