The Best Entertainment on Your PC

If you have a computer, the possibilities to entertain yourself are not endless, but there are quite a few, especially if you have only a few hours to kill.


Let’s take a look at ways to have some fun while on your computer. You are bound to discover one that works for you.




Streaming video and audio is quite popular these days. This smart technology gives an opportunity to share media with other people. Besides, if the streaming does not require CDs, cables, and USBs, it becomes less of a bother.


With that said, the problem with such streaming is that you need Digital Living Network Alliance—DLNA for short. 


For example, if you have a MacBook, you will have to find a reliable DLNA server and install a proper media player. 


If you wish to set up DLNA streaming mac offers, it is recommended to use Elmedia Player, an app that covers pretty much everything you want in a DLNA player, including support for different subtitle and file formats. 


Twitch TV

It is a bit surprising to see the growth of Twitch TV. The platform continues to reach new viewership peaks. The trend was noticeable before the pandemic, but once Covid-19 forced people to stay home, many looked for new entertainment channels.


For some, traditional TV is being slowly replaced by personalities that stream on Twitch. Sure, the site is mostly made up of streamers playing video games, which can be off-putting if you are not into gaming. However, one can find other content creators, such as musicians, cooks, or podcast hosts.


Since streamers rely on audience support because they receive donations, subscriptions, and sponsorship deals, they put a lot of effort into content creation. 


The competition also makes streamers excel at what they do and encourage them to try their best to attract more viewers. Thanks to that, we, as viewers, have a lot of different channels to choose from and enjoy free entertainment. 


Video Games


Playing video games has been around for decades. However, the video game industry has expanded a lot in recent years. Innovation among different developers, console wars, the growth of esports, and more consumer demands push video games to new heights.


Be it multiplayer or single-player games, there is a plethora of available choices. Even if you have not played video games before, you should consider giving them a try.


There are also plenty of free video games you can play so long as your computer has decent hardware. 


In case you are more interested in watching someone else play, you can check gameplay videos on YouTube or catch streamers on Twitch TV. Who knows, you might find a competitive video game you like and will start following its esports scene, which will be another way to entertain yourself while on a computer. 



Some would say that reading news on a smartphone or tablet is more convenient. You can hold a device in your hand and scroll using your finger. 


When it comes to books, Kindle and other e-readers are superior to computers because the screen of e-readers is manufactured specifically for reading books. 


Nevertheless, it should not stop you from reading text on a computer if you feel like it. Sure, reading a book for hours is not that great for one’s eyes if you need to look at a computer’s screen, but various articles, social media content, and other shorter texts should not be a problem if you are using a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet.


Online Education


Some people might find education as a great form of entertainment. Thanks to platforms like Skillshare and Udemy, you can access both free and paid educational content. YouTube has many video tutorials as well. 


Whether you are looking to improve your current skills, learn something new that will help advance your career, or just satisfy curiosity about a particular object, a computer and an internet connection are pretty much all you need to consume the desired information. 


Socialization With Others


Socializing with people online is not the same as meeting them in person. However, during the pandemic, many of us had to adjust and use Zoom, Discord, and other communication platforms to stay in touch with friends and family.


If you have coworkers you are on good terms with and want to continue growing your relationship, you will need to use available tools to talk to them.


It is also worth noting that one can find new friendships online. Social media and platforms like Discord that gather like-minded people have large communities. You might find the experience of meeting new people and making friends with online strangers quite great. 

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