The Top Ten Tech Hacks To Try Now

Life hacks have become a popular subject in recent years. These hacks can cover a wide variety of areas and can be rather helpful. Among these helpful hints, technology related hacks can be found for many different devices. Here are some of the best technology hacks to try.

Download Videos from YouTube

Have you ever wished you could download a favourite video to save or perhaps be able to view when offline? Simply look at the URL in the address bar and add the letters “ss” right before the word YouTube. This hack permits you to download video in multiple formats.

Impenetrable Password

With so much concern over cybersecurity create a password using your keyboard’s non-English characters.

QR Codes for Wi-Fi Passwords

When having guests at your home, it is very common nowadays to share your Wi-Fi password with them. Some passwords can be rather lengthy and consist of random letters and numbers. An easy way to share this is to create a QR code with your Wi-Fi details. The code can be put anywhere in the home for your guests to scan.

Need to Stop an Alarm

Do you have a roommate that often sleeps through their phone alarm? If you want to silence the loud device, simply call them on their phone which will disable the alarm. Problem solved!

Make Your Phone in a TV remote

If you own an Android phone, there is a handy app that you can download called the Android TV Remote Control App. Simply make sure both your phone and Smart TV are on the same Wi-Fi network and presto you have a remote!

Press twice for a period

Typing a text and switching between screens can be rather annoying especially for common symbols such as the period. Actually there is an amazing hack which can help you send off a text much quicker. When you wish to insert a period, simply press the space bar twice and voila a period appears instantly.

Cord Protection

We all know that charging cables aren’t cheap especially if you have even owned an Apple device. Over time these cords can easily become frayed. To help prevent this, a spring removed from a ballpoint pen can be wrapped around the end of the cord.

Reopen a tab

It can be frustrating when you are surfing the internet and accidentally close a tab in your browser window. If this occurs, there’s no need to open a new one and type the address. Actually there’s a shortcut that can reopen the tab you just closed. If you are using a PC, press control+shift+t. Mac users need to use command+shift+t.

Fast Charge

When you’re in a hurry, waiting on your phone to charge can be rather bothersome. If you switch your phone over to airplane mode, the phone will charge faster.

Lend out your phone?

Sometimes people may want to borrow your phone for a quick call. However, you are reluctant to open it up to them. All they need to do is use Siri while on the lock screen to place the call.

Perhaps some of these tech life hacks can help make life a little easier for you!


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