The Current State of HBO Max

What is HBO Max?

There are a variety of networks presenting their own streaming services, and it’s no surprise that HBO has entered the streaming wars with the launch of HBO Max. 

It’s a direct-to-consumer video streaming platform from WarnerMedia. The platform guarantees to offer something special for everybody from preschoolers, to adolescents, to adults.

It has scripted and unscripted series, competition shows, documentaries, animation for kids and adults, movies, and a lot more. 

HBO Max will be more significant as it will incorporate a sizable library of content not only from HBO but all WarnerMedia subsidiaries. These include Turner Broadcasting, DC Universe, and obviously the Warner Bros.

AT&T has likewise shown that it will invest an extra $4 billion in content for HBO Max throughout the following ~5 years. 

The Company’s Goals

Its subscriber target is 50 million, with a $5 billion annual targeted revenue by 2025. They will convert the current cable to HBO Max after some time. This gives the service an about 34-million subscriber head start. 

AT&T will see marketing and content costs growing to $4 billion every year by 2024, from $2 billion this year. An advertisement upheld rendition of the service, and a universal rollout will follow.

HBO Business/Revenue Model

HBO Max will cost AT&T a lot of money. The aim is to bring the entirety of its top IP over to the platform (like Friends and The Big Bang Theory) as elite proposals to pull in new subscribers.

AT&T likewise wants to invest around $4 billion throughout the following years into the company.

It includes ordering an array of an original series for both traditional HBO and HBO Max. HBO NOW and HBO Max joined into one streaming platform for a $15 monthly subscription.

They plan to earn a major part of the revenue from during the early stages. Plans for an advertisement-supported version are also underway.

Subscribe to HBO Max, and you’ll get everything this new streaming platform brings to the table, just as all of HBO NOW’s content. 

As a refresher, here’s what you get with your HBO Max membership: 

    • The whole of HBO’s TV network service 
    • WarnerMedia shows and films
    • A compilation of other owned series and films like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and Joker
  • New original content like The Flight Attendant, Wall Street, and The Not So Late Show with Elmo

HBO Max has mapped out how expensive it will be in the meantime. Last quarter, it will be a significant business for them throughout the following four or five years. The organization trusts HBO Max will be a beneficial piece of AT&T until 2024 or 2025. 

Source: HBO

Most HBO Max profitability originates from 3 sources: Brand Awareness, Product Placement, and Integrated Ads & Sales. They focus on quality as a contained portfolio, and a mix of content (sports and news) is essential to progress as a platform.

They’re also planning to expand their streaming business as much as they possibly can to compete in the online streaming space. With the help of its parents, WarnerMedia and AT&T, there should be more than an adequate amount of funding.

Subscription Base

WarnerMedia released HBO Max in May 2020. AT&T announced that the platform would have 50 million US subscribers by 2025, and at least 75 million globally. It will not be so tough for the company as most of the HBO subscribers (which now have 160 million subscribers worldwide) join it easily. 

HBO had 134M subscribers around the world as of 2016. About 49 percent of all HBO subscribers are in the United States. Besides, most active subscribers to either HBO Now or the HBO pay-TV service (which includes HBO Go) can access HBO Max for no extra charge.

Plus, These streaming platforms from HBO have also so many subscriber counts. HBO Now has over 12 million subscribers, and HBO GO (U.S. cable Internet subscribers only) has also many. The subscribers of these platforms may be the shining future for HBO Max. 

Most of their subscribers must join HBO Max. A separate deal gives the platform several million more at the jump.

HBO Max Content

The platform included 10,000 hours of premium content at launch. The library incorporates the whole HBO service titles over a significant time span from Warner Bros., top content from around the globe, and a month-to-month offering of new Max Originals. 

The streaming service pulls from WarnerMedia’s profound content library, including movies and TV. It has a 100-year content assortment from New Line, TNT, DC, CNN, truTV, TBS, Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, Adult Swim, Rooster Teeth, and Looney Tunes

It also has a curated determination of classic films in partnership with TCM. Additionally, it offers a broad choice of third-party gained series and films. 

HBO Max Shows

The platform brings probably the best TV series from around the globe together in a similar spot for the first time. Some examples are Watchmen, Luther, The Wire, Oz, GOT, True Detective, Wasteland, The Night OfSopranos and so on.

It appears as great a period as any to glance back at each HBO original comedy and drama series from the 80s shows.

WarnerMedia’s extensive portfolio of programming acquisitions are all accessible here. It includes the complete libraries of Friends, Rick and Morty, The Big Bang Theory, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Boondocks, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and many more popular shows. 

Inside the primary year of launch, the platform includes the libraries of The West Wing, South Park, Gossip Girl, and many more brilliant shows. 

In case you’re among the armies of fans who enjoy Doctor Who by streaming services, you should definitely have HBO Max.

At launch, the platform turned into the selective online home for the puckish Time Lord, with every one of the 11 seasons of modern Doctor Who series available. 


Future periods of the show will likewise stream only on HBO Max, showing up on the service after they’ve made their presentation on BBC America. 

The full record of HBO’s original series are slated to appear in some form on the platform. These include Watchmen, Westworld, Veep, The Larry Sanders Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and upcoming projects from J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon.

Beyond series and specials, it also features a library of over 2,000 films within the crucial year. Quickly at launch, audiences have approached 700 blockbusters films through HBO, including Crazy Rich Asians, A Star Is Born, Aquaman, and Joker

WarnerMedia declared that each of the 21 of Studio animated features would stream only on HBO Max. That lineup incorporates family-friendly most loved My Neighbor Totoro, the Oscar-winning Spirited Away,  and The Wind Rises.

Also, the platform will likewise just release Zack Snyder’s fan-demanded Director’s Cut of Justice League in 2021.


HBO Max puts forth an incredible defense for itself. People must consider it as a part of the top-level streaming services available at the present time. 

The proliferation of streaming options out there has gotten a decent amount of merited criticism. Yet, the significant players in that environment — Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and now HBO Max — each offer an extraordinary experience, both in what they offer and how they make it available. 

On the off chance that HBO Max can resolve its insufficiencies in device compatibility and sound/video specs, it is a considerably more grounded contender for streaming subscribers. 

Its Selling Point

There are still an impressive deal of inquiries encompassing the availability of recent scenes of broadcast series on the platform. A choice one way or the other could likewise be a major factor in the service’s success down the road.

The entire content suffices to legitimize its $15 month-to-month cost.

The service offers premium content without premium conveyance (i.e., no 4K), and at an excellent value. It makes you work for the capacity to get to it. 

Source: Bloomberg

Regardless of whether you’re willing to take the terrible with the positive qualities for this situation will most likely rely upon the worth you place on the past and future programming from HBO, Warner Bros. Pictures, and unique brands under WarnerMedia’s banner. 

Because that (and that by itself) is the selling point for HBO Max. On the off chance that you paid for an HBO membership earlier, HBO Max will most likely be a beneficial update. 

If you lived without HBO shows and don’t feel a squeezing requirement for the DC Extended Universe and Harry Potter movies franchises across the board place, it’s more of a stretch to shell out that $15 per month. 

One thing appears to be sure, however: the streaming wars have another strong contender with HBO Max.

HBO Max Price

HBO Max is $14.99, a month at dispatch with a seven-day free trial. It combines the expense of HBO Now and HBO’s regular channel when you get it through most compensation TV providers. 

By correlation, Disney Plus is $7 per month, and Netflix’s most mainstream level is $13 per month. Subscribers of HBO Now can move up to HBO Max free, and HBO subscribers with AT&T can get it free. 

Source: HBOMax

HBO Max is ad-free, much the same as HBO’s channel, Disney+ and Netflix. HBO likewise plans a version with advertisements that will be available “within a year of launch.” 

A promotion that upheld HBO Max is to speak to individuals who aren’t willing to make good HBO’s present $15 month-to-month charge. A less expensive HBO Max would compete with other advertisement services, which incorporate Hulu, NBC’s Peacock and many others.

If it’s essentially “everything on HBO Max, yet with ads”, it could be on the costly side, say $10 per month. 

If it’s missing colossal pieces of programming, (i.e. those big-name originals or even recent HBO shows), it could be less expensive or even free. We will simply have to wait and see.

Conclusion: The Short term and Long-term Plans

AT&T and WarnerMedia have included another crown gem in the streaming space. HBO Max is a general entertainment platform that will contend with content kings like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

It’s the streaming service that AT&T uses to become famous in the direct-to-consumer marketplace at a genuinely competitive level. 

HBO Max acts as WarnerMedia’s $4 billion bets in the future. It’s a unified streaming platform that gets rid of the confusing need for separate applications.

Rather than contending with other premium networks like Showtime, HBO Max is focusing on Disney+, Netflix and Hulu

That is something beneficial for AT&T, as it needs to show that its $85 billion Time Warner securing was really a triumph.

The Need to Step Up Its Game

But there is still a lot of work ahead. For one, WarnerMedia needs to include Roku and Fire TV support at the earliest opportunity. 

HBO Max likewise needs 4K and HDR support, the two of which are significant quality advantages for Disney+ and Netflix. Thus, it should be comprehensively available to every cable subscriber.

At present, it underpins major providers like Verizon, Charter, Optimum and Cox.  

Over the long haul, it needs to step up its original content considerably further to justify the high $14.99 month-to-month cost. (For reference, Disney+ begins at $7 per month, while Netflix’s standard month-to-month plan costs $13).

Until that occurs, its greatest battle is getting individuals to download and open the application on their TVs, tablets, and telephones.

Having a wealth of library offerings is good, yet on the off chance that nobody opens the application, it rarely makes a difference. 

Challenges and Future Plans

The WarnerMedia division, which incorporates HBO just as Turner and Warner Bros., saw income decline 3.3%, to $8.92 billion.

It’s a drop credited to WarnerMedia’s choice not to permit shows and films to other services ahead of time of HBO Max’s debut. 

The HBO Max speculation, which incorporates these “foregone WarnerMedia content licensing revenues,” totaled $1.2 billion. They also faced a 9.5% decline in last quarter working pay, to $2.4 billion,  related to the company’s investment.

On the earnings call, AT&T recognized that HBO Max would be critical to the company’s prosperity going ahead.

WarnerMedia CEO and AT&T COO John Stankey said that the service would be the most excellent premium service in the market with a magnificent experience, better curation, and a higher level of culturally relevant offerings than contending items.

Final Thoughts

In the interim, the HBO Max investment will keep on affecting close term incomes, AT&T cautioned. 

In the initial segment of the year, “we expect pressure from an overwhelming HBO Max investment, which you saw start in the last quarter,” said AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stephens. The organization stays confident that HBO Max will progress admirably. 

In the second half of the year, HBO Max will have launched, leading to strong subscriber growth. The run rate advantages of cost decrease plans will be obviously noticeable.

5G combined with HBO Max will drive more updates and more grounded remote revenue growth later in the year. 

Although its success is not guaranteed, AT&T may bundle the service and offer it to existing HBO customers. It still needs to grow its subscriber base with new sign-ups and maintain proper investment. 

However, with vast amounts of licensed and original content, combined with the backing of large corporations, HBO Max is better poised than some competitors (like Apple TV+) to be a major streaming player based on its existing content alone.

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