The Current State of CuriosityStream

If you’re looking for vast knowledge of science, nature, history, technology, and society, CuriosityStream has an outstanding service. It’s a worldwide independent factual media company and video-on-demand streaming service. 

The platform offers its audiences around 1,000 hours of non-fiction media and over 3,000 original and licensed content globally. 

Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks launched CuriosityStream on March 18, 2015. Since its inception, it has raised $140 million to subsidize the company’s next phase of growth. 

“This is a significant advance to associate CuriosityStream with audiences around the globe,” said Clint Stinchcomb, President and CEO of CuriosityStream. 

CuriosityStream aims to give users unlimited measures of content to fulfill any interests. It only offers documentaries and educational content. 

With this, the library is smaller but it’s more focused than a service like Netflix. Moreover, CuriosityStream’s price is reasonable at just $2.99 every month.

Business Model

CuriosityStream has relaunched its service by moving to a hybrid promoting and membership bolstered model. The company has propelled another advertisement upheld level called CuriosityStream Showcase. 

This gives audiences worldwide access to 18 titles for free. It has likewise brought down the cost of its membership bundles and brought pre-roll ads into its ‘standard’ package accessible for $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year. 

The company hailed the move as a fundamental change in the financial model of conveying premium on-demand TV and focused on limiting sponsored messages to 15-second pre-roll promotions, offering an uncluttered advertisement environment. 

Simultaneously, the company said that CuriosityStream Showcase would be accessible by CuriosityStream’s SVOD conveyance offshoots, incorporating satellite TV providers, cable operators, and ‘skinny bundle’ OTT distributors. It has dealt with over 30 third-party distributors–including Sling TV, Samsung, Amazon Prime Video Channels, TiVo, Roku, StarHub, VRV, and YouTube TV. 

It offers over 1,800 on-demand CuriosityStream titles featuring for the entire year. Six category-exclusive presenting sponsors will uphold CuriosityStream’s new ad-based model. 

Sponsor categories directly result from aerospace, automotive, energy, insurance, communications, and financial services, with Sprint as a significant brand representative.

Membership Base

CuriosityStream arrived at the 1 million subscriber mark toward the end of 2018. Now in 2020, it has over 13 million subscribers worldwide, and most of them are paid subscribers. 

It covers both direct to customer memberships and packaged deals with accomplices in the United States and global, corporate, and education partnerships, including Nebula. 

Nebula is an international, independent video-on-demand streaming service that broadcasts smart and thoughtful videos from favorite education creators. Most importantly, users still get complimentary access to Nebula with their CuriosityStream subscription.

CuriosityStream said that before the end of the main quarter of 2020, they expect its programs to be available to more dialects, including Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Cantonese. 

Stinchcomb said while localizing the company considering contractual distributor requirements, local language options will likewise build CuriosityStream’s worldwide DTC subscribers’ commitment and acquisition.

This is the number of paid subscribers to CuriosityStream worldwide from December 2018 to January 2020.

Source: Statista

CuriosityStream Content

CuriosityStream offers a vast scope of original shows, BBC docs, documentaries, and more. Its content covers the accompanying categories: Science, History, Nature, Technology, Lifestyle, Society, and more. 

This way, regardless of whether you need to find out about the historical backdrop of World War II, the future of our planet, or the science behind the most recent research advancements, CuriosityStream has something for you.

The categories are like what you’d find on Netflix. You have the Recently Added label, which has more up-to-date titles, including Casey’s Wild Backyard, Curious Minds, Science Shorts, Music, and JFK: Fact & Fable

There’s also the Trending category with choices like Science Versus God, Invisible Universe, and Holy War.

Here, you have various genres that you most likely won’t see in other streaming platforms. You’ll also discover categories like Civilization, Human Spirit, and Science, and Technology. 

These bring you titles like Annihilation: The Destruction of Europe’s Jews, Frank Sinatra or America’s Golden Age, Dark Secret of the Cosmos, and Art of America. There is even a category called Social Web that fills your interest with everything on the internet. 

To put it plainly, there’s a LOT to watch on this platform. It flaunts 2,000+ titles, and that choice is continuously extending. 


CuriosityStream has been named as the “Netflix of documentaries”. This ongoing streaming service has practical experience in recordings that plan to educate, inform, and inspire. 

CuriosityStream satisfies a particular niche that hasn’t been filled. They offer over 2,000 shows, documentaries, and short videos for their audiences. 

While the service won’t supplant a more extensive service like Netflix or Hulu, it does an incredible optional service for documentaries lovers. It’s likewise an excellent decision for families, home-schooled children, etc. 

CuriosityStream works with a wide assortment of streaming devices. This implies you can watch CuriosityStream from essentially anyplace, as it does with both streaming and cell phones. 

Far and away superior, the service works worldwide, so you can take it with you while traveling.

It resembles other streaming services, with various classifications to look over, compact portrayals of every documentary, and so on. In case you’re a fanatic of documentaries and education, it’s worth it despite all the trouble. 

The $3/month price is a fantastic deal. In case you’re searching for more general service with the occasional documentary, you may be better off with Netflix. 

At the cost of espresso, you can get an incredible selection of documentaries, and that’s just the beginning. 

CuriosityStream Pricing

As we just mentioned, the price of CuriosityStream is reasonable. The packages start at $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year for HD content. It also has an option of $9.99 per month and $69.99/year for 4K content. 

On the off chance that you have a 4K TV and need ultra-HD streaming, you’ll have to pay more. But HD is adequate, and $3 every month is mind-blowing for the measure of content this platform gives you. 

Audiences are delighted with the CuriosityStream platform, particularly considering the low sticker price.

The CuriosityStream offers a 7-day free trial. It starts when you set up your account, and it won’t charge until the full seven days are up. 

Besides, you get the advantage of two platforms in a single enrollment to add CuriosityStream to your Amazon Prime participation by buying CuriosityStream that way. 

Source: CuriosityStream

Conclusion: Short-Term and Long-Term Plan

CuriosityStream expects that the platform will have reached about 25% of Netflix’s distribution base, reflecting the long-show customer demand proportion, 1 to 4, between entertainment programming and non-fiction inside 2026. 

As has been the experience of other SVOD platforms, word-of-mouth advertisement plans to speed up the growth as CuriosityStream has already reached 13 million subscribers. 

CuriosityStream is attempting to meet the long-term goal of housing over 30 million paid and unpaid subscribers by 2026.

CuriosityStream’s alternative business model calls for a free version of the service “CuriosityStream Showcase”. Eventually, CuriosityStream is looking for advertising deals with six sponsors, one after another, totaling eight figures. 

The sponsorship course of action incorporates an unskippable, 15-second ad that will run before every video and marking of every video. 

Toyota has a theater inside of CuriosityStream. Along these lines, other than the long-structure content Dream the Future that they are sponsoring. 

They are additionally highlighting some content explicit to Toyota. It is anything but an infomercial; it’s not an ad. There is content from Toyota featuring Michio Kaku, likely the most eminent physicist on the planet. 

CuriosityStream is exhorted by a few people with foundations in science, education, and the arts. Its Advisory Board members have offered sound explanations toward the general activity. 

CuriosityStream president and CEO, Clint Stinchcomb, stated that the streaming service offers premium programs over the whole classification of factual entertainment. 

It is riding the unstoppable wave of internet-delivered SVOD TV that is sweeping the planet. 

Hendricks saw a chance to construct an online business around the same fact-based programming that made Discovery a $21.7 billion organization. 

CuriosityStream has a straightforward interface and educational and thoughtful programming that will engage a niche group searching for something different in the streaming world. 

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