The Revolutionary Re-Writable ID Card Printing Technology

Rewritable ID cards, which are suitable for use with rewritable ID card printers, are special cards that are created to be printed, reprinted, and erased up to five hundred (500) times for each card, making them ideal for temporary passes and for badges. The production process of these cards involves using special temperature sensitive materials, which respond to the printer’s heat. Rewritable ID cards can only print in monochrome blue or black without shading or gradients. This makes them perfect for text as well as simple graphics. They are also available in magnetic stripe form or without it.

The re-writable ID card printing technology is beneficial in a number of ways. Some of these are: it helps in cutting down on waste and aids the reduction of supply costs. Unlike other card printing methods, rewritable printing doesn’t make use of a printer ribbon.

How Re-Writable ID Card Printing Technology Works

ID cards that are rewritable contain a clear thermo-chromatic material, which turns visible or vanishes, depending on applied temperatures. The application of this thermo-sensitive material is done in form of a layer (that is plastic in nature) over a substrate, which becomes visible when it is heated to the temperature, 180° C (356°F) and then cooled in a rapid manner. In most cases, the substrate used is PET for 10 mil cards or PVC for the 30-mil type. On the application of lower temperatures in the range of 110°C (2300F) and 160°C (320°F), color patterns that are present on a rewritable ID card become erased, so the same plastic card can be used and printed on again, as much as 500 times.

Applications and Benefits

Rewritable ID cards are best suited for situations where the data of a cardholder changes often, or in cases where it is necessary to re-use already printed ID cards. These cards can be updated with new info as frequently as needed, up to five hundred times, a feature that makes it possible for the ID cards to be reissued to new cardholders once they’ve been re-written.

Rewritable card printing technology reduces the costs of printing traditional ID cards because traditional printers require the use of brand new ID cards as well as printer ribbons. This revolutionary rewritable ID card printing technology does not need printer ribbons, which helps your company cut down on printing savings.

Apart from these, rewritable ID card printers utilize an eco-friendly approach since there is no need for discarding used ID cards every time they have to be updated. With the printing technology, all you need do is to erase and reprint those particular ID cards over and over.

Rewritable ID cards are best used for designing Loyalty ID Cards since you have the leeway of updating the status of a customer’s loyalty points and including personalized promotions & special offers on the ID card of your customer directly. Furthermore, they are suitable for reprinting Visitor ID Badges that are normally used just once. All you need do is just to re-write them with new data, such as a user name, a company name, and visit date.

As for Holiday and Ski Resorts, you can reuse ID badges, reprinted with fresh info, like a new name, barcode, photo, and date valid. You can also use the same Student ID Card for entire enrollment of a student in a school. Additionally, the student’s ID card is updated with their current information, each year, semester or quarter. Lastly, rewritable ID card printing technology is useful as an advanced marketing tool, when you seek to customize plastic ID cards on the spot.

In a Nutshell

The revolutionary rewritable ID card printing technology is a novel method for designing cards that can be re-used, re-printed, and erased up to 500 times, without the need for ribbon. Not only are rewritable card printers cost-effective, they are also eco-friendly. The printing technology has a range of applications as Loyalty ID Cards, Student ID Card, Holiday & Ski Resorts ID Badges, among others.

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