Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Review

Today we’re reviewing a rock.

Yes, a rock because this thing is built to last and by that I mean the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker is water, dust, mud, stain and drop resistance of up to 5 feet. I’m getting too excited there; I haven’t even introduced the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom properly. The Wonderboom is the newest addition of Ultimate Ears’ line of widely popular Bluetooth speakers. The speaker is also medium sized like the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 which means it’s easy to bring it when you travel. It does still take up some room in your bag and it is still bigger than actual small portable speakers that you can fit in your pocket but the sound and excellent build quality justifies its size in my opinion.

But as I was saying, this thing is robust. You can literally drop it and then cover it with mud and this thing will still play your favorite tunes. I call this a rock but unlike a rock, this thing floats in water. It can also go underwater for up to 1 meter and up to 30 minutes at a time. This thing is both a great travel companion and a great speaker to use at a beach party. You won’t have to worry about someone accidentally pushing it or dropping it in the water.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Review – What’s in the Box?

The packaging is really simple and yet cute. What makes it really eye catchy despite its simplicity is the colors. It displays the speakers on the sides along with its candy-like colors. On one side you’ll see the Wonderboom in the water which shows that it is water resistant.

The outer cover can be lifted up to show the actual box. The box is black and it opens up like a clamshell and inside it is the Wonderboom itself.

Inside is another black box containing the micro-USB charging cable, the manual and the warranty.

The Product

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker

Unlike the Ultimate Ears Roll 2, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom has a widely different shape. First of all it isn’t a saucer-like shape like the Ultimate Ears Roll 2. The Wonderboom does away with that in favor of a more traditional shape that broadcasts sound better.

As you can tell the Wonderboom has a speaker on all of its sides, which means it can broadcast sound on all angles whereas the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 only broadcasts the sound upwards. The obvious benefits of this is people away from the Wonderboom can hear the same sound experience because the sound is broadcasted directly at them as opposed to the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 where it directly broadcasts the sound upwards thus covering lesser space compared to the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom.

We’ve mentioned earlier that the Wonderboom is water resistant hence all of its controls are inside a rubberized membrane that can withstand force, water, dust, statins, etc.

Now at the top you can find the company’s Logo. Also at top are the power, playback and pairing buttons but it’s hardly noticeable where the playback button is because the design is very clever. The playback button is actually the Ultimate Ears logo. You press once to pause or play and press twice to skip a track.

At first hand, you wouldn’t know that the playback button is really the Ultimate Ears’ logo. This would confuse people initially since there’s absolutely no indication where the playback is. The aesthetic design is clever but playback button isn’t as clicky as it should be, especially being the most important button which is the play, Ultimate Ears should have made it in a way that it gives more feedback to the user. People might end up pressing twice because they would think that their button press didn’t input and they would wonder why it suddenly skipped a track. It would have been better if they at least made a slight bump to the surface so the user will know if they actually did click the button.

Besides being a pause/play and skip button, the Ultimate Ears logo also pairs itself with another Ultimate Ears Wonderboom if you long press it. This is a nice way to fill the room with your tunes. This is great because unlike other Ultimate Ears products, you would need an app for this. The Wonderboom only needs a long press and you’re good to go.

And obviously the power button is the line below the Ultimate Ears logo while the Bluetooth button is at the top.

The speaker is surrounded by a mesh of fabric and towards the front you’ll see a plus and a minus sign. These are the volume buttons. Like the rest of the buttons, they built the volume buttons into the general design and instead of hiding or isolating them; they infused and made these buttons the speaker’s aesthetic traits.

The speaker comes in six different colors to suit your taste. It comes in gray with yellow highlights, black with white highlights, orange with neon blue highlights, neon blue with orange highlights, peach with white highlights and light purple with sky blue highlights.

There is only one port for the speaker which is a micro-USB charging port. It is protected by a waterproof cover. A USB Type-C would have been nice because most gadgets such as phones and laptops nowadays use that connection.

And lastly the Wonderboom has a stretchable fabric that is used to carry the speaker around. It matches the color of the volume buttons and has a nice texture that provides strength even when pulled hard. Some may argue that the fabric is too short and carrying it could possibly be annoying but I think the Wonderboom was made to be carried inside a bag or a pouch. It’s too big to fit in your pocket but it’s small enough to fit in some pouches.

Product Features

  • Bluetooth Profiles: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • Frequency Response: 80- 20000 Hz
  • Output Level: 86 dB
  • Audio Amplifier: Integrated
  • Connectivity Technology: wired, wireless
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery
  • Recharge Time: 2.8 hours
  • Run Time: up to 10 hours
  • Power Source: battery

Sound Quality

It has the same quality as the Roll 2 but what’s great about it is it fills the frequencies that the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 fails to broadcast. The Roll 2’s bass isn’t as deep compared to the Wonderboom. Apart from that, the basslines and kicks have a decent depth to it as well.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Wonderboom also delivers sound from all sides. It’s definitely not the best as the JBL Flip 4 delivers better quality of sound but the Wonderboom has a decent sound quality with lots of volume. Pair that with its robust build while you go out on a rugged adventure and you have yourself a traveler’s best friend.

Bluetooth Range and Stability

The sound quality may not be the best but the Wonderboom’s Bluetooth range and stability is just amazing. The Bluetooth is supposed to be 100 hundred feet but it goes past that. Apart from that, even being that far, the Bluetooth connection never got cut off. Walls, people, etc. didn’t cause interruption and the song continued to play.

Software Features

The Ultimate Ear’s iOS and Android app doesn’t work on the Wonderboom. It doesn’t have alarm functions or even EQ settings for people who love to tinker with their songs to achieve the perfect sound. It doesn’t even have a 3.5mm input and as I’ve said early, the only port for the Wonderboom is a micro-USB charging port.

Using the Product

The Wonderboom is pretty easy to use. To turn it on, just press the power button and it will light up.

And then just pair it up with any device. May it be iOS or Android, pressing the button at the top will connect to the device easily.

Once you’ve connected to the device, you can start playing some tunes. Press the Ultimate Ears logo to pause or play and the plus and minus sign on the side of the Wonderboom to control the volume.

If you have another speaker, you can pair both up to cover a wider space in the room. To do this, just long press the Ultimate Ears logo (the one used for pause and play) and it will instantly pair itself up with another speaker.


The mids are slightly thin and the bass could use a lot of pumping up compared to other products but the reason why most people would buy the Wonderboom is its portability and its robust build. This thing is made like a tank. This ease of mind is perfect when you bring the Wonderboom outdoors.

Both the Bluetooth range and stability is amazingly good, it goes past a hundred feet and obstruction like walls, furniture, and people still didn’t disrupt the connection and it continued to play the song without any interruption. Add to the 10 hour battery life makes it worth it. These things are definitely what the Wonderboom is made for and that is where the Wonderboom delivers.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom for $129 over at the official website.

The ruggedness, price and quality of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom makes it a perfect travel companion.
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