The Current State of Crunchyroll

Whether you’re new to anime or hardcore fan, Crunchyroll is an exceptional streaming service. With a gigantic library of content, you’ll have more anime than you’ll ever be able to watch. 

Crunchyroll is an American publisher, distributor, and licensing company that is focused on streaming anime, manga, and drama shows. Its distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to 60 million registered users worldwide. 

Crunchyroll, a WarnerMedia and AT&T-Chernin Group company (as a subsidiary of Otter Media), the world’s most popular anime brand, interfaces anime and manga fans across 200+ nations and territories with 360-degree experiences.

The San Francisco-based anime and manga site earns an average $83 million annually in membership income. It ensures its fanbase’s high engagement rates and loyalty. 

The audience streams 2 billion minutes of video per month, with a per-user average of about 45 minutes per day.

Current Business Model

Crunchyroll has made a name for itself as the streaming home for anime lovers by offering a comprehensive library over 15,000 hours of the top anime TV shows across the world. 

Users can check out the forums to join in on conversations about the content on the site regarding video games, anime, music, and life. There’s a functioning network of anime fans to interact with while exploring past and current anime shows and dramatizations. 

After being founded in 2006, Crunchyroll has been bringing anime to a wider audience around the globe. 

It soon attracted distributors and investors, and the content library grew to include some of the most well-known drama shows, anime, and manga series, along with exclusive content that you can’t find on other services in the US. 

Since then, the service has grown to include over 20 million users. They serve most of the content in Japanese, with English subtitles. They also provide some shows, like Dragon Ball, Beyblade, and Digimon, dubbed in English.

Crunchyroll Service

While Crunchyroll is a free service, users can have access to a free account. Upgrading to a paid account will give users full access to all the service’s content and features. 

The free plan will allow users to watch Crunchyroll content on iOS and Android devices with the Crunchyroll app. Users must have Flash enabled on their web browser to watch from a computer. 

Crunchyroll’s services also extend to licensing of home video, theatrical TV, and consumer product rights.

Anime fans looking for merch from their favorite manga and series can find it at the Crunchyroll online store. Users browse the store for everything from cosplay outfits to home decor to stickers. Premium+ members can ship items purchased at the store for free in the US. 

The U.S.-based streaming platform is venturing into the real-life business. The events include merchants, a mix of speakers, and in-person enactments spanning anime, manga, and video games. 

It has plowed royalties back into the industry, invested in recent productions and is moving into original content. 

Source: Crunchyroll

Subscription Base

In 2017, Crunchyroll passed the one million paid subscribers mark. Since then, it has more than double that number, surpassing 2.6 million subscribers in 2019. Other than paying subscribers, Crunchyroll said it has 60 million registered users (2020) on its platform and 10 million monthly active users. 

Crunchyroll hopes to accomplish more events outside of the U.S. Today, Crunchyroll’s streaming service is available in over 200 countries and territories. 

Beyond its US base, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Russia and Arab nations are all now important markets for them. With 20 staff in its Tokyo office, Crunchyroll’s global headcount has now reached 300, including over 100 at the back-end tech operations in Moldova.

Crunchyroll has a male-dominated fan base. But women now make up half of its subscribers, with a female audience increasing in Japan. 

There are more female-oriented shows developing in Japan these days, as women spend more money on anime-related events, which are an increasingly important source of revenue for Crunchyroll.

Source: Statista

Crunchyroll Content

Binge lovers watch famous anime titles and Japanese simulcasts hours after broadcast with Crunchyroll. It focuses on Japanese culture and society content and real-life drama remembered for its broad library. 

It could be an extraordinary streaming service for anime and manga fans. Yet, perhaps its most mainstream highlights are the simulcasts. 

Simulcasts permit you to watch episodes only hours after their TV releases in Japan. Over 800 titles are accessible on Crunchyroll, with new content added daily.

Popular anime titles include: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and many more. 

Crunchyroll also gives you access to manga simulpub, for example: Fairy Tail, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, The Diary of OchibiSilver Nina, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Besides, there’s even more to watch with Crunchyroll’s Spring 2020 Lineup, for instance: Tower of God, Food Wars!, Sword Art Online Alicization War of the Underworld, and Black Clover.

With a Crunchyroll Premium account, you can peruse popular comics online, and access the most up-to-date discharges from Kodansha Comics with its simulpub included. 

Crunchyroll Games brings anime games to your iOS and Android phone or tablet. It’s genuinely new to the gaming space and says it’s attempting to welcome more games to its service for Crunchyroll audiences and past. 


Crunchyroll technically competes with the streaming service giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. However, Funimation remains as its major competitor. 

This has been the question since the start of the anime blast abroad: which streaming platform is better? 

While Crunchyroll was the primary anime streaming platform that captioned anime legally, Funimation used to be a production company named FUNimation Productions in 1994 that had some expertise in appropriating foreign content. 

They streamed anime all the more consistently around 2005, yet didn’t have a similar effect as Crunchyroll.  Most people consider the latter their go-to for anime content. 

However, Funimation occupies more dubbed content in different languages than that of Crunchyroll. This is a major feature if you prefer to watch anime dubs.

Crunchyroll used to be just in the anime business before they made their slogan, “The Official Source of Anime and Drama.” That’s correct, Crunchyroll is not just anime, they additionally have live-action Japanese dramatization you can watch. 

On the off chance that you at any point needed to watch live-action Death Note and some great J-Drama, Crunchyroll is your pick. 

Crunchyroll has the high ground for the mass measure of works of movies, classics, simulcast, and now even original anime, which it has a major advantage over Funimation. 

While you can likewise find anime on a streaming platform like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, these two services bargain just in the well-known import. 

Crunchyroll Vs Netflix Vs Hulu

Netflix is producing their own anime content which might be a negative impact for Crunchyroll. 

Hulu likewise has a decent measure of anime on its library, yet both Crunchyroll Premium and Funimation Now offer an advertisement free experience to its subscribers. 

The two platforms will cost you $60 per year and are practically available all over the world, so it’s 100% about your preference. If you love the hot, recent shows, and wouldn’t fret subs, Crunchyroll Premium is for you for its better list. 

Cruncyroll Pricing

There are three plans to browse when pursuing Crunchyroll: Free, Premium, and Premium+. The Free Membership offers constrained anime and manga to any individual who signs up for an account. 

With a free account, watch the content in standard definition and will have advertisements during episodes. 

A Premium Membership, at $6.95/month, will give you access to all the content on Crunchyroll, with no advertisements. On the off chance that you need to set aside some cash, however, they likewise offer a three-month plan for $19.95, and a yearly arrangement for $59.95. 

Content is available in top quality. Audiences can stream it on any compatible device. Rewards of a Premium Membership incorporate priority customer and a markdown on merchandise at the online Crunchyroll store. 

The Premium+ Membership costs $11.95/month and incorporates the same advantages from a Premium Membership. Also, you’ll get VIP perks at shows, access to contests, and a first gander at extra beta highlights. 

If you think that Crunchyroll Premium service isn’t for you, you can cancel before your trial is done so you won’t get charged.

Source: Crunchyroll

Conclusion: Short-Term and Long-Term Plans

Beginning as a user-uploaded streaming site made by a team of designing alumni from Berkeley in 2006, Crunchyroll at first got under the skin of the Japanese anime industry for permitting pilfered fan-subbed shows for streaming. 

In the late spring of 2008, Crunchyroll’s management went to Tokyo planning to license anime and provide a legitimate service to the U.S. fan base. 

Crunchyroll has contributed more than $100 million to the Japanese business through royalty payments. Meeting with TV in Tokyo, Crunchyroll opened its first office in the Japanese capital. 

Crunchyroll now licenses anime, and some anime-related groundbreaking drama, from all the major Japanese networks. In addition, it puts resources into an ongoing arrangement, joining the creation boards of trustees. 

They have invested in over 40 productions, including many shows. They have a stunning relationship now with the content creators. 

The audience will experience a lot of great content soon with the support of its parent company, Otter Media. 

Crunchyroll’s commitment lies in promoting anime to the world, and fans are likewise happy with their memberships to bolster the business. They realize their cash is going straightforwardly to making more content; it’s very transparent. 

According to the CEO of Crunchyroll, Kun Gao, “Crunchyroll has a talented research group internally that will take a gander at how its forthcoming original series affects its business across memberships, advertising and distinct types of income sources”. 

Japan’s anime industry grew to $17.7 billion in 2019. Putting resources into Japanese anime, Crunchyroll is likewise making the move into original content, yet with its own preferences. 

Partnership with HBO Max

They have recently partnered with the new streaming platform, HBO Max. Audiences can explore an assortment of top choices from the Crunchyroll titles on HBO Max, carrying extraordinary anime side-by-side with the service. 

By bringing series from Crunchyroll to HBO Max, they deal to acquaint anime with a more extensive audience who value intriguing stories told through this dynamic medium. 

Along with HBO Max, Crunchyroll will convey the most extreme reach for these unimaginable anime series. However, dealing with only HBO Max won’t be enough fruitful for a long-term plan. 

Crunchyroll must focus on creating original content to compete with giant streaming services like Netflix. Therefore, it will need to continue to bring the most anime content at an affordable price to its users.

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