The Top Three Roku Streaming Devices

There are tons of streaming devices available for everyone, and some of the best ones are from Roku. Today, we’re focusing on the top three Roku streaming devices that we have categorized just for you. 

Here, we’re giving you three excellent Roku devices under different rankings. These are the “Budget Option”, the “Basic Option”, and the “Best Option”. We will also provide you with essential details such as their prices, functions, and features. 

These information will give you an idea of what the streaming devices can do. Also, it will be easier for you to decide which of the top three Roku streaming devices suit your needs. 

Roku is a manufacturer of excellent digital media players that allows easy streaming of media content from different online services. 

The Roku OS

All the top three Roku streaming devices that we’re featuring run the Roku OS. The company maintains it, and the latest one they have is the 9.2 version. It’s packed with numerous fun features like new ways to search for your preferred films. 

Best of the Best – the Top Three Roku Streaming Devices

First on our list of the top three Roku streaming devices is the budget option. Then, it’s followed by the basic and best options. 

Budget Option – Roku Express

The Roku Express is one of the top three Roku streaming devices on our list. It may not be the fastest or most powerful player around, but it’s built on a solid, impartial platform. 

The device offers a lot of free content, as well as a universal search feature, which is great. Also, it’s a perfect device for people who still use HDTV’s until today.

If you plan to buy, or if you already have a 4K HDR TV, we suggest that you step up to the Roku Streaming Stick+. 

Video Quality

When it comes to the video quality of the Roku Express, it can handle streams of up to 1080p. It’s adequate and good for its price, which makes it an excellent device to have. Video quality isn’t top-notch like the pricier options, but it sure is clear for an enjoyable viewing. 


The Roku Express’ remote has a minimalist design which is the style of most Roku remotes. It features a slightly rounded wand that’s made from matte black plastic, as well as Roku’s signature design. This is a purple plus-shaped control pad close to the top. 

Above the control pad, you will find the back and home buttons. The replay, option, and playback controls are located below it. 

Despite its simple design, it comes with dedicated service buttons for Hulu, ESPN+, Sling TV, and Netflix. These are set further down the playback controls. 

Since the remote is an infrared device, you will need to directly point it at the Roku Express to work. The free iOS and Android Roku application allow you to switch your smartphone into a wireless remote. 

What’s cool is that it doesn’t need any line of sight, and allows for voice search, which is pretty convenient.

Features – Hardware and Software

Hardware Features

The new Roku Express is a relatively little media streamer. It measures only 0.7 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches (H x W x D).

Its face is made from glossy black plastic that gives a nice premium feel. Plus, this face on the front conceals the infrared sensor for the remote. It hides it using a curved matte plastic shell running across the top.

At the back panel, it features an HDMI port with a 2-foot cable included. Plus, a micro USB port for power and a 4-foot cable with wall adapter is included. We liked that Roku included a pinhole reset button in this area as well.

Software Features

Roku OS’ new features help improve the performance of media playback and even Roku devices. The software expands platform support for industry standards that cover metadata and content. 

Also, there are new and improved tools that allow troubleshooting, automated testing, performance monitoring, and debugging of channels.

Tons of Power and a Lot of Fun

The Roku Express is power-packed and compact, so you’ll get to stream your favorites easily and conveniently. You can enjoy various series on Netflix, Prime Video, movies, to free alternatives such as Pluto TV and All 4. With Roku Express, you can enjoy the most popular TV across paid and free channels. 

Just Pay for the Stuff You Love

For under $37, Roku Express included a simple remote and high-speed HDMI cable. There aren’t any monthly equipment fees, and there are no contracts as well.

Plus, it comes with an unbiased search, making it convenient to find free entertainment. If not, you can find them at the lowest cost. 


If you’re someone who’s still utilizing a 1080p television, the Roku Express will come in handy. It’s one of the most economical and convenient ways to bring more life and fun to it. 

With this, you’ll get streaming applications and services for only $29.99. So if you want to get your own Roku Express, check out our affiliate link for details.

The Basic Option – Roku Streaming Stick+

The Streaming Stick+ is another one of the top three Roku streaming devices on our list.

Looking at the device, it’s exactly what Roku has been aiming for. They created a tiny product that you can plug into any television setup. 

It can also entirely replace the controls and interface with one remote. Plus, it can offer access to a vast collection of content across a range of services.

Generally, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is the default Roku. By extension, it’s the first option of those purchasing a media streamer for the now-standard 4K TV.

Video Quality

Enjoy watching your favorite shows or series with stunning clarity and detail. It doesn’t matter if you’re streaming in HD, HDR, or 4K, you’ll get optimized picture quality for your TV. Not only that, but you’ll get to enjoy vivid color and sharp resolution every time. 


The Roku Streaming Stick +’s remote is the device’s main attraction when launched in the year 2017. It had a power button and volume buttons for TV controls together with voice search. The latter was previously relegated by Roku to some of its most expensive players. 

For the 2019 model, it now includes a convenient and reliable mute button. 

Each Roku remote control comes with a random number of hard-coded buttons for different streaming services. Lastly, the remote comes with a microphone and button for voice searches. It’ll allow you to hold the remote then speak to it for commands. 


Physical Features

If you take a look at the Streaming Stick+, it’s generally a small device that’s just 3.7 inches. When the HDMI ports of your television are at the back, you’ll need to make enough space for it. 

It comes with a single white power LED that lights up whenever the stick receives a command from the remote. We think it’s a nice feature since it alerts you automatically. 

Wireless Excellence

It doesn’t matter where you’re currently located. The Streaming Stick+’s long-range wireless receiver offers 4x the range plus stronger signal for smoother streaming. 

Even if your room is far from the router, you’ll get an excellent and seamless signal. 

No More Juggling of Remotes 

Power up your television, control streaming, and adjust the volume with just a single remote. Your voice is enough to search across different channels. It can also switch on captions, and a lot more. 


With its simple design and numerous features, this is one of the most affordable top three Roku streaming devices around. At just $39.99, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is a 4K HDR streamer that you should get.

For your own Streaming Stick+, you can check out our affiliate link for more information. 

The Best Option – Roku Ultra

The best option for the top three Roku streaming devices is the Roku Ultra. It can launch channels faster and seamlessly than its predecessors, features a programmable remote, and user-friendly system, and is quick to configure.

It provides a solid 4K HDR performance, and with its included programmable buttons, the Roku Ultra gets even better.

Video Quality

Get to cast videos, music, and images to your TV with ease. Plus, The Roku Ultra can easily play 4K videos with support for HDR content in HDR 10. 


The Roku Ultra comes with an optimized voice remote loaded with a ton of various tracks. It has the usual purple-colored directional pad close to the top, with the power, home, and back buttons above.  

Below are your usual microphone, option, replay, and playback buttons. Of course, you have the dedicated controls offering easy access to Hulu, Netflix, and more. On the right portion, you’ll find the mute and volume rocker.

Also, there’s a pinhole mic close to the top that allows you to speak commands into the remote. It’s for the Roku Assistant voice search feature for convenience. 

An advantage of the remote and the Ultra are the numbered buttons amid the service buttons and playback controls. These two buttons are programmable shortcuts you can set to easily repeat Roku voice commands. 


Hardware Features

The Roku Ultra is square-shaped and slightly larger than a coaster, measuring 4.9 inches on both sides. With its design, it’s easy to place anywhere.

It has numerous ports, including HDMI 2.0a and Ethernet, which is helpful for those with an unstable Wi-Fi connection. It has a MicroSD for storage purposes, and a USB port to read media drives using Roku Media Player App.

Private Listening Enjoyment

You can enjoy private listening via phone using the free iOS and Android Roku app. But with the remote, you can easily access this feature which is highly convenient for everyone. 

An Ultra Remote

One of the advantages of the Roku Ultra’s remote over other Roku remotes is the headphone jack on the left. 

The device can directly stream audio to the remote, allowing you to listen to what’s playing. You can listen through the JBL earphones included, or you can use your personal favorite headphones instead. 


The Roku Ultra costs $99.99. It’s the priciest product among the bunch, yet it also packs a lot of features that you’ll truly enjoy. If you’re interested, you can check out our affiliate link for more details.

The Top Three Roku Streaming Devices – Conclusion 

These top three Roku streaming devices have a lot to offer, but each of these is different in their own way. If you want the best option, go for Roku Ultra. It has an optical port where you can connect your sound system and enjoy your movie experience. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a Roku device, it’s best to get the more affordable options. Although Roku Express and Streaming Stick+ have fewer features than the Ultra, these provide great streaming experience and excellent performance.

To read more about streaming or to find other excellent streaming devices, check out the site for more details.

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