Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition and Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis

Taipei, TaiwanMarch 21st, 2018-Thermaltake, a leading premium gaming tower manufacturer, announced the immediate availability of Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition and View 37 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis. Constructed with a gull-wing window panel for internal components show-off, the View 37 Series delivers a sleek look to complement its excellent cooling. View 37 RGB Edition is preinstalled with 3 built-in Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fans, a Riing Plus RGB controllerand a PCI controller to deliver 256-color RGB illumination and unparalleled ventilation. More custom RGB lighting possibilities are permitted thanks to its light synchronization with enthusiasts’ favorite RGB motherboard brands: Asus AURA SYNC/ Gigabyte RGB Fusion/MSI Mystic Light Sync-enabled motherboards. As to View 37 Riing Edition, it features 2 built-in Riing 14 LED Blue fans to illuminate and dissipate heat more properly. The duet doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cooling potential and flexibility, with its ability to accommodate up to 8 case fans, including up to two large 200mm fans at the front.

Speaking of hardware support, View 37 Series has ample room for up to seven 3.5” or eleven 2.5” HDDs, plus “8+2” expansion slots. It supports CPU coolers up to 180mm in height, VGA lengths up to 410mm, PSU sizes up to 220mm in length, and the latest AIO/DIY liquid cooling solutions. It is designed to embrace the diversity of a gaming station with stylish statement and options and make PC enthusiasts’ next rig like no other.

Exclusively “Tt LCS Certified”
Tt LCS Certified is a Thermaltake exclusive certification applied to products that pass the design and rigorous hardcore enthusiast standards that only the world’s best LCS chassis are held to. The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can clearly convey to power users and enthusiasts which chassis are built and tested to be best compatible under extreme liquid cooling configurations. This ensures you get the best performance, compatibility and features.

Features of Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition and View 37 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis:

Enlarged Transparent Gull-wing Window Panel Design
Constructed with premium transparent top panel wrapping around to the side, View 37 Series ensures durability of the window and delivers a gorgeous view of the superb configuration inside.

3 Built-in Patented Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control Fans
View 37 RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis comes with three patented Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fans to offer high-static pressure, 256 colors LED ring, 12 addressable LEDs, compression blades and hydraulic bearing for a vivid illumination and ultimate thermal efficiency. To deliver a better RGB experience, the Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fan is a hardware/software controllable gear that the fan speed/light mode/color mode/light speed can be customized through the included Riing RGB Controller and PCI Controller or via Asus AURA SYNC/ Gigabyte RGB Fusion/MSI Mystic Light Sync. Making the fan light match your build’s style has never been so easy.

Software Controllable Lighting in Sync with Asus/Gigabyte/MSI Motherboards (View 37 RGB Edition Only)
Thermaltake has teamed up with enthusiasts’ favorite motherboard brands, Asus/Gigabyte/MSI, to give View 37 RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis even more illumination synchronization options. Just connect the Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fan to the built-in Riing Plus RGB controller and Asus AURA SYNC/ Gigabyte RGB Fusion/MSI Mystic Light Sync-enabled motherboards for the ultimate compatibility.

Built-in Riing Plus RGB controller (View 37 RGB Edition Only)
View 37 RGB Edition direct fan control:
The built-in Riing Plus RGB controller is a 3 port hub that offers direct fan speed/light mode/color mode/light speed control over the Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fans. There is also a built-in memory function to save the color applied and insure the same color selection every time you boot your PC.

View 37 RGB Edition fan control in conjunction with Asus/Gigabyte/MSI motherboard RGB software:
Connect Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fans with the Riing Plus RGB controller and Asus/Gigabyte/MSI motherboard RGB software to easily expand illumination synchronization options without the need to install any extra lighting controllers.

Built-in PCI Controller (View 37 RGB Edition Only)
Simply install the included PCI Controller on the outside of View 37 RGB Mid-Tower Chassis’s back panel and enjoy taking full control of the fan lighting mode/speed without the need of removing the side panel. Up to 2 Riing Plus RGB controllers can be connected to the PCI Controller at the same time.

Advanced Ventilation
To dissipate heat properly, View 37 RGB is preinstalled with three Riing Plus 140mm Hardware Control fans (two front fans and one rear fan) while View 37 Riing Edition is preinstalled with dual Riing 14 LED Blue fans (one front fans and one rear fan). View 37 Series enables users to build a complete high-end system with ample room for up to 8 case fans, and full compatibility with 420mm, 360mm, 280mm, 240mm, 140mm and 120mm radiators. Removable front fan filter, front panel filter and the power supply filter at the bottom provide excellent reduction against dirt and dust and gives better airflow.

Upgrade with Up to Two 200mm Front Fans
View 37 Series doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cooling potential and flexibility. It supports up to two 200mm front fans to guarantee high airflow and embraces the diversity of a PC case with stylish statement and options.

Tool-Free Installation
The fully modular tool-free drive cages to provide the ease of installation/removal and maximize the interior space for highly customizable layouts. The modular drive bay concept of “3+4” offers a good ratio for accessories and storage devices.

Outstanding Expandability
Guarantees outstanding hardware expandability thanks to the support for standard E-ATX form factor motherboards, a CPU cooler with maximum height 180mm, a VGA of up to 410mm in length without front fan, and a power supply with length of up to 220mm while there is still plenty room for accommodating multiple 3.5”/2.5” storage devices.

Riser GPU Support Bracket
Specially designed for dual GPU placement options, View 37 Series has the support for vertical graphic card layout with dual PCI-E slots design. Integrated riser GPU support bracket not only prevents the graphic card from sagging, but also helps to reduce the weight on the motherboard PCI-E slots.

Vertical Radiator View (VRV)
Turn the tides on traditional radiator mounting and bring out the glorious view of custom loop or all-in-one radiator applications with vertical radiator viewing. Supporting proper placement for 120mm and 140mm radiator applications up to 420mm in length, gain more compatibility when pairing up both CPU and GPU cooling solutions. Take on even more with custom loop options for enthusiast grade cooling, fitment and flow.

AIO/DIY Liquid Cooling Capable
View 37 Series supports all types of advanced AIO liquid cooling solutions and has the capability to house up to one 420mm DIY liquid cooling radiator fitment, either at the front or on the right side.

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