The Top Gadgets Consumers Are Clamoring For This Fall

Even with the demand for gadgets set to fall, it seems the market is heating up again. From a projected 7% increase in technology for the year to a long list of the latest gadgets on the market, the tech space is booming. Industry giants like Amazon have just rolled out their new additions like the new Echo Dot Kids edition and a Ring security camera drone.

Coupled with the latest purchasing trends and raving reviews, there are some clear winners in the technology market. Whether it is a nifty pocket-sized gadget like a contactless thermometer or a new personal computer, here are the leading gadgets that are dominating the market currently.

Healthcare Gadgets: Withings/Nokia Thermo Contactless Thermometer 

Thanks to recent events, consumers are more health-conscious than ever. With that increased awareness has come a rise in demand for healthcare gadgets as they all try to keep fit and stay healthy. One good example: The Whitins Thermo, a contactless thermostat that was initially being used as client appreciation gifts due to a lack of market. However, a few months ago all of that suddenly shifted. Now, Crucial Tech Co is increasing production to meet a target of 500,000 units within the first half of 2020.

In fact, it is rumored that the demand is so high for the device that you are unable to get your hands on one until next April. Priced at $99.95, the thermometer connects to your mobile phone using both iOS and Android platforms. It allows you to track temperature readings and other symptoms to get suggestive medical advice on your smartphone, without the need for a healthcare professional. Sales are set to continue soaring for the foreseeable future too, given the current medical crisis.

Handheld Gaming Systems: The Nintendo Switch Lite And Playstation 5

Another market that has experienced accelerated growth in recent months is the video gaming market. According to estimates by Simon Kutcher & Partners, the average time spent on video games has skyrocketed and, gamers are now spending 39 percent more on gaming. As a result, the industry is now pegged to be worth $170 billion. The Nintendo Switch gaming console has long captured a significant portion of the young gaming market.

This is largely thanks to its varied range of games like adventure, fantasy, and fashion which are a popular present idea for teenage girls. For older boys and girls, there is the hugely anticipated Playstation 5 which will launch in November this year. Aimed at hardcore gamers, the Playstation 5 has garnered massive press in recent months thanks to new features like GameHelp.

Personal Computers And Laptops: HP Stream 14 And Spectre 360

With the latest research showing at least 42 percent of the workforce is working from home full-time, the demand for PCs has skyrocketed. In Gartner’s latest report on the PC market, HP emerged the standout winner with a 17.1 percent year on year increase in sales. Models like its HP Stream 12 and Spectre 360 has proved to be quite popular with consumers in recent months thanks to its affordability and 5-star reviews.

Ringing in at just under $350, the HP stream laptop is compact, has an AMD A4 9125 dual-core processor, and 32GB eMMC storage drive, making it perfect for spreadsheets, remote working, and online schooling. The HP Stream also comes with a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office- perfect for remote workers and college students alike.

With so many exciting current and upcoming tech releases on the market, there is now a wide range of gadgets to get passionate about. The only question that remains now is: Which one is on your wishlist?

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