The Most Fascinating Facts about Netflix

If you are using to complete your late assignment, it is likely Netflix has something to do with it. Whether you love movies or not, it is most likely that you have watched something on Netflix.  Starting as an online DVD rental company in 1998 to rival the then dominant Blockbuster Video, Netflix now reigns when it comes to video content production and streaming. As of Q3 2018, Netflix boasted 137.1 million users.

If you are an avid movie buff, there are some interesting facts about Netflix that will give you more insight into this streaming platform.  This article highlights some of these fascinating facts you probably never knew.

    • Netflix Outranks Cable TV in the US: It might sound unreal but this is a fact which shows how much viewers love the freedom of choice. Netflix boasts have more than 50 million U.S. subscribers while only 48.61 million people still pay for traditional cable service.


    • The only drop in viewership: Netflix viewership dropped 10% during August 2017’s total solar eclipse.


    • Netflix rules the internet: According to Sandvine, overall, 35.2% of all internet traffic in North America is due to Netflix.


    • The interesting reason behind Netflix: A $40 late fee by Blockbuster forced founder Reed Hastings to think about online movie rentals.


    • Half of Netflix viewers are viewing cheaters: According to company data, Forty-six percent of couples around the world caught a TV show on Netflix ahead of their partner when they are not around.


    • Blockbuster turned down Netflix several times: Blockbusters was sure Netflix wouldn’t go anywhere and turned down an offer to buy the streaming company for $50 million. Eventually Blockbuster died, and Netflix is now worth $20 billion.


    • No one knows about the DVD warehouses: There’s secrecy around locations of the DVD warehouses, and even employees are sworn to secrecy.


    • Netflix’s First Name on Paper Was Kibble: In addition to,, andcom, the founders tried several names but Kibble was the first on paper for incorporation purposes.


    • Test Movie Still on Site: Netflix made a test movie known as “Example Show,”and it is still on site. The 11-minute film isn’t for consumers to buy.


    • Breaking Bad: Netflix’s most-watched show is Breaking Bad which made TV history and remains one of the most popular TV shows.


    • Good video content is not easy to find: True Netflix boasts 125 million hours of content butthe number of movies and TV shows has dropped by 50% making it increasingly difficult to find decent content.


    • Netflix is a great place to work: Employees start at eighteen dollars an hour and take as many days off as possible, and of course Netflix subscription is free. Working from home for the company is also possible.


    • Netflix has over ne petabyte of video content: A petabyte is equivalent to 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes, and that’s how big Netflix’s library is.

There’s so much to learn about Netflix. If you have found someone to do homework for you as you catch up with your favorite TV series, these fascinating facts will make your viewing even more interesting.

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