The Top 5 Music Streaming Platforms

Once upon a time, the only way consumers could listen to music was through the radio or listening to a cassette. Over the decades, the way we listen to music has evolved dramatically. In 2020, CDs and digital downloads have declined in popularity, with streaming bursting onto the scene and making the biggest impact.

Streaming not only makes music more accessible to anyone on the planet, but the sound quality tends to be far superior when compared to songs on CDs. Whether you’re already using a streaming platform or are new to the scene, here are 5 of the best streaming platforms for music.


Spotify is at the forefront of music streaming. With a wide choice of old and new music, personalized and curated playlists, not to mention a million podcasts to explore, it’s easy to see why millions of music lovers across the world are Spotify members. Whether you want to sing along with the lyrics, or learn more about an artist, Spotify is a great streaming platform to enhance your music taste. You can even download music to listen to when you’re out and about. While there is a free version of Spotify, you will have to endure adverts.

Apple Music

When becoming an Apple Music member, the platform will store a copy of your current music library, meaning you can listen to your favorite tunes from any device. There are tons of old and new tracks, personalized recommendations, and thoughtfully curated playlists to check out. Apple Music has a great search function that enables you to search for lyrics. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can let Siri do the hard work for you. Like with Spotify, you can download songs to listen to offline as well.


If you consider yourself an audiophile, Tidal is the music streaming service for you. Known for its high-resolution and excellent CD quality, Tidal is subscription-only and artist-owned, meaning they receive a fairer deal than any other streaming service. Tidal has a broad catalog of new and older music, as well as bespoke playlists, exclusive content, and music videos. You can also download your favorite songs that can be listened to offline.


While Deezer has more tracks than Spotify and other streaming services, it cannot compete when it comes to podcasts. As a substitute, Deezer brings live radio to the app, making this platform the ultimate service for your music demands. There is a SongCatcher feature Deezer includes which identifies music playing when you’re out and about, meaning if you like the sound of a particular song, you can find out who is behind it and add it to your playlist in a matter of seconds. There are over 56 million songs housed on Deezer, meaning you are sure to find music that reflects your taste.


Another popular audio live streaming and podcast platform is Spoon. This service is loved by over 20 million people across the world, and lets you host your own show, as well as interact and earn money from fans. If you enjoy making music and want to share your songs with the world, Spoon lets you live stream for up to 2 hours and has a Live Call feature where you can invite guests to co-host. There are thousands of talented DJs who use Spoon Radio that you can connect with.

If you like to keep up with the current charts, or you’re a fan of 60s, 70s, and 80s music, all the streaming platforms above boast catalogs that span millions of songs. Whether you’re a lover of pop, rock, rap, or blues, you are sure to reap the benefits from any of the streaming giants mentioned.

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