Top 7 Budget Cameras that Are Ideal for Streaming

If you ask an average person in the street what profession is the most popular today, it is quite probable that the answer would be a blogger. When one opens an Instagram or YouTube account, it can be clearly seen how posh and luxurious a life of a person with one million followers can be. Nonetheless, they all have started somewhere and the majority of today’s best bloggers began creating their accounts from scratch, from the very first video they have posted. Thus, if you want to become a successful blogger in the nearest future, you need to get a camera to begin with. This article will tell you about the top seven budget cameras that are ideal for streaming.

Minimal Budget

Logitech C920

This $70 camera is a perfect option for those who make the first steps in their blogging careers. This is a live stream camera that can be considered to be the most popular in the modern market. Having bought this gadget, you will be able to stream your videos in Full HD. It has splendid autofocus and a dual microphone, which is extremely important for beginners that do not know how to post edit video and sound.

Microsoft Lifecam Studio Business

This camera has recently become a real hit with the newbies to the world of blogging. What is more, even some professionals consider it to be a hard bargain. For only $60 it offers you a chance to stream in 1080-720 resolution, which is Full HD. You also get a high-fidelity microphone and a 3.6’ to 32.8 autofocus which is quite incredible.

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Logitech BRIO Webcam

This camera is a little bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. As a matter of fact, this is the best streaming camera within the given price range. If you are a college student who wants to start his or her own blog about some academic matters, this $200 streaming machine is just for you. It has a high dynamic range and thus it calibrates the color automatically, meaning that you would not have to care about ISO, exposure, and other light-related parameters. Of course, the video quality is Full HD and the capture angle is 90°. 5x digital zoom would be of the greatest use to you if you want to make some dynamic videos. The final image is clear and crisp thanks to the high-quality autofocus. This camera is a great low-budget option.

Starter Budget

Canon Vixia HF R800

This is, probably, one of the greatest camcorders to be purchased for the price of $210. This is a perfect option to start your journey in videography. It has a good battery life and it is extremely light, as it weighs only 305 grams or 10.76 oz. There is a micro jack outlet that lets you connect it with an outer microphone. This is the best camcorder for live streaming with a rotating screen and Full HD video quality.

Panasonic H-V770

Moving higher up the prices ladder, Panasonic H-V700 is your perfect choice for $550. This camera should be considered a serious upgrade when compared to all the previous cameras, per se, saying that the camcorders up the list are not bad. Bluntly put, this camera is a pure academic English when compared to the slangy talk offered by its predecessors. The 20x optical zoom will leave nobody indifferent along with a perfectly gauged image stabilization technology. What is more, those who want to advance their skills, this camera has a manual focus. Despite all the pompous elements it features, it is still an entry-level camera that would be perfect for any streaming newbie.

GoPro HERO Series

Of course, this list would have not been complete without at least one representative of the GoPro HERO family. The pivotal advantage of this camcorder is that it is represented in the market in a diverse price range. The cheapest one is $200 while the most advanced model will cost you some $400. However, this is a perfect shot for those who want to go online and stream the craziest of videos. Here comes an analogy for students: in the world of academic writing, this camera is nothing else but a perfect custom written APA paper. This is a Full HD camcorder with the HyperSmooth video stabilization technology. What is more, it holds the option of direct streaming to Instagram and Facebook. The lightest and the smallest of them all, this is the best choice for street and field streamers.

Medium Budget

Сanon 80D

The history of Canon one of the greatest manufacturers of optical ware traces back to the middle of the 20th century. The 80D model is, probably, one of the most refined medium budget cameras to be used for some serious shooting. This DSLR camera is nowadays being used for shooting movies and video clips as its technical properties are perfectly compatible even with such advanced requirements. The Full HD quality of recording paired with an external 3.5 jack outlet, built-in Wi-Fi, and an HDMI mini outlet render this camera as a splendid variant for anyone who’s eager to take a step up the blogging ladder.


There is no way to deny the fact that blogging and streaming are nowadays one of the most popular professions to embark upon. Young people have captured the world of the Internet with interesting and often educative streams that often make people’s lives easier and funnier. So, if you decided to join this wonderful cohort make sure that you choose a good camera first.

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