The Many Uses Of Smartphones In 2018

Over the last 10 years, smartphones have become smarter than ever. There’s very little you cannot do on your portable lifeline now, and there are apps available to download for most things.

Using Your Smartphone For Payments

Most of us will be familiar with only having to touch our debit or credit card on a machine to make a payment. The retailer just shows your card to the machine, and it takes the payment automatically. If you install the right app on your phone, it will work just the same on the same machines.

It depends which smartphone you have as to which app you need. For iPhones it is Apple Pay, for android users there’s Android Pay, and if you have a Samsung smartphone there is Samsung Pay. They all work pretty much the same, and the big advantage is that your card details are never passed on to the machine. You can register more than one card on the app, and change the details very easily when a card expires.

These apps take the money from your card using a code and pass the payment to the relevant party. That makes them much more secure than an actual card. If your card is stolen it could be used before you have time to report it, but if someone steals your phone, accessing the app is not so straightforward, as they all have an extra security layer – that’s presuming they can unlock your phone in the first place.

Playing Online Games With Apps

There is no easier way to play online games than through an app. If you want to play in a live casino for instance, you can sit back and have hours of fun in your own home. Companies are now offering a range of casino games with live dealers, for those looking to immerse themselves in the experience. The same applies if you would prefer to play an adventure or a puzzle game. The choice of gaming apps is endless and will continue to grow.

Investing Using Apps

Many people download banking apps to make their day-to-day transactions, but there are now also apps for investing. On some of them, you need to make a deposit to start investing. There are some you can set up a monthly payment to, and there are some that you register your cards with. Every time you make a payment an app such as Moneybox will round it up to the nearest pound and save the difference. So if you pay £1.50 for something the app will take 50p. The idea behind this is that you will not even notice that you are investing, but will soon start to build up a nice pot of money.

Using Apps To Stay Healthy

There are many apps that help you to stay healthy. Some of them are fitness apps, some aimed at controlling your diet, while others are related to specific illnesses. These apps can be so important that even the NHS has an app library of ones they trust to help people manage their illnesses.

If you download an app and are not happy with it, you can always uninstall it, but most of the time they are so useful it’s unlikely to happen.

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