Tips And Tricks That Will Make You A Netflix Streaming Pro

There was a time when Netflix seemed like the ultimate solution to all our TV and film watching issues. Unfortunately, long buffering times, low-quality streaming or inaccessible content does not help in reaching the entertainment bliss you have always dreamt of. But don’t worry: here are a few Netflix tips and tricks that will keep you glued to your TV forever.

How to make the best choice every single time

Do you spend most of your watching time scrolling over the various films and TV shows on offer? Try this trick: Use the Enhancement Suite, which is a Chrome plugin for Netflix.

Set up the suite to add Rotten Tomatoes ratings to your Netflix listing in addition to the other features like IMDb facts, official trailers, etc. If you want to watch the movies with the highest ratings, this is the best way to do it.

Use Reddit to improve your Netflix experience

Don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes ratings? No worries, there is another way – use Reddit. The subpage in Reddit’s home page features all the best that Netflix can offer. You can even manage to find awesome shows and movies that you are sure to miss otherwise. Over 300,000 Reddit users vote for the content so you can easily narrow down your choices and watch the show you like – finally!

Watch and chat simultaneously with your friends

Although watching your favorite show on Netflix is a wonderful thing, even better is discussing it with friends. Rabbit can show you the way. This is a group chat app that lets you watch content and share the experience with your friends simultaneously and in real time.

Use a VPN service

If you are in a region where Netflix is not accessible, using a VPN service can help you unblock the geo-restriction. For instance, if you want to watch the US Netflix content in London, a VPN service will do the trick. With a good VPN service, you can even watch Netflix in China, where it is completely banned. However, since Netflix policy forbids this, you have to consider the pros and cons before you take the plunge.

Download and watch offline

Lack of proper internet connectivity used to be a big bane on Netflix viewers. Streaming obstacles and buffering prevented many from enjoying the Netflix experience to the full. But this is not a problem anymore. Netflix offers the facility to download the TV shows and movies you want on to your mobile and watch them anywhere and anytime. Make sure you use the download app for mobile to enjoy this feature.

No more buffering

To end the buffering issue and relish in your binge-watching, you should make sure the internet and your settings are optimized properly. If you use a computer, there are some shortcuts that can get rid of the buffering. Open up the hidden menu that has streaming options and buffering solutions by pressing Alt+S or Ctrl+Shift+Opt. For PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii use directional pad click up twice, down twice, left, right, left and up four times to get to the menu. For other streaming devices, like Apple TV, you can use the Playback settings feature and select the low or auto feature for better streaming even when the connection is not good.

Hope the tips and tricks above will help you get the best out of Netflix. These hacks are sure to enhance your experience dramatically.

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