The Best Video Editing Software for Windows 10

The trend of video is constantly booming in importance and popularity. This means if you are trying to run a marketing strategy, you will need to abide by this surging trend. Videos are extremely effective content forms. Its prominence has increased even more with the rise of social media usage.

Well-created and quality video content can get your business or channel massive ROI. But you need to be mindful about what type of quality of videos you are releasing. There are many aspects that you need to keep in mind when you are creating a video. 

But, in the current times, a significant factor that one needs to be cautious about is editing. Editing videos is always going to be significant because blending sounds and imageries can make audiences connect to your content and business.

There is an amazing and advanced range of video editing software solutions easily accessible today. Modern software or applications are specially designed to make editing an easier option for you. Here is a list of the top-notch video editing software that you can install and use on Windows 10 without a drop of glitch or hassle. 

1. InVideo

If you are a video editor or just starting with your editing, you must have come across this option! InVideo is one of the most popular options that almost everyone interested in video editing is falling for! The most special factor about this tool is its interface as it is very different from the rest of the bunch of video editors available today.

This tool is a myth breaker of the notion that video editing needs a tech-savvy approach and skill-sets. Its intuitive interface makes the entire approach to video editing easy for newbies, and experienced minds can get the grip of its tools quite easily. 

It comes with more than 4000 templates to choose from. Making and editing videos take only 5 minutes when you use InVideo. 

Another advantage of this software is that it allows you to create many types of videos. Whether you are making an academic presentation, a ‘rock n roll music video, or a cool explanatory video for your business, its library allows a lot of templates. 

2. CyberLink Power Director

This software is ruling the choices of many and is perfect for windows users. It does not need any subscription and also makes it quite convenient to get familiarized with well-designed UI. Some of its excellent features include motion tracking, hundreds of effects, the capability of both 3D and 4K, screen recording, and multicamera editing. 

Another great aspect of this software is that it lets you edit 360-degree recorded footage as well. This software fits the needs of both newbies as well as experienced editors. These flexible qualities make this tool a really popular and sought-after choice. But its color matching option is very weak. And due to so many options, the interface can appear a bit overwhelming, particularly for beginners. 

3. Open Shot

This application has really good reviews so far, and you can give this shot. But before that, here is what you need to know! It is an advanced video editing tool that is absolutely free. It is easy to download, and it will not cover up much space in your system. It is compatible with Windows 10 or Windows and other operating systems such as Linux and Mac. You can use the same version of the application on various devices. 

It is rather great for use because of its UI. It gives you the liberty to switch between advanced and basic modes. You can use it in whatever mode you like or set up the mode accordingly based on whoever uses it. It is best for beginner-level editing as the tools are super easy to understand. You can get an idea about its features once you download it and begin to use it!

4. Adobe Premiere Elements

If you are looking for a video editor that will serve you on a basic level and offer quick editing facilities, then adobe premiere elements can be your choice. It is the best pick if you need to blend clips and music in your videos and add some simple transitions.

It does not require a full-fledged set-up, plugins, or any high-end skills. The design and the in-built tools make editing really easy. It functions cross-platform, offers good value for your efforts, and is completely free of charge.

It will run quite smooth on Windows 10 and has pretty sober feedbacks to date. It is a great option if you want to create quick video stories, music videos, or mini-films. Feel free to check it out online!

5. Avidemux

The Avidemux is a completely free video editor that is perfect for Windows 10. It is one of the simplest video editors specially designed for filtering, cutting, and encoding tasks. It is compatible with all the Windows operating systems. Also, one of its main advantages is that it supports a range of file types, including MPEG, AVI, DVD, ASF, MP4, and much more.

So, you can import, render and export your files in whatever formats you want without getting annoyed. The interface is designed for practical and quick editing. If you have extensive or very fancy editing needs, you can look for plugins. This software is a flexible one and is great for creating videos on a consistent basis as it saves you a lot of time!

The Bottom Line

Windows 10 is the most popular option among the Windows operating systems recently. It is used by millions today. But often you need to be sure whether it is compatible with basic software as per your need. Since it is new compared to the other versions, it is best to be sure about the compatibility before you install any brand new software.

Speaking of which, the software mentioned above is very much compatible with Windows 10 and will not bring forth any glitch or trouble while you run it. These applications will help you save time in your video editing process yet provide you with a professional and polished outcome. Feel free to go through the options mentioned above to enhance your video editing experience on Windows 10!

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