Twitch Prime Offers Free Games and In-Game Loot Every Day Throughout July

Twitch has been an amazing success story in the world of streaming and gaming; the online service that specializes in streaming content made by gamers, for gamers, has already established itself as the frontrunner in the market. After its 2014 acquisition by Amazon, users have been expecting some major promotion – and it just landed. Throughout most of July, Twitch Prime members were given exclusive access to free games every day.

Free Games Offered to Boost Twitch Prime

Twitch was bought out by Amazon four years ago, and the retail giant was gradually examining the potential to further develop the $1 billion gaming streaming service. In 2017, it launched two new options: Twitch Prime, which is linked to Amazon Prime accounts and offers significant perks, as well as the Twitch desktop client. The recent July deal has come as an effort to boost awareness and adoption of these two initiatives. This is not new to the gaming streaming world: many online casinos that offer live streaming table casino games like poker and roulette regularly try to increase their appeal by offering a casino bonus, whether this is a welcome package including free spins and deposits bonuses or a no deposit bonus or rewards points. In the same vein, Twitch offered for free what they do best: games and in-game loot.

In-Game Loot and Games Available through July 31

Clients who would like to claim the free games need to have the Twitch desktop client and provide their active Amazon Prime credentials. From then on, the options are boundless: they can claim free cosmetics on Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (a spa-day PUBG Crate, no less!) and Call of Duty: WWII. They also have access to free games, starting with Pillar of Eternity from July 2nd through July 4th, and ending with FRAMED Collection, Broken Age and Serial Cleaner that will be available through July 31st. Free games include Battle Chef Brigade, Observer, The Red Strings Club and numerous other fascinating titles. Once the games are downloaded by the account holder, they are free to keep even after the deal period ends.

A Variety of 21 Games Up for Grabs

Even though the daily offers technically span from July 2nd to July 18th, many of the deals extend beyond that, so there are still titles and loot up for grabs. The promotion period leads up to the launch of Amazon Prime day, which includes other perks and deals for Prime clients across several retail sectors like books, music and DVDs. Twitch celebrities like Elegy and SeriouslyClara have promised to stream playing many of the free games offered through the promotion – and you can even find a schedule of the streams on Twitch in order to plan ahead. While most games on the list are action and narrative-oriented, there is a nice touch of variety with puzzles like Hue, raising the total number of games to 21. Twitch merch was also made available to Prime members at a 50% discount during the promotion.

The promotion was more than welcomed across the Twitch community – so it only remains to be seen if we should be expecting something similar next year, or even sooner.

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