2019-11-12 09_51_26-DS620slim _ Synology Inc.

Synology DS620Slim Review

2019-11-12 09_51_26-DS620slim _ Synology Inc.

The newly-released Synology DS620slim is a small yet powerful NAS device that’s considered a fresh new offering from the company, in terms of design. But one thing’s for sure; it is fundamentally superior to the DS419 slim that also came out just recently.

Today, we will focus on the DS620slim from Synology, especially if you’re someone who’s in search of an advanced NAS that has a stylish design, is compact, and is also silent when working even on heavy loads. But the thing is, is it as useful and efficient as what Synology claims it to be? We’re going to learn more about this NAS, its features, specifications, software, and how well it performs.

First up, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

Synology DS620Slim Review – What’s in the Box?

The Synology DS620slim comes in a simple and straightforward cardboard box that is durable enough to safeguard the NAS while in transit. The company made sure to keep things clean and uncomplicated, so they only included their name and the word “DISKSTATION” on the lower-left portion of the box. The upper-right part of the box displays a sticker that exhibits an image of the Synology DS620slim itself. It also includes the NAS’ essential features, and a few vital information such as the bay count, model information, and the hardware specifications.

Inside, you will get the Synology DS620slim kept protectively and securely in place, preventing it from acquiring damages while in transit. Aside from the NAS, other items included in the box are the quick installation guide, two Ethernet cables, and a power adapter.

The Product

Synology DS620Slim Review

The Synology DS620slim is one of the company’s mini 6-bay NAS devices that sports a nice and stylish design for its chassis, allowing it to blend perfectly with today’s contemporary workplace and homes. It supports immediate snapshot technology (near-instantaneous snapshots), as well as real-time 4K video transcoding, making the Synology DS620slim an effective all-around file management solution. This NAS accomplishes every need of professionals when it comes to quality media streaming, advanced data protection, as well as effective media streaming.

Synology’s latest NAS sports an SSD read & write cache that’s fully-equipped with two RJ-451 GbE LAN ports and two USB 3.0 ports with Failover / Link Aggregation support.

The Synology DS620slim uses an Intel Celeron J-3355, which is a two-core processor that can be configured and arranged up to 2.5 GHz. It features up to a total of 6 GB of DDR3L RAM; plus, it also comes with an internal raw capacity of 30 TB, including a wide selection of supported RAID types. When it comes to its performance, the Synology DS620slim is said to deliver over 226 MB/s for reads & 198 MB/s for writes.

For convenience, a two-year warranty also supports the NAS device from Synology, which is something that they usually offer.

The Synology DS620slim makes use of the Intel Celeron J-3355 with a CPU architecture of 64-bits. Its CPU base frequency is a dual-core 2.0 with a burst frequency of 2.5 GHz; plus, it’s a NAS device that comes with a pre-installed 2 GB memory module and a system memory of 2 GB DDR3L.

It’s a convenient device with a total of two memory slots, plus six drive bays with a memory that can be expanded up to 6 GB (2 GB + 4 GB). 2.5-inch SATA HDDs and 2.5-inch SATA SSDs are compatible with this NAS from Synology. Also, it has a maximum internal raw capacity of 30 TB (5 TB drive x6). It can handle a maximum of 108 TB for its single volume size.

When we talk about its external ports, this hot-swappable device comes with 2x RJ-45 1 GbE LAN ports with failover support/link aggregation, as well as 2x USB 3.0 ports. For the internal drives, file systems include the Btrfs and EXT4, while external drives include Btrfs, EXT3, EXT4, FAT, HFS+, NTFS, and exFAT. However, keep in mind that the exFAT access can be purchased separately in the Synology Package center.

When in use, the noise levels that it reaches is at 20.5 dB(A), so it only means that the sounds it produces are inaudible despite working on heavy loads. For power consumption, the Synology DS620slim uses 34.88 Watts (access) and 7.59 Watts (HDD hibernation), while its AC input power Voltage ranges from 100 V to 240 V AC. On its power frequency, it’s at 50/60 Hz for a single-phase, while its power supply unit/adapter is 65 W.

Measuring the Synology DS620slim, it is 121 x 151 x 175 millimeters (H x W x D) and weighs a total of 1.4 kilograms. When it comes to its system fan, it measures 80 x 80 millimeters.

The important thing to remember when setting up a new NAS is to ensure that you use high quality hard drives in them. The Synology DS620slim is an amazing bit of hardware, however it won’t be able to protect you from hard drive failure. We highly recommend Seagate hard drives due to their reliability and performance when it comes to NAS solutions.

Product Features

Retains the Classic Design while Making Things Compact

The Synology DS620slim’s mini 6-bay design retains the classic look and saves deployment space to keep everything nice and compact. With a total of six 2.5-inch drive support, the NAS can boost your performance by installing the SSDs. It comes with a mini design that is compact enough and allows you to fit it anywhere.

RAID Flexibility

The NAS is flexible in various RAID configurations, allowing you to take advantage of the 30 TB raw capacity, or better data security with RAIDs 5 | 6 | 10.

SSD Cache Support

You can further improve and boost your storage performance with the SSD read & write cache while simultaneously having adequate numbers of drive bays for data storage.

Next Generation of Storage Efficiency – The Btrfs

The Btrfs file system recommends its most advanced storage technology to meet all the management and organizational needs of contemporary large-scale businesses. With its shared folder/user quota system, the Btrfs provides a complete quota control and management on every user account and shared folders available.

It features snapshot replication that allows scheduling and storage capacity saving data security with a total of 1,024 shared folder backups, plus a total of 65,000 system-wide snapshots. Folder or file-level data restoration also allows for flexible and fast recovery. With the auto file self-healing, it recovers and detects corrupted data without having to bother with user intervention.

Ultimate File Sharing & Management with File Station

File Station is a secure and fast web-based management tool for providing seamless and straightforward drag-and-drop operations without having to worry about any complex setups on the PC or Mac. Advanced filtering and search tools allow for easy file sharing and organization, so for full compatibility, the Synology DS620slim supports protocols like iSCSI, AFP, FTP, NFS, WebDAV, and SMB.

Cloud Station Suite – For Syncing Files Across Devices

The Cloud Station Suite gives you real-time data synchronization throughout all devices, as well as other Synology NAS. The feature “Intelliversioning” is what maintains all the essential file versions to utilize further and enhance storage space.

4K Multimedia Server

Stream and access your 4K media content wherever you are, whenever. The Synology DS620slim supports 4K H.264 / H.265 online transcoding through DS video and Video Station, allowing the conversion of 4K videos that you will play on other computers, media players, and smartphones, which do not initially support Ultra HD formats.


Synology’s trusted software is the DiskStation Manager (DSM), which is a smart, web-based operating system designed for each NAS device from Synology. Created to aid in managing digital assets or important files across your office and home.

With the DiskStation Manager 6.2, the company aims to give better IT management functions and flexibility in every aspect possible. And with the new Advanced LUN, Storage Manager, and iSCI Manager, management efficiency is taken to a whole new level. Security updates without service downtime in the SHA, as well as erratic DSM login detection, will provide you with more powerful, enhanced, as well as secure DSM.

DiskStation Manager Features

Field-Proven Reliability

DiskStation Manager 6.2 can help companies globally to manage their workload with heightened efficiency and stability. Its proven reliability has brought the DiskStation Manager 6.2 to an LTS or Long Term Support version maintained until the year 2023.

Update your DSM smartly

With DiskStation, it introduces a brand new update mechanism that immediately alerts you when a current update patch brings the latest features, or when it fixes various issues based on the system settings. It will save you the hassle of evaluating and reviewing the impact of this type of update on your environment.

Fast and Smooth Migration

Migration Assistant Beta lets you migrate packages, data, and system settings from one server to another. Along with that, it allows you to store all services on the available original server and syncing any target server changes in real-time. It helps you avoid unneeded reboots, so you can maximize service uptime when migrating.

High Availability

Synology’s DS620slim comes optimized with system updates, new intuitive operations, quick & simple initial setup, and a brand new monitoring tool. You won’t have to struggle between service availability and security updates, plus, you can also avoid unessential reboots.

Synology has redesigned cluster operations and made it a built-in design to provide an intuitive and safe cluster management experience. The company also accelerated the initial cluster set up so you can finish your SHA cluster within a few minutes. Aside from the system overview, Synology has added an integrated resource monitor for active and passive servers. It gives you more in-depth control of the SHA cluster.

Btrfs on More Models

Selected Value series NAS models, including the DS620slim, now support the Btrfs file system. It offers the most advanced storage technology, and it comes with features such as data consistency, shared folder snapshots, and self-healing of files.

Ultimate File Management and Sharing

The File Station is a web-based management tool that is fast and secure to allow for more effortless drag and drop functions without having any complex setup on your PC or Mac. Advanced search and filtering tools allow for easier file sharing and organization. And for full compatibility, the DS620Slim supports protocols such as AFP, NFS, FTP, iSCSI, WebDAV, and SMB.


Synology Drive is the center of all updates and acts as a combination of Dropbox and File Explorer. When you install Synology’s Moments or Office applications, Drive automatically installs along with it. It brings multiple file portals together on the NAS, and it syncs files across numerous platforms to simplify data management.

Drive provides quick and easy sharing features that allow you to accomplish all your needs for office collaborations. It guarantees the safety of the files that you’ve stored so you won’t have to worry about losing these.

The app also enables you to sync your data and create easy office collaborations with your colleagues using Cloud Station Suite. This feature helps make data management and file syncing across multiple devices simpler, which is perfect for office use.

Features of Synology Drive

Powerful Private Cloud Storage and One-Time Charge

Synology Drive comes with ample storage capacities ranging from one to hundreds of Terabytes. With that, you can store files and make these readily available no matter where you are.

Access & share files Wherever You Are

Even if you do not sync your files, you don’t have to worry since Synology always grants you online access to the data in the Team Folders and your personal space. Use a browser or the Synology Drive mobile application to access these files anytime, anywhere.

Document Collaborations in Real-Time

Back in the old days, you and your colleagues would take turns to work on a file. Now, you can edit the same document, slides, or spreadsheet simultaneously using Synology Office and get the job done faster.

Efficient Cross-Office File Sharing

File-sharing can be complicated and confusing, especially for companies with branch offices around the world. However, Synology Drive makes the process easier by keeping select folders on different Synology NAS units in sync. Employees from every office can download and upload files from these specific folders through SMB/AFP at LAN speeds.


Moments is Synology’s latest photo solution that allows you to make use of the image recognition technology for a contemporary and efficient browsing experience. Synology Moments lets you fully view your videos and images stored on your Synology DS520Slim via Android device. It means that you can readily access these files wherever you are, whenever you need. We loved and appreciated the fact that all our photos were presented in chronological order then organized into albums arranged by topics. It makes things more accessible and more convenient, especially when searching for multiple images.

When it comes to the compatibility of the Moments application, you can utilize it for both iOS and Android devices for free. Download the application from Google Play or the App Store, and you can find extra add-on packages that can better expand the efficiency and functionality of your Synology DS520Slim. You can easily download, as well as install all packages designed for all your needs, such as packages for sharing files on the cloud, sharing a variety of photos from an online album, setting up VPN environments, or an antivirus application for protecting the system.

Features of Synology Moments

Backup Each Moment

Your mobile device’s storage capacity will never be your limit with Synology Moments. You can backup your daily photos securely via the Moments app and quickly free up your mobile phone or tablet’s space. You will see all the images in timeline mode, which is similar to the view on your smartphone.

Categorize your Moments in Topics

Synology NAS’ deep learning algorithm automatically groups random photos based on similar faces, places, and subjects.

Memories to Look Back On

When finding a photo, you usually need to scroll through all of your photos on your device. With Synology Moments, you can type in the keywords into the search bar, and it will show all relevant results. The best thing is that it enables effortless sharing with family and friends, no matter where you are.

Collaborative Photo Editing

If you want to authorize other users to edit photos and albums collaboratively, switch to Shared Photo Library. There’s need to worry about your privacy, since personal photos stay private in My Photo Library.


Synology Office offers professional editing tools to help you create word documents, spreadsheets, and slides efficiently. For saving and synchronization in real-time, your team can be highly productive as they ensure data security.

With the useful editing tools, you can organize your writing, or enrich your content with image shaping and altering functions. These tools make collaboration with your team easier, and revising mode lets you provide better feedback to your colleagues. Conditional formatting options, integrated formulas, and vivid charts make basic spreadsheet tasks like calculating expenses and creating sales reports unchallenging.

Synology Office also offers inclusive editing features for you to create professional presentations. It provides outstanding speech through speaker notes and improves content with integrated themes. Using this app will provide you with continuous security and privacy as you enjoy a comprehensive set of conveniences and functions of public cloud services. Additionally, you can encrypt all of your confidential files to double its protection. Lastly, Synology Office allows you to see all revisions you’ve made on projects so that you can restore any of our previous versions in one click.


Like all Synology NAS units, the DS620slim also acts as a small multimedia powerhouse. If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows, the Plex Media Server is for you. It brings together all the media that you want so that you can enjoy live TV and DVR, a selection of web shows, news, and podcasts. With Plex, you can enjoy all types of media using a single app that works on any device whenever and wherever you are.

Plex Media – How it Works

Once you finish downloading the free Plex application, it will take care of everything. It will begin scanning and organizing your files, then sort out your media before sending these to your library. After downloading the app on your smart device, you can stream everything after a few minutes.

Plex Premium

You can also go for the premium version of Plex if the ordinary operation and functions do not satisfy you. It allows for hardware transcoding to improve how your NAS device. With the features on this version, you can automatically enjoy a generated playlist based on tracks or similar moods. Additionally, it matches metadata to gather information, such as artist bios, album cover art, and more. The premium version also utilizes auto-tagging and Places to categorize memories with family and friends easily.

With this, you can view organized timeline views and immediately upload files from your mobile device. Aside from that, creating photo albums is easy, and you can enjoy Cinema Trailers for a theater-like experience. You can also have a variety of extras such as behind the scenes, deleted scenes, cast interviews, and more.

Plex Pass Perks

As a subscriber, you can enjoy exclusive access to the Plex Pass Perks. It gives you a lot of discounts, early looks, VIP experiences, and other great deals from Synology’s partners.


With the DS620Slim, you can see that Synology creates devices that do not only focus on the hardware, but it also pays a lot of attention to the software. The company brings better functionality by offering tools such as Dropbox and Google Docs for free. Additionally, Synology provides Moments and Office applications for easier management of media files and documents. All of these apps under the DiskStation Manager software work excellently, and everything is free, which makes the DS620slim one of the best NAS devices to have today.

If you’re shopping for a new NAS device right now, we highly recommend Synology’s DS620slim. It’s a compact unit that delivers excellent performance, and it comes with great features and applications to give you the best user experience.

Where to Buy

If you want the Synology DS620slim, you can check out the store locator on the company’s official website. Choose your location to get a list of various online shops, retailers, and distributors that can offer this product in your area.

2019-11-12 09_51_26-DS620slim _ Synology Inc.
Synology DS620Slim Review
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